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Mickey Rourke: Sore Loser

2/24/2009 10:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now that award season is over and he didn't win the Oscar, reassembled actor Mickey Rourke is letting the press know how he really feels.

What would Loki think?
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I really wanted Mickey to win the oscar! I like Sean Penn too and thought if Mickey didn't win then it had to have been the great Sean. I'm also glad that he said something to Mickey in his speech. Who know's why Mickey gave the bird but I doubt it's because of the oscar. I am sure he has done that before, it's not the first time and it won't be the last time. Mickey Rourke is my favorite, he is still sexy as hell! He can @$#@ me anyday!

2065 days ago


Mickey was robbed. Penn is a egocentric putz who is beloved of the left wing jackass contingent (the majority of the voters in the Academy). Penn's performance was very good as Milk but Rourke's performance was great.

2065 days ago

yadda yadda    

I want to know what he has in his pocket!!

2065 days ago


I absolutely LOVE this guy! He is a refreshing face & personality among all the Hollywood-fakes. LOVE him!

2065 days ago

Gospel Elvis    

Oh Mickey!!! You should have won. Just wanted you to know. A former Schenectadian was rooting for you. Don't worry you will get more chances for an oscar. I'm so proud of you..God Bless Hope you are doing ok.

2065 days ago


I saw Mickey Rourke in the "The Wrestler" and I thought his performance was phenomenal (loved the song,too). However, I have been noticing a steady change in the man. At the beginning of his "comeback" and before the awards started coming his way, the man displayed humility. He talked about his therapy, his prior lack of professionalism, etc... But as the accolades started coming in, he started displaying the same arrogance that got his ass in trouble in the first place. In fact, it may have even cost him the Oscar. Plus the man is a known addict and he's still drinking! Bottom line: His road to redemption is a farce! Hollywood may put up with him a little while longer, but in the end he's headed for the same dung heap he barely crawled out of. Word of advice, Mickey
(from one who's been there). Clean up your act!!!

2065 days ago


Mickey is DA MAN and seriously how many stars have flipped TMZ off? ALL!

2065 days ago

[][] ScOut W. [][]    

You keep on rolling with your bad ass self...I love ya!

2065 days ago


I have been a fan of Mr. Rourke since I personally discovered him in 1996. I only wished I had known about his talent sooner. I recently read somewhere that it doesn't get any better than Rourke and Eric Roberts in Pope of Greenwich Village and I couldn't agree more. As a tandem, they bring down the house. Mickey Rourke is and has always been one of the most compelling, real and raw actors that Hollywood has ever produced. Check out Barfly, Angel Heart, Homeboy, Diner, Pope, Rumble Fish, Rainmaker... the list goes on. I am extremely pleased to see Mickey back where he belongs. He has eloquently inhabited the domain of the soft-hearted tough guy, coupled with a gentle brand of finesse. I hope his comeback is long-lasting. It is so damn refreshing to have a rascal like Rourke loose in a sterile, PC environment like Hollywood - if only to shake its foundation. The last couple of 'media-obsessed by Rourke' months have been positively grand and looooong overdue. Long live Mickey Rourke.

2065 days ago


Hey Rourke what is your IQ, OK we got it thanks. Be happy you are acting loser. Mcdonalds is hiring.

2065 days ago

A LAWYER runs this show???    

You flatter yourselves by referring to yourselves as "the press."

You are the "paps" that you always refer to in the second person.

2065 days ago


Forget the stupid photo.He was probably provoked.
We all know he was robbed of the Oscar.Every other major category went as predicted and Sean Penn was not prepared because he never expected to win.
Rourke is a rebel and people may not like him but he's a human being.His dog died and he got injustice over what he deserved but I hope he stays on top of his game and comes out even bigger.
Keep your head up MR.

2065 days ago


He's in touch with his fans! I did the very same thing when they ripped the envelope and gave the metal man to that evil twippy Penn.

2065 days ago


Mickey was ROBBED of his Oscar even Penn said so the next day. They didn't give it for acting they gave it to Penn for his political cause.

2065 days ago


Is Mickey Rourke trying to morph into Toby Keith?

2065 days ago
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