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She's Responsible for the "Twilight" Zone

2/25/2009 1:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Inspired by a dream she had, Stephenie Meyer only wrote the "Twilight" books, not the nightmare that was the cheesy film adaptation.

The 35-year-old new J.K. Rowling arrived in Vancouver to do some more press for her teen vampire series.

Wonder if awkward closeups, long pauses and bad acting were in her original draft?


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I thought as far as Hollywood's movies from books go, the rendition of the film was really good. I am seeing previews of deleted scenes and well I wish they had put a few of them in there since a few are actually from the book but you know you can't have everything and you can't expect to sit 3-4 hours in a movie. So so so quit hating because everyone has a right to their opinions but no one has the right to belittle anyone. Anyone can have an opinion however not everyone can have a complete thought so that goes out to all the haters and TMZ.

2021 days ago


I Agree that Twilight wasn't as good as it could have been better, but it's extremely hard to adapt a book with that much intense emotion. They did an okay job i thought.

2019 days ago


SMeyer the next JK Rowling?! HAHAHAHA! ROFLMAO! Sorry, but no. Just no. The day Smeyer can write a series that surpasses JK's 400 million HP (and it can't be a collective number - it has to be one series only), she'll still only surpass JK in numbers. SMeyer will never be a better writer than JKR.

Yeah, SMeyer definitely is bringing down vampire legend. She's definitely put a prissy spin on it.
It's all about: "I killz you with my sparklez and body glitterz!!

2019 days ago


I just got done reading The Host by Stefanie Meyer and it was great. Now Im not saying that I liked it better than the Twilight books, but it was a really good story none the less.

2010 days ago


Ok so not that my opinion counts but personally i love the twilight series. I am a 29 yr old mother of 4. My oldest is 11 and not into that soppy love story things yet but as for me!!! I love the books and am not dissapointed by the movie. You know most people said that the first harry potter was not as good as the rest...they got better in time as the series went one wellll does it ever cross your mind to give it a shot and that maybe the director will direct a better twilight in part 2 or part 3. No movie is gonna be exactly like the book...every little word wont be in it. The casting was great. There all prefect for the movie. I absolutely love robert pattinson as edward...he brings out the part perfect not only with his looks but with the sound of his voice...he has an accent that fits the character just right. As for Kristen Stewart she is marvelous in this movie. I have seen other movies she has done and she is a good actress and so with both of them playing the parts they play there perfect for the roles. The movie had me on the edge wanting more and not i sit here having watched the movie going on 3 days straight and i cant get enough. I am impatient and cant wait till the new one comes out!! I sincerely hope they make each and ever book into a movie...i find book 4 will be the most difficult yet the best one yet. I give props to the author she did a really good job with twlight!!!

2005 days ago


number 92, I totally agree. Im a 34 year old mom and I feel the same way!

2003 days ago


Stephenie Meyer is not JK Rowling! their two different people writing about two different things! JK- wizards and witches
Meyer- Vampires....

sure the book is doing as well and so is the movie but shes not the new JK ...

JK will always be a legend and always be rememberd.

stephenie is not JK

althought i love TWILIGHT!

1999 days ago


o yea and she actualy eats!

1999 days ago


I LOVE Edward and I agree that Robert Pattinson is the best guy to play Edward! No other!!

1990 days ago



1989 days ago

u ppl r ridiculous.
ok maybe you think the MOVIE was awful..i dont..but have you even read the BOOKS?! they are rly much better then the movie. if u read the books then u would actually understand everything. dont make fun of ppl...b/c most ppl who read the books rly do have a connection with the book. the book is about LOVE not vampires or werewolves or anything ..LOVE. its about how 2 completely different teens LOVE each other unconditionallly and theire romance is forbidden. thats y ppl have suhc a conncetction with the move/book. when u read the books u feel like you've become connected to the characters and thats wat its like in the movie. idc if u want to mauch me and be rude to me but geez if u think the movie is so bad and u hate twilight

1979 days ago


I think Stephanie is a great imaginative writer that has captured my heart and interest. I wish she would continue the series with Jacob and Nessie. I am middle aged and it is refreshing to see something without all the explicit sex and vulgar language that has permeated our society for the last few decades. It is a beautiful story and to all of you people that have nothing to say that is positive, go read something else and don't go to the movies. There are plenty of us that LOVE it to keep it on the top of the best sellers and box office list. Stephanie PLEASE keep them coming!!!!

1977 days ago


She is soooooo SKINNY!!!!!!

1977 days ago


This chick is a bag of bones!!! Eat a Cheese Burger already....oh ya....

2031 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

It was a honner to have her write about me.

2031 days ago
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