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OctoMom Could Lose Her Crib

2/18/2009 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman may be out on the streets with her 14 kids. TMZ has documents showing the house she's living in could go on the auction block because the mortgage hasn't been paid in 10 months.

read the docs
According to documents filed earlier this month, OctoGrandma (who owns the house) hasn't made any payments on her home since May, 2008 -- she's behind $23,224.98.

The mortgage company filed a "Notice of Default and Election to Sell Under Deed of Trust" on Feb 5. Translation: "Pay us now or we're selling your home and kicking you, your daughter and her 14 kids out on the street."

Launch PhotosThe mortgage company tells TMZ the notice is still active.


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Texas Love    

At this point in time, all that matters is the health and safety of all the children. There are shows on TLC that continue to showcase and promote big families, but they have a mother and a father. I think people are mad because she's a single mom and that's not fair, she should get a show just like the families on TLC. I think that her first contract should include paying all of the medical bills first. Why shouldn't she be able to make money off her family freak show just like the other families do on TV . This way her family isn't a burden on society.

2055 days ago


Any other mother in this situation would have already had her children taken away from her. The only reason social services has not yet stepped in is because this is a high-profile case and they are concerned about the backlash on their own organization.

TAKE THIS WOMAN'S CHILDREN AWAY FROM HER N-O-W. NOT to "punish" her, not to "make a point," but to do the RIGHT THING and put these children in homes where they can be given the proper attention and be taken care of. They're obviously not getting that now.

2071 days ago

Mr. PreRequisite    

If you can read this chances are you are in deep trouble. There's millions of aborted innocent life. Blatant murder, and I think many of you are complicit in some way or another, so get ready to pay for your sins if u are not an upstanding member of TeamJesus.

BTW, 14 children growup to pay alot of taxes over the course of their lives, you do the math.

2071 days ago


Can you guys please stop talking about this nut-job? It's pointless...

2071 days ago

Lord Xenu    

Dont worry, President Hussein just unveiled his mortgage bailout for irresponsible home occupiers plan.

Is it too late to stop paying my mortgage so I can get on the gravy train?

2071 days ago


Hey, TeamJesus - I HIGHLY doubt Jesus approved artificially inseminating yourself instead of taking care of your aging parents, choosing instead to live off of their retirement checks instead of getting a job, and going and spending any money you DO make "legitimately" on self-vanity.

No one here is talking about abortion.

Reality check, please.

2071 days ago

stewie griffin    

Octo-ho was too busy spending $ she did NOT earn on lip injections and getting her nails done. That's more important to her than taking care of her children and making sure they have a roof over their heads. CA. social services needs to do some investigating and remove those children from this deranged and self absorbed parasite of a woman. I have never had more contepmt for anyone in my life. She has got to be the most selfish person I've ever seen. Anyone who gives her anything needs to see a shrink along side of her!!

2071 days ago


I think everyone all over the country should send in a dollar to help pay their mortgage. It's only one dollar that can prevent a family from being homeless.

2071 days ago


Wow! A woman gives birth and the world hates her for it. She and her children are in my prayers.

2071 days ago


Well, there are a lot of people who are losing their homes...why is this nut job any differnt. I feel sorry for those kids. They should be put up for adoption..all of them.

2071 days ago


Someone take those babies!

2071 days ago


Why aren't they using their interview money to pay this off. Grandma received 40,000 for one of her interviews. Did you notice the change in grandmas makeup and hair.

2071 days ago

nira k    

She had the money for the fertility treatment but not for the mortgage payment that would keep a roof over her kids heads?
Bet she's just cant wait to bring home those 8 new checks. Massages! Spa treatments! Beverly Hills hair salons! Frank Ryan to make all of that nasty loose skin go away! Hay the babies are small-maybe she could put two in each pamper. Save money for more takeouts and Starbucks.

2071 days ago


I think the whole situation with this woman is completely whacked out. I'm sure everyone thinks the same .. she didn't do this for the reasons that she says... and she just wants more attention.. TMZ ... I love your website.. I read it daily .. but this woman is NOT a celebrity. She's not normal and you're just feeding her ego more and more. There are times I feel like paparazzi go to far with celebrities.. but ya know what.. go after them... let this crazy woman and her crazy family deal with the problems she's brought them and get her out of the spotlight. She doesn't deserve all this attention. Let her come to the realization of what she's actually done! Btw, I'm sure someone is not wearing underwear somewhere.. thats more interesting then this whackjob!

TMZ I still love you!

2071 days ago


I just am not judging her...not my place

2071 days ago
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