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Not a Dry Eye in the House -- redirect

2/23/2009 12:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


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first of all, he did not win simply because he died, anyone that thinks so is a complete moron. You obviously can't tell a phenomenal actor from a bad one. For his role Heath stayed in his apartment alone for a whole month, living as the joker. Only real actors can do method acting properly, and it shows in their roles. If you still think that he did not deserve the oscar, then you should watch his movies 100 more times until your stupid brain understands.

2076 days ago

Keepin' It REAL    

I think Heath Ledger played phenomenally in The Dark Knight. I believed he deserved the Oscar whether he passed or not. BUT how is it that none of the other actors from the film was nominated for an award? And why wasn't the movie nominated for best picture? I mean seriously the movie grossed over one billion dollars worldwide, I believe it is second to only Titanic. Also why are the Oscars full of movies I never even heard of? The only movie I have heard of aside from Dark Knight is Benjamin Button. Ugh

2076 days ago


Some of the previous comments are absurd. Honestly, you should just leave your idiotic opinions to your uneducated self. Heath Ledger deserved to win that award. It is such a tragedy that a young, talented life was taken too soon. Their speech was a really nice tribute that must have been very hard for them to do. And the British hating Jews? Alan, you are a moron. Please go away.

2076 days ago


So now Queen Latifah is singing "I'll be seeing you " .. I'm going to cry again as the screen behind is flashing actors/actresses that have passed...

2076 days ago


He really deserved this. His daughter is so beautiful, God rest his soul.

2076 days ago

Keepin' It REAL    

Yea #18 but I didn't see one of Heath Ledger? Did I miss it? And Queen Latifah looked beautiful as always. I LOVED the color of her dress.

2076 days ago


i Even Started To Cry When Heath Won . :']

He was a beautiful actor in all of his roles , and he greatly deserved this oscar . I was a little suprised though to see his name not up on the Oscar memorial , when queen latifa sang . Thats Greatly depressing that the academy didnt recognize him . .

Anyways . Rest in Peace Beautiful Heath . You Will Never Be lost in the eyes of those who truely love you .

2076 days ago

Avenge, revenge, whatever    

Where to start with this moron...Non-American Jap - that's fairly
redundant. A non-American user? Huh? So Heath Ledger didn't use
Americans and that angers you (I know what you meant, retard, it's
just that you're so illiterate it's hard not to make fun of). Then a
movie about people who "stold" our jobs? Did they also "stold" your
dictionary. You are one angry dumb hillbilly.

And Jethro, it's not called "The American Academy Awards." Man you
are dumb. Oh and the camel remark was really funny too. I bet you
know a lot about that sort of thing. I bet your real name is Brad. All the sheep on
your farm go around saying, "Braaad, Braaaad, he's my Daaaaaaad."

Fat, angry, pock-marked, loser. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

2076 days ago

Keepin' It REAL    

UGH Brangelina are so stupid and fake with their crocodile tears. I wish they would take their tribe and go crawl under a rock somewhere.

2076 days ago

Slightly Shocked    

Award aside...did anyone notice he was not included in the montage of Actors/Actress/Directors/Producers who died this last year!?!?!?!?!? If that's not a slight I don't know what is!

2076 days ago


YAY!!! He offically won! I thought his family looked stunning, and their speech was very touching. They are so proud of their son. Please people, let them cherish this memory as their only son who has since passed away finally got the award he deserved 100%. Let it be a fond memory, not one of shame and embarassment! He was an outstanding actor, and someone who seemed like a real person. I'm sure all you haters are perfect to the bone! AND WOW #8 MADE INUSA you are a real piece of work! Sounds like you are quite the pillar of society! Get a clue!
Congratulations to the Ledger and Williams family!!

Posted at 11:15PM on Feb 22nd 2009 by hmmm

2076 days ago

Teflon tv    

Congrats R.I.P
Flo Rida Right Round Feat. Symon Dagrapp & Kesha Official Remix

2076 days ago

Keepin' It REAL    

Heath Ledger looks just like his dad, and his dad reminds me of Gene Hackman. Just an observation

2076 days ago


"8. Well first we have a non American jap win, then a dead drug non American user on a film he did 2 years ago and then it wil end with a a movie about queers with a a-hole USA hater Sean and a movie about Non American camelhumpers from India a country that has stold ( outsourcved) all your jobs.

Not surprising since all of jollywood is queer dopers who make a fortune off the USA that they love to hate.
Will any American win anything in this so called American movie awards ?

Posted at 11:00PM on Feb 22nd 2009 by MadeinUSA"

You are incredibly pathetic. Die.

2076 days ago


Kate just won!

2076 days ago
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