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Celebrity Housing Bust -- The Biggest Losers

2/18/2009 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Celebs are used to purchasing million dollar homes and trading them like baseball cards, but with the economy hitting rock bottom, stars like Britney Spears, Richard Gere, Elle Macpherson and Shaquille O'Neal have drastically slashed millions on their mansions on the market.

Celebrity Houses

If you ever wanted to live in your Idol's digs -- now's the time.


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Living in Whittier    


2041 days ago

arte help    

Boo hoo, me and toofastforyou are too busy engaging in rough s/m to be bothered by this nonsense. You're my bitch now, toofastforyou.

2041 days ago


el sorryento....cervesa make uno elsleepio....QAUTRO!!!

2041 days ago

Illinois person    

Serves some of these celebs right. With today's economy who would want one of these so-called mega mansions? Just because its current owner if famous doesn't make the home necessarily a higher price than its true market value. If you don't watch your funds, you may end up like Michael Jackson or Ed McMahon.

2041 days ago


The houses is the only begin of the ecomony for the famous ones. Money will come back to give away from all the stars who live in there. There is no more for them to see it.

2041 days ago


Oh poor babies! My heart bleeds for them!

While MILLIONS of hard-working Americans - you know, us "nobodies" struggle just to keep a roof over our heads and our kids' heads, buy food, pay utilties & mortgages/rent, these poor "hard working" celebs and "stars" are in danger of losing one of their million dollar hoo!

So many folks have lost EVERYTHING and are homeless after working all fheir lives or they've lost their pensions after working all their lives so they have to sell their homes now because Wall St & the banks have cleaned out their IRA's. The others have lost their houses because of the same greedy people foreclosing on their homes.

These "stars" spend more on one stinking dress or tux for one of their award shows than most of us make in a year and THEIR homes are these huge things large enough to house several famlies of normal Americans!

Reading what they receive as "swag" for simply waltzing out onto a stage to "present" an award makes me sick too. As IF they need free stuff!

Yes many of them DO contribute to worthy causes however, so many of them DON'T and are just more of the greedy, spoiled, seemingly "entitled" people in this country who whine and moan when they think they're down to their last kazillion $$$$!

Well MILLIONS of Americans who really WORK for a living ARE without anything other than the clothes on their backs and their kids...looking for shelter and food in homeless shelters now AFTER working hard all their lives.

So these spoiled bratty stars/celebs aren't getting any sympathy from me as I watch so many normal people and their children hurting so badly after they've worked all their lives and played by the rules, now they have nothing left. Do these whiny "stars" even care that there's MILLIONS of people right now out there huddled in homeless shelters or about to lose their homes and head there WITH children? As a parent I know that fear because I became ill and disabled years ago and was on verge of losing our home with a child - there's very little more frightening than the thought of having to go to a shelter with your child! Not knowing what kind of people are there who might hurt them or you. You're terrified. Thankfully through God's grace & nothing short of a miracle our home was saved by an understanding man at the loan company but they aren't so understanding these days so my heart goes out to everyone facing foreclosure and the thought of having to seek shelter especially with a child or children.

I'm sorry but I can't feel empathy for these celebs who try to make a mockery out of REAL loss during these hard times. They don't know what loss IS!

2041 days ago


Even if I had the money I would not buy Britney Spears home. She is a dirty hillbilly. God knows what has been in that house. Not even bleach can clean out the filth.

2041 days ago


To Kathy S-

For f*ck sakes, have you finished bitching yet, or would you like to write another "book"?!?!?!? Could you have possibly have written any more sh*t? Maybe if you whine a little more someone will pity your ass and give you a book deal, since you like to "talk" so much. yada yada yada...blah blah blah!

2041 days ago

Lord Xenu    

Celebrities should be taxed at 70%. They make way too much money. After all 90% of them voted for Obama who said the rich would have to live with smaller pieces of pie so others can have more. They shouldnt mind giving up most of their ill gotten gain in order to share it with the little people who pay their bloated salaries.

Its is kind of perverse the way celebrities make millions of dollars per year while police, firefighters and soldiers risk their lives daily for under $100,000 /yr.

2041 days ago


I feel their pain, I don't know what I am going to do with my mansion. Let's see if their leader Obama can give them a bailout. Or maybe he could see how much money they have hidden over seas and charge them with tax evasion. I say to save the world from global warming we should tear all these hollywood mansion down and build no more than 1,800 sq ft houses. That would also create jobs for the illegals to send money home to mexico too. So everybody wins. Oh wait Washington is too buisy putting others out of work to bother with rich people.

2041 days ago


I agree. I think celebrities should have to resort to socialism cause they are the ones who voted for our "socialist dictator maoist government" let the celebtards pay the most, they wanted OBAMER!!!

2041 days ago

grossed out.    

Kathy S, you are clearly insane. Go get a job. As to the pictures, what's with Ed McMahon and Debbie Gibson not even picking up their crap for a listing photo?!?!?

2041 days ago

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