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"I Need A New Home"

2/18/2009 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom just straight up admitted her massive family is in dire need of a place to live, telling us: "I need a new home."

We broke the story earlier today that OctoMom's home is about to hit the auction blocks. Since then, the lady -- also known as Nadya Suleman -- went shopping at Nordstrom.


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For one thing she should get out and get a job like everyone else has to do and pay your bills. This whole thing to me is a scam, I believe she researched and found how giving people can be and she has used everyone including her own mom. SHE SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO PROFIT FROM THIS!!!!!!! I say you need a house work for it ! I am glad I don't live in her state because I would screaming about the cost of this whole scam.

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wow once again it seems to me that they were harrassing this woman until she finally made a simple statement then they turned it around - they kept asking her about losing her home all she said was yeah i need a new home- nooooooo she did not say pay for my new home- just like they did to brit turning every little thing into whatever tehy feel like. soooo sad- get over yourselves- this woman needs help and those beautiful kids do too- i hope to god her parents force her to grow up by kicking to the street- there are family shelters out there i met this one woman with 10 kids who lived in one and they teach you how to get your own place and they help u find a job and your own place and such n if she can not cut it there are many people wanting to adopt out there- the kids might be seperated but its better then them being dead

2070 days ago


to number 106- ummm either ur dumb or just ignorant but mexico is where most of the leaches on welfare come from so go ahead and go there u dumb ass- maybe u will get an eye opener about poverty and mamas with 17 kids on welfare- people like you are dumb and ignorant- your almighty tax dollar is not paying for welfare its paying to get states like claifornia out of the toilet- and big companies are the one paying those type of taxes- i mean you whole what $1 a paycheck goes to the system- to everyone else who is just here to get your 15 mins of fame- this is a real person with real issues and people like her do this because people like you tell them what loosers they are from the start like bashing on th kids they are only babies for god sakes and you already are saying they will end up like their mother- you all need to grow the heck up- i lost respect for tmz a long time ago when they pushed briteny over the freaking edge

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btw if this mother kills her kids then herself or if anyone harms these people then it will be on people like you heads- god bless

2070 days ago


Sterilize the sick bitch. Put her litter of kids up for adoption by families who will appreciate them.....not some slut out to enrich herself. She can't be right in the head with her decisions.

2070 days ago


Maybe they could all go live with Sarah Palin????

2070 days ago

[][] ScOut W. [][]    

Lock the crazy bit#h up! And get them kids safe, what on earth are people in childs service thinking can we say crack heads.

2070 days ago

Aussie Suck Rou Nuts    

Only way to solve this without tax payer money, is give her a realty show.

2070 days ago

BD wonder the State of California is billions of dollars in the hole....and to think that our hard-earned (future) tax dollars are going to pay for things like this.... wow..... we are SERIOUSLY a screwed-up society! Whew! I am absolutely nauseated by this woman.....

2070 days ago


Octo mom only in america, I just can't stand it. When are we going to wake up, You know I have been sick for over 3years now and just diagnosed with CID (common immune deficiency) with Hypoglobuemia, I will never get better, I represent americans in the since of loss, A single mom who not only lost her health and can never work again, loosing everything my home, career, inability to help my kids, I spent my whole life helping others and working hard who did everything right!! from exercise,diet giving to charity's I didn't live above my means even prepared for the future and its all gone but in this country we give to bank lords millions of dollars so they could pay millions of dollars for thier yearly bonus, we don't stop there we give to the big boys in the car industry who are defintly out of the loop. So help me out there guys I want to make sure I have it right we paid to have a women already on welfare with 6 kids medical invetro 8 kids who instead asks for 23,000 for her mom to keep the house we pay for a million dollar house with 4 bedrooms, money to the car industry so the head honchos can continue in there lap of luxsury since your average american cant pay there mortgage much less a new car, so insult to injury we give to the lending institution so they can get there yearly bonus, and it doesnt stop there I'm sure.........I think I'll go throw up now .............if I only had a pot to piss in....God help us the punches just keep comming.

2069 days ago

Gram 23    

Octo mom is a very sick women . CPS needs to take the kids and have them all adopted to good families . I know they won't but foster care isnt the answer and letting her raise them isnt the answer. She is makeing them all look like freaks the children do not deserve to be abused this way and taxpayers should not have to pay for her e has made over so far and not paid a dime to her medical bills . Do not support her it is child abuse .

2069 days ago

Gram 23    

TMZ Why haven't you found the Daddy to OCTO MOMS children? She said they are all from one man and the name is out there. Find him and make him face the public and pay for his own children. When men don't pay for there kids they go to jail why doesn't he have to go?

2069 days ago

South Carolina    

California taxpayers band together, take to the streets and protest Nadya Suleman, camp out on steps of state aid offices that throw away your money to this woman.
Go to The Petition Site and sign the petition to boycott any companies that donate to and support her.
Boycott Dr. Phil Show, he urges people to donate to Suleman's website.
Nadya Suleman if financially better off than the poor fools that donate their hard earned to her website.

2069 days ago


I feel sorry for the kids, I was one of 4. My parents both died a tragic death when I was 4, we were seperated and raised by our mothers family which placed me into a home making me now one of 6. As an adult, looking back being the middle child of one of actually 9 kids at times, it was not easy. Times were hard but we had mom and dad, *aunt and uncle* that loved us and provided as if we were their own in good Christian homes. Life is hard enough when the unexpected happens but to plan to add 8 more to the already 6 while living at home with mom, the way it is being presented, dependent on mom and what ever assistance she can get, it just is sad to think that we promote and encourage this kind of behavior. One child with no father present to support financially can happen to any one, but two come on folks, after the first one, we know how this happens. I have 3 of my own and grandchildren that I adore but I have no problem in telling my own, they are your responsibility to love and support emotionally and finacially. As for deadbeat parent's not paying childsupport, there should be prison working programs. That would stop a lot of problems for the kids that are on welfare programs. Incarcerate the non supporting parent, let them out on supervised chain working programs during the day. Half of what they earn goes for their keep, the other half toward child support. That way the tax payers are not supporting them while incarcerated and the custodial parent gets some kind of child support. Just my honest opinion.

2069 days ago
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