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Patrick Dempsey's Wife -- Mad at the Wrong Peeps

2/16/2009 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Patrick Dempsey's wife had some misplaced anger last night outside Rustic Canyon restaurant -- blaming the eatery for "selling them out" to the paparazzi. Only problem: They didn't tip us off ...

Patrick Dempsey: Click to watch
Just an FYI: When you're super-famous, people tend to recognize you -- especially people who happen to be seated near you inside restaurants.


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What a bitch. Nobody cares about you lady, why is he even with her?? He is the CELEBRITY and was joking it up. She had a stick up her ass.

2082 days ago


What a retard. All he had to do was just ignore the camera man.

2082 days ago


He didn't want to ignore the camera.

SHE DID. What exactly does she have to bitch about to hide her face and act like that? He's on a top TV show paparazi will follow. Mark my words that woman will bring him down. He needs to divorce her ass.

2082 days ago


Aww leave them alone TMZ. Going after the Dempsey's like that is just not cool. I don't blame her for being upset.

2082 days ago


Wow. She's pleasant as piss, huh? Guy was just being funny, didn't seem to be too close or anything. It's part of being a's all what you make of it, Geez. Get a sense of humor.

2082 days ago


To those who say "they just want to be left alone".
See, to me it seems that Patrick does not mind the attention at all. It is HER that wants them to be left alone. He seems like he is in the position of telling the paps to back off just to shut her up. Poor guy.
She seems terribly insecure.

2082 days ago


Google images of her and you'll see why she was hiding her face. She has the bone structure and manikin lines of a 90 year old woman already. THAT is why she didnt want to be seen. That chick is in need of some major restylane or some kind of filler to fill in those manikin lines. She is Butt FUGLY.

He should trade her in for a younger model.

2082 days ago

greg house    

When the celebrities are on the red carpet , they have to act with civility, but when they are in their private life, they are in their right to be dissatisfied in front of that.
I understand totally how she reacted. She spent a pleasant moment with her hubby without kids, She does not want that their pleasant evening is screwed by paparazzis .

2082 days ago


Thats sad, when you get super famous your spouse gets to live with the money but you also have to live with the fame, if you dont like it get out of it or divorce him. How crazy was she that she just couldnt say hello to the camera or just nothing at all?

2082 days ago


Damn just cause hes a celeb doesnt mean him and his wife dont deserve some privacy. Its insane that people think celebs dont deserve the same rights as everyone else regardless of what they do for a living its totally unfair, when did that become okay? But I will say he should be grateful that it was just one cam and not a 100 like Britney gets everytime she leaves her house.

2082 days ago


It's laughable. If she REALLY wanted to hide THAT badly she should have just stepped back into the restaurant and waited for the valet.

Maybe she doesn't want to be seen because she's tired of hearing people say he could do so much better :-)

2082 days ago


He didn't want privacy he was yapping up to the cameras. Her bitchy move of body blocking the camera didn't stop him from talking. If she is like this why is she with him? Why the hell is he with her? He sounds nice she sounds like a shrew.

2082 days ago

Illinois person    

Why is she getting too big for her britches? Someone ought to have given her a reminder that they weren't there to take her picture. Bet that would have put Mrs. Nobody in check. Um, some nerve!!

2082 days ago

honest t    

If I see a famous person eating where I work I am going to call the three big tip lines because I get a little Coin depended on who it is.
Now if I tell them your eating in the place and they page whoever is close by and let em know is that my fault or your fault for going out to dinner. You should have eaten at the haooouse. Hollar.

2082 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

Yea, Jill Fink looks way older than Patrick. I guess 60 on the low range. Check out her imdb page. She doesn't even list her dob. Instead it lists the dob of her DAUGHTER!!!! Ridiculous bitch, like we care about you.. it's Patrick the paps want.

2082 days ago
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