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"I Need A New Home"

2/18/2009 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom just straight up admitted her massive family is in dire need of a place to live, telling us: "I need a new home."

We broke the story earlier today that OctoMom's home is about to hit the auction blocks. Since then, the lady -- also known as Nadya Suleman -- went shopping at Nordstrom.


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As a good Xtian, you are not to judge or decide, just send your cash to the undeserving,
So everyone now log on to her website, and you will go to heaven when you die.

2017 days ago


Must be nice to have all those kids, no job, nothing to do all day but get your nails done and buy makeup and ask people for money. I have no kids, work three jobs so I dont have to take money from the state and I still cant afford to buy MAC cosmetics. Maybe we should all just run out and have as many kids as we can and expect everyone else to support them. She is going to be a great role model for them.

2017 days ago


Go earn one like everybody else, bitch!

2017 days ago


Seriously, the only thing this woman is in dire need of is a psychological evaluation. I love my kids to death, they are my life, but she is no Kate Gosselin! She merely had all these kids in order to collect a bigger check from welfare each month She is not going to be able to take care of all of them emotionally or financially, that will be left up to us tax payers, who are already having a hard enough time supporting our own families. I would hate to see any child separated from their mother, but there are a lot of people out there who would love to have a child, but unfortunately for different reasons cannot get pregnant. Maybe she should consider giving some of them up for adoption. The commendable thing would be to give these children to loving families who can provide for them, otherwise when she walks down the street she might as well say thank you to every person she passes because we are the ones supporting her and her kids and at the very least we all deserve a freaking thank you out of her mouth, rather than watching her spend our hard earned money on makeup and fast food!

2017 days ago


I don't know about the rest of you but when faced with the possibility of foreclosure on my home and fourteen homeless mouths to feed the first thing I do is run out to get my MAC fix. WTF?! It must be nice to live on the states dime. I work a full time job and only manage to scrape by. I can't afford $15 dollar lip loss and she can. There's something seriously frakked to hell about this country I tell you.

2017 days ago

citizen kope    

you need a house? maybe you should by your f uc ki ng eyeshadow at the dollarstore you moron. not like its going to help you any. hell, even plastic surgery wouldn't do you any good. stupid idiot.

2017 days ago


This woman is ridiculous! She has 14 children but she is always out and about. What the f***? I feel very sorry for these children.

2017 days ago


This is why kaleefornia is going broke!

2017 days ago


Dang! How old is that car? Doesn't it have automatic locks on it or something?

And anyway, why is she bringing her daughter out in public like that, to be mobbed by the paps? Honestly, what is this woman thinking?

2017 days ago


Why do you keep posting information about her. all she wants is publicity.... for what i dont know but just stop. we need to just ignore her. who even cares?

2017 days ago


what about the father of these kids . from what I read the guy who helped her with a donation at the fertility clinic was her boyfriend who had wanted to marry her but she said no . if he is her boyfreind doesn't he have some responsiblity in this .
this situation is going from bad to worse. if she has no home child welfare is going to have to step in . what a mess .
she pretty much makes everyone sick but we have to keep in mind there are 14 small little kids to worry about what is going to happen to them . hopfully they don't get into the foster care system . don't get me wrong there are alot of good people that provide foster care to kids but it is not the same as having you own parents and a home you can call your own . kids get shifted around in the system and moved to different families . say a prayer for this kids tonight .

2017 days ago


This woman is a pig. She makes me sick! I had twins who were born 3 weeks early and I was at the hospital 24-7 until they were released! I didn't go out and get a manicure, hell I didn't even go out to get a sandwich! My heart breaks for these children who have such a horrible person as a mother, who can't even provide a roof over her childrens heads and who spends money on frivilous make up instead of being with her kids. Uggh!

2017 days ago


Maybe she is buying all that makeup and nail stuff because she is going to make a porn movie. I am sure that is an insult to the working members of the porn industry but its just a thought. A girl gota look for her closeup money shot!

2017 days ago


Oh, this is rich!!! She needs a new home because she won't pay for the one she has, yet she can spend the day shopping for mass quanities at Target, and high prices makeup at Norstrom. I could just vomit with disgust. No wonder she's the most hated woman in the nation.

I wonder if she even considered spending just a fraction of a minute with her kids? THIS FRAUD MAKES ME SICK.

2017 days ago


She is getting what she wants here guys...attention. She is just white-trash out for whatever she can get from any idiot that will give it too her. Lets stop the maddness and stop giving her the attention. The only attention she should be getting is from the authorities. She is milking the system, there are laws against that. Turn her in...

2017 days ago
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