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OctoMom's Million Dollar Digs -- "I Wish!"

2/20/2009 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

California taxpayers, calm down: Even though real estate sources told TMZ OctoMom was looking to buy a $1.24 million home, her only words about the situation yesterday were a sturdy "I wish."

Nadya Suleman: Click to watch
She was there taping an interview with Dr. Phil -- no word on if she was compensated for the sit down or if the alleged home search was part of the set-up.


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If you feel bad for the kids and want to donate...give diapers or formula.


It's clear that spending money on her kids is NOT her priority (ex- plastic surgery, wii shopping, IVF). Her little website is a total joke, and I feel sorry for the people who were stupid enough to be duped by little miss clown car vagina.

There's a serious problem with the welfare system in this country when people who spend money on IVF are allowed to get aid from taxpayers!

2039 days ago


Dr; Phil ....behaving in the best interest of the babies? No, behaving in his own best interest. Dropped by the PR agency, doubtful, they are behind the scenes collecting 10%.

Let's create Nadya as a, "victim," and sell this image to the publice.

What's best for the babies? Adoption ...loving parents who be certain to meet their needs.

2039 days ago


You all need to mind your own. She, like everyone else in this world has a right to have children, especially if it was a dream for her to have a large family. Yes, she does not have a job, but there are so many people in this selfish world that would live off of your tax money, only because they are lazy and dont wanna get a job. At least she doing it for her kids. She is going to school, trying to better her life, especially for her kids. She's a person for heaven sakes not an animal...people talking about that she is better off dead..wha the??? are you serious..right now you all are thinkin selfish. At this moment those children need love only a mother can give. She raised 6 children alone and they are all still up and alive. At the same time, she went to school. Who does that? She's a strong woman, to be able to do more than what you can do. She did not know how many children she was going to have all at once, but once she found out she could care less about her life cause she sure as hell wasn't going to let her babies die. So she needs props right now, you all are hating cause she needs the governments help, which includes your money.

2039 days ago


Why does Gloria and Phil think they can solve all CA problems??????????????

2039 days ago


She said what??? I wish what???

2039 days ago

eyes glued opened    

now her own dad is coming out and telling how reckless she is... both her mother and father.. you know it's bad when both you're mother and father don't support ya.. for all you nut job supports of this woman, open you eyes... or better yet, offere to let her move in with your ass and put her on your checking / debit acct if you feel sorry for her.. here's what he said to Oprah -

Octograndpa to Oprah - My Daughter was “absolutely irresponsible”

2039 days ago

Disco Duck    

Time to apply PRESSURE to Dr Phil.

Everyone start contacting the sponsors of the Dr Phil show.

We can do it. Remember how we got Polaroid to drop Nick Hogan.

PRESSURE them today

2039 days ago

eyes glued opened    

Mimi.... please remove yourself from the gene pool and DO NOT reproduce...... PLEASE!!!!

you are a stupid, ignorant individual low life... do your research, oh, here's the definition of research as it obvious you're not educated:

verb (used with object)
*to make an extensive investigation into: to research a matter thoroughly.

you have obviously not seen the interviews of her own mother and father who also are expressing the same outrage and no, she has not raised these kids on her own, she pawned them off on her mother and father and now their house is in foreclosure, do you know what the word means? In the anne curry interview she admitted out of her own mouth she used the government provided money to pay for her fertility treatments and NOT to take care of her existing 6 kids, 3 of which are already disabled... i guess low-life’s stick together... LOL

Oh and read thiss too.. about her supposed church... who has no idea who she is..

2039 days ago

The Simple Facts    

Poster Mimi, you are an ignorant dullard, plain & simple. Moving on....

So Nasty Nadya's' father stated "God gave her those children"?? UM, people PLAYING God did -- Huge difference! And the unseemly result, is why nobody should.

The Octopus on dr phil -- no surprises there, they are both media whores. Another poster said they bet phil will solicit $ for her on that episode; actually, he already did so last week. But no doubt he will again. BARF

2039 days ago

shaking her head    

She obviously can not take care of the six prior children much less the Octuplets. While she was paying for IVP treatements her mother was already behind in her the math people. Nadya's mother stated she provided for her daughters children.....while Nadya got financial aide. What did she do with the money that was supose to care for her children? Anyone want to venture a guess? This whole situation is sickening. Now she is looking at million dollar homes? Getting paid to do interviews and yet still getting welfare? Ughh. Like a lot of others I am disturbed and angry over this whole situation. She needs a mental institution and her kids need a better chance at a good life.
Childrens services ned to step in and do something.

2039 days ago

L. Russell    

Where is the money going to come from for the new house. The Gov? She needs to live in a shoe.

2039 days ago

jon and kate are octomoms role models    

I completely agree with post #82, Jon and Kate plus 8 were the roles models for this octomom. The IRS needs to investigate the finances of Jon and Kate Gosselin. They have been living off free donations for years now. All their free travel, services and goods have to be considered taxable imcome. Are you reading this Jon and Kate? Then run, not walk to your accountant and pay up all those years of past due taxes. After all, you promote yourselves as Christians, so just do the right thing.

2039 days ago

Fools Rush In    

There are some horribly awful hateful people leaving comments here. If you object, make your case without hurling insults, and state known facts, as opposed to conjecture and speculation. If you cannot make your case without violating the ground rules of debate, then you are just simply pandering to your own ego and needs, rather than providing anything helpful for the society that must deal with the fallout of everyone's behavior.

2039 days ago


Would LOVE to see TMZ or the other media outlets focus the SPOTLIGHT on the DADDY of the 14 kids instead of just keeping it on the mother!! Lets share the blame here!! Daddy needs to support his 14 kids now!!

2039 days ago


So ... Octo Gramps owns a large home but won't disclose where, (he states this on Oprah)

Yet he expects California tax payers and donations to support his family.

Adoption, Adoption, Adoption ... these children need to be placed in loving, responsible homes.

And Octomom's website is active the PR firm collects their 10% simply stays behind the scenes.

2039 days ago
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