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Ultimate Hypocrisy

2/20/2009 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

WABC Noon News -- earlier today.

Rihanna: Click to watch


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Rihanna has nothing to be embarrased about, except maybe her choice in men, I mean boys. Nothing she could have done or said would have ever deserved this. It's hard to look at, but we all need to see what the words "domestic violence" mean. It means assault, battery, attempted murder......but when it's from a person who should love you the most, it's dressed up pretty and called "domestic abuse".

2068 days ago


Neither of their careers is over...He screwed and learn...just like Barry Bonds, A-Rod, Mel Gibson, The HOF, and everyother person on earth..people make mistakes EVERYDAY...Chris got busted..he will pay..he will suffer...he will rise above it....Rhianna already has risen above it and she will be fine...not gonna be dating Chris anytime soon.....which makes him an idiot for a whole new list of reasons....Rhianna is beautiful...IDIOT !!!!!!!

2068 days ago


I support giving the woman privacy, as is her right. BUT in thiscase, since it's already so publicized, I believe seeing this photo will support those suffering from domestic violence everywhere. People tend to react more strongly to what they see and tend to feel more emotions when they see something like this versus when they hearabout it, so I hope this situation will be a strong stand against howawful and disgusting domestic violence is....and violence in general.

2068 days ago


you people are all some hypocrits tryna acting like angels but your all here looking at the picture. it is wrong to post the pic up but since your all hear with ya nosy selves shut up! XD
n damn i bet chris brown really wished life had an undo button. funny how i havnt heard his songs play ever since the incident.

2068 days ago


And now, she'll write (with the help of 12 REAL writers) some sad stupid song about getting beat up, and everyone will love it because NOT loving it makes you a terrorist.. I mean, a batterer or whatever they call them. OH, and she'll win some award she didn't deserve for it. Let's not forget that.

2068 days ago


It is very understandable that some people approve and disapprove of TMZ posting Rihanna's photo. Actually, but side have a very valid point to why or why not this photo shold be shown. But here's my statement or question to everyone. Domestic violence is one of the numer one crimes commited in the US. Literally there are thousands of monthly across the nation. In California alone, where the incident happen, the L.A. County Jail houses dozens of domestic violence cases on a Daily basis. Stemming from the lower social economic class to the rich and elite. So why is everyone so caught up on Chris Brown and Rihanna? Because their celeberties? Where are all the people when regular women, "once again on a daily basis," are being victimized? It is very wrong of Chris Brown if he abused Rihanna the way the photo appears. But come on people I'v lived in L.A. all my life and can see domestic violence happening on a daily basis ie. at stores, clubs, restuarants, schools, movie theatres, many nighborhoods, public parks. It's wrong also that we as a community do nothing when we see this in public. Not to minimize this, but this is, has been, and always will be an on going daily occurance in this country and many around the world. I say let Chirs and Rihanna deal with their problems personally and through the court system and don't just be an advocate becuase their famous.

2068 days ago

Lover girl Erin    

Did he kill her? No. So why the hell do ya'll act like it. I mean what he did wasn't right, but it wasn't wrong either. I mean are you going to let someone just constantly hit you and hit you, and not do anything? If your answer is yes, you a got damn lie! I don't care if your a girl hitting a guy or a guy hitting a girl, keep your hands to yourself! And as a girl I can say that I know that girls like to hit guys, and expect the guy not to do anything. Well that's what happened in this in situation. Most offen girls like to say that their stronger than a guy, but when it comes to him hitting her she wants to become all weak and helpless, PU-LEZE!

Everyone just please leave him alone and leave her alone. Give them time to breath. Wait until March 5, when all the truth comes out. Until then, shut the hell up. I'm still a fan, Chris, and a fan of yours, Rihanna!

2068 days ago


sorry for you rihana but you need to run away you are a such pretty lady and you not deserve an aminal like chris dont let him be proud of his wild animal that hi is.

2068 days ago


I thank you sincerely for showing the "real" picture of domestic violence. Whether it is a public or private person, this needs to be seen and it needs to stop NOW! It only gets worse from here, as it is a cycle and one that women will get used to if they stay with their abuser. Ladies, this is INDEED a deal breaker in any relationship. This IS something that Rihanna can use her celebrity to fight against and warn young people about. As for Chris Brown, he deserves jail time, I hope that he gets it, and let him get therapy, pray and help from his mama in there, as he will have lots of time to repent and think about what he did, why he did it and why it can never happen again. Thank you.

2068 days ago


Many are posting that TMZ is being intrusive and insensitive to the lady. I whole heartedly disagree. You need to see what your Favorite flavor of the month did to this girl. Without a face, domestic violence is sometimes a distant issue to some. To see the aftermath of what can happen to a beautiful woman at the hands of an over preened, over hyped, and insecure young man can change the way you feel about both him and domestic violence.

I say for once, whether unwittingly or not, TMZ has done a service by providing the picture.

2066 days ago


No. ONE promising career is over. Chris Brown's, if anyone knows what's right in this world. I am horrified by the passive-aggressive opinions (or non-opinions) to this whole thing--just like Harvey I am mystified by the lack of opinion. NO PERSON has a right to beat up another person. That's it. There is no "working it out"--this is the 21st century, after all. We should be treated as we deserve, not as others decide we should.

2065 days ago


Thank you, TMZ (never thought I'd say that) for posting this picture. Scary, sad, utterly tragic but so necessary to see the reality of life. I am so sorry, Rihanna, for what has happened to you. I am sorry that Chris Brown is a sad, scary little man. I am sorry that no one seems to have an opinion on this. Above all, I am so, so sorry that in 2009 it is still apparently okay to beat up a woman.

2065 days ago


It's hard to trust the news or not believe that it's often blown out of proportion, but when you see the photo of Rihanna's battered face, well.....they're both just kids, really, but to start off with this kind of crap already happening in their relationship isn't a good sign of the future. Sadly, the latest news is that she's taking him back. In the future, if she looks back at this photo it may help by being a vivid reminder for her that won't allow her to downplay how terrible Chris Brown's physical abuse really was (as so many victims do over and over before they finally get out). Hope she gets some counseling and thinks twice about going back to someone who could do something like this to her. Am wishing her a speedy recovery and safety in the future.

2065 days ago
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