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"I Need A New Home"

2/18/2009 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom just straight up admitted her massive family is in dire need of a place to live, telling us: "I need a new home."

We broke the story earlier today that OctoMom's home is about to hit the auction blocks. Since then, the lady -- also known as Nadya Suleman -- went shopping at Nordstrom.


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jeffrey k williams    

She should have playboy or penthouse do a make over for her so she could pose nude.
They would sell a lot of mags and she could afford a new home for her and the team.

2079 days ago


OctoMom's children does have a father. The person that allowed his sperm to be used should also be responsible
for the children. The taxpayer should not be responsible for stupidity.

2079 days ago


i think this woman is crazy and needs to be locked away in a mental institution.she has fabricated so much info and it has come back to bite her in the a**.what in the world was she really thinking having 14 children that she apparently can't support.hell she can barely do anything with the 6 she already has and 3 of them are autistic.come on lady give it a rest, i'm sick of hearing about you in the news.i would hope with all the time she has on her hands being in the media putting on a show, you are getting paid for it, the only ones that are hurting in behind your small-time fame is your 14 kids, no one gives a crap about you at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2079 days ago


This woman is totally out to get money!! She mentioned she just wanted one more child. Seriously?! She already had six she could not take care of. And her dad says they will provide for all 14 now. Yeah right!! They filed for chapter 11. The doctors who performed in-vitro on her should lose their license and not longer be able to practice medicine. This woman should have her children taken away. She does not deserve any special treatment. Also, why would she want more children with no husband around. She is s total loser!!!!!

2079 days ago


No matter how much people want to donate to those kids, NO ONE wants to donate to the MOTHER. She seriously needs some psych help!

2079 days ago

Normal Californian    

Does she think that now all she has to do is ASK??? And someone will hand-out a FREE home to her??
See what our system has done to (for) her????
Are the State Agencies listening and hopefully investigating???

2079 days ago


Is CA welfare system looking into very finances? How does she have $ for Nordsterms and manicares, but still gets foodstamps. In the state I live in, any $ you recieve or earn would get taking off you Foodstamp $.
I also agree, do not send her $, but send her diapers and other things for the babies/children. She is so clueless, stating she going to finish school wth 14 kids? that shows me how out of reality she is.

2079 days ago

All you bitches are mean    

To kellya,

Who are you to judge?

2079 days ago

A real MOM    

This is sick and keeps getting sicker! When in the world is someone going to step in on this? there is NO way she or her parents can support these children. she knew or should i say any sane person would know ,she cant take care of all these children, and it's not even like this was an accidental pregnacy. Or religious beliefs, she is NUTS! doesnt even have a father to help. I cannot believe state agencies haven't done something, except that apparently even they are scared of the cost.
But hey what the heck lets just keep sending her checks, just think of all the attention she'll get for the next group!

2079 days ago

South Carolina    

BOYCOTT Dr. Phil BOYCOTT Jon & Kate Plus 8 BOYCOTT The Duggers !!

2079 days ago


Where is all of America? Are your heads up your butts? Idolizing Obama? Have you heard of WELFARE? This is not new? This is the liberal way. She just happened to have 8 babies that "Thank God" lived. The hatred is not a way to help these poor babies. I do not condone her at all....but America is acting like she is the only one...WAKE UP....have you all been asleep for the past several years. When Newt G. spoke of this type crap [situation] in regards to orphanages, he was the biggest jerk by the far left .She can not take care of this many children, and something needs to happen. I can easily count 14 people the tax payers [not government] has financially raised.....and so can all of you. I do not give a damn if you have one or 14 kids. If you can not care for them financially, emotionally, etc, etc, DON'T HAVE THEM. Many of you are probably unimoms!
AS far as your pig comments - My barn is equal to my house, and I would not allow anyone in that I don't like. YOU ALL NEED TO MAKE A STAND TO STOP WELFARE!!! God Bless these 14 babies, and even though this woman pisses
me off, she has to be mentally sick. Someone needs to take care of these new precious & miraculous lives.
We do NOT need to use the verbage "government money" that does not exist....the correct term is "tax payers money", and until you can understand that....God help America. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GOVERNMENT MONEY - PLEASE CATCH YOURSELF BEFORE SAYING IT! Tax payers money.

2079 days ago

K Salmen    

OctoMom is sad white trash! She has a mental defect and it is sad that such a selfish person whould have so many children to serve her own self interests instead of the childrens. The latest batch of abused children WILL suffer development problems from being birthed as a litter to an emotional pig of a mother. Children are to be loved and cared for and taught responsibility.Children are not be be birthed as a meal ticket for a irresponsible mother. Now I suppose we have to pay the hospital bills, housing, and educations for these children since they have a morally empty mother. This women should be sterilized and put into a mental hospital. The children should be given to families that know what it is to be a responsible parent. These actions become more common every day, no responsibility no accountability! OctoMom is one sad piece of crap!

2078 days ago


amazed BY THE CON JOB ! WHAT A HUGE SCAM as a Mother i am so angered by the complete selfishness of this obviously mentally as the father puts it incomplete woman... OMG where does someone stop this! those poor children ..even if they survive what kind of life could they possibly have? sick sick and personally i dont believe this family this is about trying to milk money the whole oprah show was like pure begging her to give them moneyshe should lose them all and they should be jailed for this con job

2074 days ago


The kids deserve a stable home it's not there fault. I don't think we should jump up and give her money. She has shown how irresponsible she is. Send money to honest groups where people don't think they should be living in mansions. I am middle class and I can't afford the luxury of getting my nails done or having my lips pumped. I hope the kids get to good homes.

2074 days ago



2074 days ago
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