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OctoMom's Million Dollar Digs -- "I Wish!"

2/20/2009 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

California taxpayers, calm down: Even though real estate sources told TMZ OctoMom was looking to buy a $1.24 million home, her only words about the situation yesterday were a sturdy "I wish."

Nadya Suleman: Click to watch
She was there taping an interview with Dr. Phil -- no word on if she was compensated for the sit down or if the alleged home search was part of the set-up.


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How did she qualify for welfare if she had $100,000 to spend on IVF? Welfare Fraud!!

2073 days ago

Jus D truth    

NEWS FLASH!!!! Dr,., Phil actually purchased this house for his 'new woman' He plans to make her his NEW MISTRESS. He's a cheater & a phony! ROBIN....KICK HIS ASS TO THIS CURB, TODAY IS TRASH DAY!!!
By the way....Dr. Phil, I lost my job because my company went outta business, CAN YOU SET ME UP IN A MILLION DOLLAR HOME, PAY MY BILLS & GIVE ME A GENEROUS BANK ACCOUNT, TOO, oOOH, AND I promise not to have sex for the next 18 years!

2073 days ago


THIS is exactly what she wants...PUBLICITY!!! She is smart....she's using the media well to her advantage...and everyone is falling under her "trap"....

2073 days ago


this dumb bitch should be dead.

2073 days ago


So on the news today ... Nadya DID get paid by Dr. Phil for her interview ....

On the news Extra last night, she was video taped... and some one asked ..."are you going to lose your house because you didn't pay the morg? "

Nadya's SELFISH response ... "It's not MY house .... My parents didn't pay THERE mortg .... I'm moving out, it is not my problem"

IS SHE KIDDING ME WITH THIS!? She (NADYA) alone IS THE REASON her mom is losing the home, becasue instead of paying her mortg, she chose to feed and clothes her 6 kids ..... with NO financial help from her ..... once apon a time Nadya had $165 grand... and instead of paying her mother rent or getting there own home or paying to raise her OWN kids HERSELF!!!!

what a selfish self centered ungreatful daughter ..... it is like she is saying "oh well, it is not my problem, I'm moving on... let mom worrie about losing her home"

ALSO on the news .... Gloria Aldredge set up a non-profit organization to help Nadya with nurses, housing and living expences for the babies ..... but Nadya won't return Gloria's calls for an answer ..... why the heck should she.... someone dumb azz is planning on buying her a big home and she figures if she takes Gloria up on her offer, she might get stuck in some shabby (low-income) housing ..... and she doesn't care about her "babies" she wants to live a freeloading high-life of a celebrity and NEVER have to work or earn a dime ever again. she is a LAZY AZZ SELFISH INGRATE!!!!!!

Pure BS when she says" she is'nt looking to be a celebrity ..... she is EATING THIS UP ....

And as a california resident srviving in this rouph economy and now, we got our taxes raised and a 150% increase in our car registrations etc ..... more high costs for us in a really touph time..... and SHE WILL NEVER EVER HAVE TO PAY A DIME OF THAT INCREASE!!!!! Our state or some dumb azz fool will give it all to her free of charge!!!!

2073 days ago

Sue Wong    

I'm seriously tired of people bitching about this woman. I have 2 kids, work 12-14 hour shifts and pay my taxes. No, I don't live in California but even if I did I wouldn't be complaining. I don't condone what this woman did but she's not the first and won't be the last. It seems to me that she was smart enough to work the system to get what she wants. Isn't that what rich people do? She probably won't be poor for long. If she lets the angels in waiting help take care of the kids they'll be good to go. As for finances, she'll make enough to support them in style. She'll have a job the rest of her life as a mother of 14. It won't be easy and I wouldn't switch places with her for all the money in the world. Also, I hardly think a $5 fast food meal and $30 manicure is anything to complain about. Poor people can't eat at Mcdonalds? There're the biggest supporters of these joints. Leave the woman alone and mind your own business. There's alot more to complain about. Polygamists, Mormons, welfare queens, they all work the system and nobody says anything. Money spent in supporting kids is the very best way it can be spent anyway. Last I heard the war in !raq was costing over $250 billion taxpayer money. Children are the future.

2073 days ago


I take back my previous comment (#21). It dawned on me that letting her house go into foreclosure is a way for Grandma to ESCAPE from the predator Octo Mom. Grandma should take her interview $$$ and go on a nice vacation. Then she should come back and get a very small place in an ADULTS ONLY retirement community.

2073 days ago


Ok. like I've already mentioned in the real esate post. Call your local FRAUD department, and report her, unless you want to pay her bill. SSI, (she recieves 1900 a month for 2 disabled children) medi-cal, foodstamps, are all INCOME CONTINGENT. She has to be under the income guidelines to qualify. If she is receiving donations, money, food, those are all considered "income" into her home. (fgifts are considred liquid also to the state) Call the Welfare Fraud department. If she buys a 1.5 million dollar home she has collateral to pay for the babies medical care. Any "property, money, she recieves, can not exceed the very low income limit. If you are tired of paying her medical bills, food, and shopping expenses, CALL SSI, and the FRAUD department for (welfare and public assistance) and report her.

2073 days ago


Why isn't she with at least one of her 14 kids??? Who is paying for the 8 still in the hospital?? And, who is taking care of the first 6?? She really thinks she is a celebrity. Maybe Dr. Phil will support her.

2073 days ago

AZ Beauty    

She says it's not her problem because her parents couldn't pay their mortgage?? They couldn't pay it because all of their $$$ was going to pay for HER KIDS that SHE couldn't afford!! Crazy, selfish bitch.

And Dr.Phil is a jerk. He's become so tabloid and has had about 3 shows now dedicated to this woman. And, he is playing the vicious death threat phone calls that people made to Octo and her publicist. Great, let's give more nutcases a forum on national TV. That will just encourage more people to do this same.

2073 days ago


You know who needs to pay for this screw up...the dam Dr. who implanted all those eggs!!...why should us tax payers suffer! I don't feel sorry for her at all, those kids need to be taken from her and put in homes where they will have what they need. Who does she think she is. They keep saying the "kids" are a gift from God...please. That whole family is crazy.

2073 days ago


LOL! the daily postings on her continue! TMZ is basically helping her make money.

2073 days ago


nobody's know's if some of this children has a biological father.......becuase she is such a liar at all. she wants to fly,but she dont have any wings.. ...that' very sad to her 14 children when they grow-up....

2073 days ago


TO THE POST #49... "I hardly think a $5 fast food meal and $30 manicure is anything to complain about. Poor people can't eat at Mcdonalds?"
Posted at 12:21PM on Feb 20th 2009 by angel"

First of all a french acrilic manicure out her cost around $50 and I don't think people care that she ate at Mc Donalds .... she is shopping for HIGH-END make up at MAC cosmetics ..... if she is living off food stamps and letting her MOM finacially raise HER kids .... without any finacial support from Nadya .... I think that is way out of line when you have that many kids ..... KIDS SHOULD ALWAYS come first .... she could just as easily go to a drug store to buy a $3 lip gloss instead of a MAC gloss that costs $18 ..... and did she REALLY need to spend $40 on a video game .... come on....

I guess your not a mom .... when your struggling finacially you PUT YOUR KIDS FIRST instead of yourself....

that is what a good mom is! you know it and we all know it, she is holding out for the :BEST FINACIAL deal she can get ...
this is a woman who had 6 kids and won a $165,000 and what did she do with that money ..... instead of puting it towards getting her life on finacial track and releving her mom of the finacial burden ..... SHE SPENDS IT ON HERSELF!!!!!

she was already in $50,000 debt..... and living off welfare and food stamps ..... and that is what she does with this money?

GMAB!!!!! post # 49 (ANGEL)

2073 days ago


She makes me sick!!....walking around with that stupid smirk on her face. She thinks she's a star? GROW UP!!..I am going to call SSI and complain!...all of us should. This is BS!..I have kids of my own to support.

2073 days ago
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