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OctoMom Could Lose Her Crib

2/18/2009 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman may be out on the streets with her 14 kids. TMZ has documents showing the house she's living in could go on the auction block because the mortgage hasn't been paid in 10 months.

read the docs
According to documents filed earlier this month, OctoGrandma (who owns the house) hasn't made any payments on her home since May, 2008 -- she's behind $23,224.98.

The mortgage company filed a "Notice of Default and Election to Sell Under Deed of Trust" on Feb 5. Translation: "Pay us now or we're selling your home and kicking you, your daughter and her 14 kids out on the street."

Launch PhotosThe mortgage company tells TMZ the notice is still active.


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Regarding the post at 4:14PM on Feb 18th 2009 by unbelievable!

Let's not forget that the grandparents are the ultimate enablers. They've obviously spoiled her rooten and this is what they get for it. Serves them right.

Sometimes the greatest gift a parent can give his offspring is pushing him out of the nest.

2070 days ago


Probably this family could win a court hearing to keep the home bc they have 8 very sick infants in hospital and 6 other kids. A judge if they went forward would tend to want to allow them to live in the house for a period of time. Most of us could appeal if we had a reason like illness etc. Get an extension due to hardship. You need to know how to file the right papers. This is b4 all the bailout too. She has a better chance now.

It would be nice if the mother of the 14 had an intervention and people offered to do adoptions in a truly kind way. It would be the most humane thing for the children and the mother. I am praying that people who really care about the babies and who aren't going to judge her in a time of crisis will approach her with good offers to taking the children that are beyond her. I hope a compassionate group evolves that drowns out all the hate and they help her willingly problem solve, maybe open adoption. Maybe she will see with her own eyes she can't take care of them all. I know she wanted to keep all the children, but maybe a mature compassionate group can talk to her and show her another way where she can adopt out and visit.

2070 days ago


exactly as anticipated. I accessd her website.I had two choices.a} give a donation. b} leave a comment. Obviously, I have no intention of donating my hard earned money to this Sloth. I clicked on the lave a comment section,....NO ENTRY. I clicked on the Donate money section>.............EASY ACCESS. Did I leave a donation..?? No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2070 days ago


Let me get this straight..this bottom feeding lunatic con got on welfare/foodstamps, hurt her so called back on the job, (but not bad enough to prevent her from the hardest job & stress on the back of all, pregancies resulting in 14 children, 8 of whom were started rcvg workers comp/disability and enrolled in any course avail to rcv a student loan, put all this money together, all the while her parents don't know she's rcvg this govt assistance, put's it all together to have IVF which resulted in 6 kids which her parents are using their retirement savings to support 6 kids & 3 adults in a 3 bedroom house. Then looney saves a little more & has IVF again, producing 8 more children. So now, the house is in foreclosure and 14 children & 3 adults are broke & have nowhere to go. So the State of California and it's hardworking taxpaying citizens are supposed to do what? We've paid for how many IVF's? Why isn't the state going after her for fraud is what I want to know? Why isn't workers comp going after her for fraud? I mean since when did the State Welfare Dept start paying for IVF for welfare recipients? Since when does an on the job back injury allow a women to in so much pain to carry & deliver 14 children for 9 months, being pregnant with 8 at one time? All the while living in her parents 3 bedroom house forcing them to support her & her children on their retirement? What was all the welfare/foodstamps, disability & student loan money spent on then? How did Welfare not know this wasn't occuring? Did Medicare not see the bill from the hospital for this woman giving birth from IVF surgeries? How vigilant is our govt system if this woman from Iran can pull this off this many times & continue sucking the California taxpayers dry? CPS, DCFS, & State & Fed Govt better press charges & put all those kids up for adoption. How is she supposed to finish school while taking care of 14 children? She can't, but low & behold let's keep the money rolling in, while the good ole folks in California pay the bill. Our great govt doesn't have to pay, the taxpayers have to pay in increased taxes & such, the same working folks who have jobs but can't afford health insurance, but a welfare reject can get insurance for free!!!! WTF is going on here???? I AM OUTRAGED THAT THIS HAS HAPPENED & WILL CONTINUE TO HAPPEN. Even when they take the children away, she'll go out & get IVF again unless they put her in the nearest state mental institution & sterilize her!! Why aren't they going after the doctor who did this & Kaiser Hospital as well! Medicare recepients getting Kaiser services? WTF!!! Come on, when is this going to end?

2070 days ago


And this brilliant decision maker of a mom, Nadya, thinks she will someday provide for her kids when she finishes her degree and becomes a therapist of some kind. Which begs the questions, who would hire this woman and who would take advice from her?

2070 days ago



2070 days ago


89. Newsflash - NBC News is suing Fox and Bill O' Reilly for stating that she was paid by NBC for her interview...SHE WAS NOT!!!
Posted at 4:20PM on Feb 18th 2009 by FOX news = Hack journalism"

Regardless .... she had $165,000 which she won in a settlement (scamming last employer) and her parents didn't see a dime of that ..... should have been spent supporting her 6 kids and maybe getting her own home instead of paying for plastic surgery and IVF's for more kids ...

That is just PURE selfishness on her part! Now she claims "dirt poor" who's fault was that? She sure isn't taking responsability for that! She left her aging parents finacially dry for taking care of the 6 kids out of there retirement funds .... (when all along she had more than enouph money $165 grand)
which is enpouph moeny to get her LIFE TOGETHER ..... she wouldn't be in this mess had she done the morally right thing for herself, her kids, and her parents.

She doesn't even qualify as a "fit" mom .... The state should take away those babies and adopt them out .... And she wonder WHY nobody will leave her alone, and why she is so hated by America and especially us Californians ..... The ONLY people I feel sorry here is her parents.... Nadya , and Nadya alone desrves what she is getting.

2070 days ago


Do you think Ty Pennington and his show would step in at this point? I bet ABC would kill for the publicity.

2070 days ago

same same same    

the mom did say the daughter promised her money but never gave it to her... but all in all this story is null and void... obama is going to step up and take care of them all...

2070 days ago


Perhaps some of these pro-life organizations can bail them out?

2070 days ago

ut oh    

CPS would take her kids from her if she was a white worman. Could you imagine a white woman getting away with this.?.....hell no.....CPS would have been at the house by now, looking through it, taking reports, making arranngements for placement. But she is Iranian, not white, an immigrant, and a mooch. Maybe if we hadn't let her family into the states in the first place we wouldn't be here discussing a narcissist.

2070 days ago


I hope they take EVERYTHING away from this bitch. There are actually people that work, or were working before losing their jobs, that have the normal 2.5 kids and NEVER asked for "assistance" from any branch of the government. This bitch is "living off the system", and thinks she's gonna get by with it?? I hope EVERYBODY cuts her off!!

2070 days ago


anyone else find it ironic that this happened around the time the newest litter was born?????

Serves that entire family right. Sorry...just my honest opinion! All that money that Nadya got and never gave her mom one dime...shame on her!

2070 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Yeah, my neighbor's cousin works at FOX News and he tells me that even O'Reilly doesn't believe half of the crap he spews out. It's ALL about the money. After most shows, he sits back and says "Cha Ching $$!! and then the crew all laugh at the suckers who but his books like he is some kind of GOD. Behind his back they call HIM "the pinhead!"

2070 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

Jon & Kate plus 8 is way cuter family then this bitch!

2070 days ago
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