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A-Roid -- Crocodile Tears?

2/17/2009 4:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alex Rodriguez just apologized to his teammates for the nasty performance-enhancing drugs scandal he's now embroiled in -- but dude's quivering lip was distracting.

A-Rod: Click to watch

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The only thing he is sorry about is that he got caught. Do you honestly think he would have told us otherwise? Once again, the worshiping of false idols, they will let you down everytime. So don't do it people! lol

2043 days ago

Tina Fernandez    

As a Texan who watched A-Rod play, I REALLY DON"T GIVE A CRAP. LET IT GO.
A-Rod is still a great player and whoever leaked that report should be in jail and prosucted to the fullest extent of the law.

2042 days ago


A-Rod just can't win.

2041 days ago

Dr. Adams    

A-Rod....did he use enhancement drugs.....proofs in the pudding...now he can't find his wienie.....LOL

2044 days ago


He is so full of himself! The commission should make him pay pack every damn cent he made while palying for the Ranger's.

What a f!cking hero!

2044 days ago


Nice college try---dude's still not telling the whole story, but it was a good first act of contrition and will probably buy him the sympathy and forgiveness we Americans are so easy to give...only he isnt going to even play on the baseball team from America, but the Dominican Republic Team in the World Baseball Classic Series...imagine that? The dude is born here, raised here, became a multimillionarie here, and yet is going to play for the Team from the DR....the same DR he just now said made available to him and his cousin, over the counter, the drugs he injected himself with for 3 years twice a month.

Nice American this A Roid. Stuff it...go fight for your own Country if Cuba decides to invade it. How dare you make claim to NYC as your "home", yet play for the DR.

2044 days ago


Madonna had to have given him acting lessons cause it surely shows.

2044 days ago

Red Bull 420    

*Asterisk mark... next to his Records will explain it all

2044 days ago

cool chic    

Who cares? Really? Wouldnt you have done the same if you were in his shoes? Of course you would - look how much money he made for doing it.

2044 days ago


claimed my prize!!!!

2044 days ago


How hypocritical are the fans and the Yankees team and staff?? They support him 100% but they criticize Barry Bonds for doing the same thing!!! A-Rod walks away with millions of dollars and Barry Bonds is booed and practically forced out of baseball? How pathetic. What kind of message does this send to children aspiring to be ballplayers?? Take steroids, make millions of dollars, be adored by fans, date actresses and singers and when it all comes out, quiver your lip and say sorry but the good thing is you get to keep everything...including your job!!!! This is why I no longer watch baseball....the hypocrisy has overshadowed the game itself!!!

2044 days ago


Alex Rodriguez is crying crocodile tears cause he got CAUGHT! Boo hoo, baby! Don't do the crime if ya can't pay the time, A-Rod. Perhaps he and Barry Bonds could co-author a user's manual on the use of steroids.

2044 days ago


he shoulda never left seattle & none of this woulda happend. man,with egdar,griffey & a-roid they woulda ruled baseball for years but he'z sucha trader & a pieca crap he riun'd the great game!

2044 days ago


Looks like steroids don't make you smart.

2044 days ago

northern gypsy    

hey...your sorry ??? no...no...no...i'm soooo sorry because this WRONG on so many levels !!!
i'm going to keep it light-weight...enough bloggers have told the truth...
anyways...damn...he's one fine looking fellow...just block out his voice...it's all good !!!

2044 days ago
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