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She's Responsible for the "Twilight" Zone

2/25/2009 1:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Inspired by a dream she had, Stephenie Meyer only wrote the "Twilight" books, not the nightmare that was the cheesy film adaptation.

The 35-year-old new J.K. Rowling arrived in Vancouver to do some more press for her teen vampire series.

Wonder if awkward closeups, long pauses and bad acting were in her original draft?


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I do agree that Stephanie Meyer is totally different than J.K. Rowling but it's caused the same magnitude of fan base apparently. I just hope she decides to publish Midnight Sun and the idea about doing a book on Renesemee and Jacob. I did buy her recent book Host and well it's just okay for me. It seems a little too much like the Body Snatchers. Not that it's not well written it's just it didn't strike my interest as much. That is saying alot considering that I usually don't read Vampire novels since Anne Rice quit writing them.

2014 days ago


Against my better judgement,
I read the twilight series.
I really didn't mind them so
much but I really don't think
that they are as vital as some
seem to believe.
I can see the appeal in her
story line and in the charcters themselves.
Only a women can give such a
vivid picture of unrealistic
expecataions we have for

2014 days ago


I think the comparison that people are making between Stephanie and JK are the popularity and mania over the movies as well as books. With all these critiques about what it takes to be an author, I will be looking forward to many of you having best sellers here soon! I think she's talented and while she may not be for everyone she is a very talented writer just as JK Rowling is. Not everyone is a "Twitard". Im 34 and like I said other than Anne Rice's vampire novels I haven't really read any vampire books and hadn't planned on reading the Twilight books. However Im very glad I did. Now with that said, that doesn't mean I am looking for Edward Cullen or entertaining fantasies about the character or Robert Pattinson. I expect it from girls but lol, it is pretty weird that women my age and older are really going overboard.

2014 days ago


I personally thought the movie was great. The character picks were very good, too. If you don't like it, that's cool. To each their own. Of course, people always have to have something to complain about.

2013 days ago


Wonder if awkward closeups, long pauses and bad acting were in her original draft?

although am not a fan of the movie but it's silly how tmz thinks they r funny making fun of ppl

dont get me started with the stalker weirdo blond long hair guy
or with the (assuming he's the man')who keeps drinking from the cooler cup with a straw!

god u r too annoying to be watched!

2013 days ago


i love it how twilight fans insult the HP books and films as if its supposed to somehow insult JKR ^.^
HP is already a classic. Its someting even the Queen read and liked.

Do you see royals reading twilight anytime soon? I think not. The Queen will not eb amused by it.

Twilgith is a teenage fad that wont last in the next couple of years. Soon nobody would care because the same teenage kids would have moved on to something else.

So good luck trying to support twilight- the book that wont last one decade ^.^

2013 days ago


Watch the movie first, then read the series so you won't be dissappointed. After reading Twilight - did some research and decided to read the Vampire Diaries - didn't anyone else feel the same way I did? I actually had to look up the copyright dates to see who came out first. I actually thought I was reading Twilight all over again. Maybe it wasn't a dream....

2012 days ago


I didn't see all that much simularity between them. I still think Stephanie Meyers did a great job and I don't read alot of fiction as far as teen book lists go but I thought they were all very well written. I was disappointed that some really great parts in Twilight the book were not in the movie. Such as the Biology scene for one. However there were alot of scenes in the HP movies that weren't in the movies however, I think they've gotten better about adding more details to the HP movies. Point...if you don't like Twilight Saga then don't read them and don't go to the movies to watch the movies. There is really no reason to down people or to be rude. It's what makes us unique is that we are all different and we all have different likes and dislikes. I know that we are all entitled to Freedom of Speech but seriously running someone down for their preferences is an abuse of that right.

2011 days ago


They are simular in a small way but I still think that Twilight Saga is it's own idea and invention.

2011 days ago


I agree Heather! Right on!

2011 days ago


this woman massacred literature and vampire lore.

2009 days ago


Have you read 'Breaking Down'? She introduces Libishomen awfully close to to lobisomen (the word for werewolf in Portuguese, language spoken in Brazil) to mean vampire. Does she know how to google? Does she have an editor?

2008 days ago


I don't believe she has killed vampire lore....I think she just gave a new take on it making it less of a mythical supernatural condition(even though it still is) and rather just a condition. Besides I was getting tired of every vampire book and movie with the same old same old. It was very original and I still say the books are very well written and have merit. I just wish she would have given more of Edward's perspective in Breaking Dawn.

2007 days ago
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