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The Best

Oscar Speech Ever

2/23/2009 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto" -- Kunio Kato, winner of best animated short, said it ... NOT US.



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alrt yall. im asian. it is funny. but it was also cute.
give this dude a break he wasn't born nor live here, his short film prob wasn't even in english.

2066 days ago


GOOD FOR HIM. Don't take yourself too seriously.

2066 days ago


you better have been paying all your taxes for those 26 years you been here, I know a lot of you aren't.
I got to ask what is so wrong with your POS country of origin that you would rather be in the good ol USA.

2066 days ago


I didn't think he was that difficult to understand. In fact I thought he was rather charming. Having studied a little Japanese myself, I can appreciate the difficulty of transitioning from one language to another, both in sentence structure and pronoucing certain letters, syllables, etc. Make no mistake. It takes a lot to wrap your mind around it. Make no mistake.

2066 days ago


re: Posted at 11:51AM on Feb 23rd 2009 by Gypsy
"America has the biggest a holes on this planet."

You seem like you would make a great American to me. I notice you did not remain in your previous country. Could the reason be that you country was a sh!-hole?

Oh and if you think people here are racists, then define a race? Here is a hint, there is only one. Stupid idiots cannot even tell what a cultural slur is. For example, why don't you go and steal a baby you dirty Roma. See, that has nothing to do with race.

2066 days ago


I thought that was one of the greatest moments of the night....he totally was making light of the fact that he couldn't speak English very well or at all. I was in tears from laughing so hard at his joke. And now I am going to watch his animated short movie that he won of the best speeches that night!!!!

2066 days ago


If you are going to rip on someone else for their lack of knowledge of the English language, PLEASE use proper spelling and grammar yourself!!! Good God, my 10 year old writes better than that!

2066 days ago


To Steve: you don't seem to know English very well either.
At least the guy was much more clever than a lot of losers that are commenting. He isn't american, he's japanese. He has no obligation to speak a perfect english. Still, he made the best joke of the night.

2066 days ago


Re: # 67

I AGREE, best joke of the night!

Bravo to you and Kato Kunio

2066 days ago



If you speak three languages you're trilingual...

if you speak two languages you're bilingual....

if you speak on language you're American.

Anyone knocking his English?.....

how many languages do you speak?


like you.

2066 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Ignorant haters,

You think Asians have trouble mastering English? Try WRITING their language with characters that number in the THOUSANDS. They're masters at it while you can't spell a word beyond four letters with a 26 letter alphabet. And you wonder why hicks like you are dragging down our national grade average...

2066 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Beautiful, Kato-San!

2066 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Sean Penn supported Iran Leaders and Hugo Chavez , Both of who are Anti Gay rights . Sean Penn is a Hypocrite and Now Hugo Chavez is known as Latin America's Fascist Leader and Violent Dictator all rolled in one .

2066 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Michael Moore wanted to Have Fidel Castro (his mentor) in the Oscars. Castro is a hard core Dictator in Cuba , that is the Final Verdict on who Michael Moore is .

2066 days ago


To all the people that dissed him. Grow up. Let's see you win an award in a foreign country and do your best to give an acceptance speech in their native language. All you morons telling him to learn English is the very reason why this country is so hated by everyone.

2066 days ago
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