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OctoMom Gets Her MAC On

2/18/2009 9:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It just keeps getting better. OctoMom just left the MAC cosmetic counter at a Nordstrom department store.


She was at the Brea Mall near L.A. this afternoon. She bought stuff, though we don't know exactly what. But here's what we do know. Eye shadow costs around 15 bucks a pop.

She may soon not have a place to live but she'll sure look good.

UPDATE: OctoMom blew some of her hard earned handout money on one tube of clear lip gloss -- which ran the food stamp user a cool $14.50 plus tax. In comparison, a 48-pack of Pampers usually runs around $16.99.


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eyes glued opened    

Oh Lordy.... .here we go again with this white trash whore bag..... more of our tax money going to her shopping sprees..... can't wait to see what tomorrow brings....

2042 days ago


I'll bet people are sending her money and maybe even a MAC giftcard or two. I hope that her food stamps are not taken away. The thought of her attempting to parent all of those kids is scary enough - at least let's rest assured that the poor angels will have something to eat. I watch that show Jon and Kate plus 8 on occasion - Kate seems pretty close to opening fire with an uzi on a crowded bowling alley a lot of the time. And Kate's sane! And had Jon! And family! And a buttload of reality TV show money and donations!

I know that I would think of sending a little something for the multiples. But crazy eyed Mom is such a nut. But you really shouldn't penalize the poor kids.

2042 days ago


OMG I am so sick to death of hearing about her. The doctor the implanted all the babies should have his medical license revoked and she should not be allowed to be on welfare. Granted I know the kids need to be taken care of, but why should I, who lives paycheck to paycheck trying to support my own family, have to pay taxes into a welfare system for irresponsible, selfish bitches like her. I am so tired of all these people having more and more kids in order to get more money from welfare. I love my kids to death and I came from a big family, but who the hell can afford it anymore. Seriously, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to put a limit on the number of kids people can have!!!

2042 days ago


If I had EIGHT children in the hospital - cosmetics would be the LAST thing on my mind. I would be living at that hospital. I hope those children are taken away and given to loving, responsible parents.

2042 days ago


Brea Mall, is only 25 miles from Downtown Los Angeles. But who cares anyway. You all need to worry about your own, live your own lives and move on... Let this woman live her own life. Besides, what's it costing you?? Nothing, exactly! As a resident of Southern California (I bet most of you MORON aren't) I give a sh*t who she is, much less, what she spends her money (our tax dollars) on. Why the hell would you care?? For those who say they hate her, YOU F*ing don't know her!! Grow up, you sound like a bunch of HICKS is SmallTown USA!!

2042 days ago


The main reason I care about Octo mom is because I live in California and work my ass off, and it's MY tax dollars that are going to that mentally instable S.O.B.

She's losing her house, she's on welfare, she has 3 disabled kids (though they say some of the 8 will be disabled as well), she's disabled, and she owes 1million to the hospital where her 8 newborns still reside.

yet she's out shopping for makeup, wii's, and getting her nails done, while we pay for the kids. If I wanted to take care of kids, I'd have some of my own.

2042 days ago


One of two things will happen.......She will be investigated and charged with fraud, her kids taken away and sent to jail or.......she will make millions off of this. I hope after all of this they put stronger restrictions on these IVF clinics and doctors and stronger restrictions on who can collect welfare and how much.

2042 days ago

Carrys F.    

When my twins were born prematurely and in the NICU, I did NOTHING but get up, shower, go visit them all day, pass my husband as he arrived from work to sit with our babies, went home, and slept. I don't even remember going to the grocery store. But buying makeup was NEVER even a thought in my head when my little itie bitties were struggling just to get through the day. This woman is, she is, evil or mentally deranged or both.

2042 days ago


she could easily get some lip balm at a convenience store for under $3. but even then, she shouldn't even try to buy anything to benefit her own needs unless its absolutely necessary. things that help moisturize your skin, people don't ACTUALLY need to buy things like lotion or lip balm. as long as you stay hydrated on the inside, its good enough. anyway, i think this woman is just asking for the attention since she is out and about publicly showing off what she still does that she shouldn't be doing. i would even bet she would publicly go to the fertility clinic in less than 2 years to do it all over again.

2042 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

WOW! She IS insane! They really, really need to figure out what to do with this army of kids, because mommy's going to be cooling her heels in a state asylum!

2042 days ago


She needs to buy alot of lip balm for those huge lips.

2042 days ago


Seriously , stop following her.

She is doing what many welfare recipients do, squander what they get. this is nothing new.

And everyone feels good calling this one out........TMZ gets to keep posting a whipping post victim.

2042 days ago


This BITCH is buying make up. No man will want a woman with a litter of kids. She should be buying things for her kids. She is out having her nails done and buying make up. Worry about your kids not yourself.

2042 days ago


#52 I havent seen it myself but I read an article where she has set up a website asking for donations to help support the kids and that there was something like a few thousand who have already sent her donations.....Next there will be crack heads with websites accepting donations to support their people have no shame apparently

2042 days ago


i'm curious, does anyone know for an absolute fact that nadya didn't pay with a gift card from mac? did she pay cash or credit?

2042 days ago
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