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Robert Blake and a Hot Date

2/18/2009 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Blake is a hard nut to crack. On the hook civilly but not criminally for the murder of his wife, we tried valiantly to engage him in conversation. How's this, Bobby: A dating show!

Robert Blake
How do you think he would eliminate the girls each week?


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Blake is a disgrace. Remember during his trial he was playing the part of a little old man shuffling along, even wearing the same suite to court. Look at him now, wtf! Just remember folks, he has been acting since he could walk, he needs to walk his ass over to a prison and serve his time! lol

2081 days ago


My question is; who would be stupid enough to date him? Its like hearing about OJ having a "girfriend." I think i would want to steer clear of any man who was accused of killing his wife or girlfriend. To me, that is like putting a gun to your head and hoping its not loaded. Girls...get a clue.

2081 days ago


Get a clue yourself. What part of 'NOT GUILTY' do you-all not understand? This is Robert Blake, not OJ Simpson. Two totally different cases, two totally different people. One's white, one's black, big freaking deal. It's over and done with, so get over it. Leave the old man in peace. He deserves that at least, since you-all are hell-bent on him never having anyone to love again in what time he has left. He may never work again because of all the BS that's still flying around, which is a damn shame given his remarkable talents. Though David Lynch might be open to a deal...

FYI, diana, Blake was on psych meds so he wouldn't freak out while he was inside - that was no act. He was totally out of it during the trial. FYI to the other posters, Blake never worked for Disney. Stupes.

Illegitimi non carborundum, Mr. Blake.

2080 days ago

Doug and Kim    

Not Guilty is not guilty, If your not convicted of the crime you don't have to do the time. The trial showed he couldn't have done it. She had it coming, who really cares who took her out. End Game God Bless You Mr. B

2073 days ago


Common TMZ u can do better then this or can u?

2082 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

A bullet to the head will do it. Then plead not guilty. Works most of the time.

2082 days ago


Robert Blake wants to hide from the public that no longer wants him. Black tinted windows on the driver, and front passenger side. That's not legal. - Maybe Robert thinks of himself as a private person, who no longer has to answer to the public for his murder of his wife. Everybody minds his or her own business, and nobody looks at Robert blake as a famous celebrity anymore. Kind of like an OJ figures that most people want to shun.

Blake would play a great bad guy in an independent film or a bond film, however, that may affect ticket sales, and the producers would not want to raise the public's negative publicity.

Blake broke company rules, and the movie studios can't use him. Blake can put on his Disney ears, and pretend he is wanted, and funny, but like OJ Simpson, bugs Segal who wanted to be a movie actor they are all pariahs to the film industry, and nobody with any film credits wants to work with them, or they too will be living in a cardboard box under the freeway overpass. - Christian Bale, going my way?

2082 days ago

Your Mom    

I just watched a movie called " In Cold Blood" made in 1967 over the weekend where he played a guy who murdered a whole family durring a robbery. Kinda freaked me out.

2082 days ago


did you hear the gunshot's up on sunset blv last night ? bang,bang,bang the police thaught it was gang related but was just robert blake...he's back dating again.....

2082 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Blake belongs in prison, right beside O.J.
what a lucky away with killing his wife!!!!!...ONLY IN HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!

2082 days ago

Mohammed is a Pedophile    

To #4, I watched that movie on TCM a couple of nights ago...

2082 days ago



2082 days ago


They won't put him in jail because he's a white man..they did not relentlessly stalk him like they did the Juice..oh I forgot he
killed a white person like himself..

2082 days ago

Legally Bonde    

Who really cares about this "old washed-up" has been! I think Blake has a "smart-azz" attitude with a BIG mouth to match it! I'm sure he is a real embrassment to Disney and his family. If women want a "withered-up old prune" then Blake is "The Man"!

2082 days ago

Capt Jack    

Blake was not working before this incident happen.

2082 days ago
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