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Piven - I Have Harvard/Yale On My Side

2/26/2009 6:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jeremy PivenJeremy Piven's reps have just come out swinging, boasting that during the grievance hearing over his aborted Broadway play, the actor's union sided with him. And Jeremy's reps want you to know, a doctor with connections to two hoity-toity colleges backs him up.

Producers for "Speed-the-Plow" will have to now convince an arbitrator Jeremy's doctor's note claiming mercury poisoning was bogus. In the statement, Jeremy's rep says Piven was so sick he could have had a heart attack if he didn't drop out of the play. So Jeremy did, despite "glowing reviews."

Piven's rep says Jeremy was examined by a "Harvard-educated cardiologist affiliated with Yale." End of story!

And there's this. Piven says he is "pleased with the Obama administration" for seeking an international treaty to reduce Mercury pollution.


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L. P.    


2066 days ago


He is a weirdo. Really. Dude. Get some reality issues in your life. Shallow is you.

2066 days ago



2066 days ago


Typical lawyer to exploit many people's assumption that someone who attended elite schools MUST be trustworthy and competent. Don't pick a doctor, broker, lawyer, or anyone, just because their "resume" looks impressive. This particular doctor might be great. But, as everyone is now seeing, sometimes the most "impressive" people are frauds.

2066 days ago


If he was lying then that would be stupid. He loves Shushi. He can't be seen eating at restaurants like Nobu. He can't be seen eating any seafood for a long time. I hope he wins. I think the producers are just made cause they thought they would lose money and they didn't. If Jeremy was out partying while in NY then were are the photos from the clubs. Did TMZ catch him while there?

2066 days ago


get the thermometer out of your butt jeremy

2066 days ago

God of Hell Fire    

According to a Yale educated, Harvard affiliated Doctor, Mr. Piven is still a douchebag!

2066 days ago


The actors' union sided with him in the grievance and it had always been reported that he withdrew on the advice of a doctor -- one who, it turns out, on its face doesn't appear to have hack mail-order "credentials" written all over him. Guy seriously could turn around after this is all over and sue the damn Broadway producers for defamation and win.

2066 days ago


piven is awesome and everyone should side with him

2066 days ago


OK Piven, you can STFU and just say your Entourage lines now!

2066 days ago

Suck My Bronze.    

I have a signed affidavit from 7 Rhodes scholars and 3 Nobel Prize winners attesting to the fact that Mr. Piven is a butt-munch.

2066 days ago

frogs and gravel    

I called in sick to work today and told the boss I had Mercury Poisoning. He said "WTF". Well, I won't repeat what he
said, but there was not much he could do.

2066 days ago


I don't really give a flying f*** about why or why not Piven quit!

2066 days ago


Oh spare me with the freaking lawsuit. The fact is the production team are incredibly selfish. They want to cash in on a human being, which is just disgusting. Do they really think for a second that they can win this?!

I have news for all of you jealous kids that didn't attend Yale and Harvard... The real world will indeed take their word over a stupid production team. If they don't, then they have absolutely zero intelligence, just like most celeb wannabes.

2066 days ago


IF it was mercury from bad sushi then he was right to leave, If it was because he didn' t like the play then shame on him. i know someone who has been battling mercury poisoning for almost 5 yrs. once that stuff gets in you it takes years to get better. you have real good days where you can function, but more likely than not you have bad days where you can't get out of bed.

2066 days ago
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