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"Lost" Diary -- Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

2/26/2009 4:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jeremy BenthamIt's Daniel from TMZ here, welcome back to another edition of the "Lost" Diary.

I've written several times about how there are certain instances when I am more excited for "Lost" than others -- a season premiere, a season finale, the episode after a great episode, and the episode after a bad episode. I am officially adding a new one to the list -- when the title of the episode just sounds cool. You can't tell me when you looked at the channel guide and saw "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" you didn't go, "Oooooh, this is gonna be good."

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes: I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way. Back at Ari's house tonight with Lauren and Marisa. Let's roll ...

9:00 -- Interesting. We're starting with the guy from the airport last week. I knew we weren't done with him. Friend of Mr. Bentham, perhaps?

9:02 -- Apparently his name is Caesar.

9:03 -- "My name is John Locke." Ok, best I can figure it out, Caesar and the rest of these people are survivors of the Ajira plane crash. The Oceanic 6 seem to have landed somewhere on the island away from the plane and the rest of these people. I am guessing the rest of the episode will play out like last week -- we'll see how Locke and Caesar ended up on the plane and on the island. Buckle up!

9:07 -- We're on the beach and John is talking with Alana. Caesar and Alana are like an ethnic Jack and Kate.

9:08 -- "I think this suit is what they were going to bury me in." -- Locke

9:09 -- Ok, now it's flashback time. I could do without Locke puking, but whatever. I would imagine off the island Locke can't walk ... again.

9:10 -- Yup, he's still laying there. That is, until the terrorists from the beginning of "Back to the Future" come and grab him.

9:11 -- The return of Abaddon. Nice.

9:12 -- The doctor just set Locke's leg. Had to hurt.

9:13 -- And now it's Charles Widmore. Is there anyone NOT in this episode?

9:14 -- Widmore tells Locke they met when hewas just 17 and, eventually, Widmire became leader of the Others (aka his people). Widmore was exiled by Ben and that's how Ben took over.

9:15 -- "There's a war coming, John. And if you're not back on the island when that happens, the wrong side is going to win." -- Widmore. Alright, you really have to ask yourself right now -- WHO is the bad guy in all this? Is it really Widmore?

9:19 -- "I haven't tried to kill you. Can you say the same for him?" -- Widmore. Well, when you put it that way ...

9:20 -- If I get more than five minutes of Abaddon time tonight, I am going to be thrilled.

9:22 -- Locke's first destination is Santo Domingo and I am guessing, based on the photo from before, he is going for Sayid first.

9:23 -- Sayid, understandably, is not interested in going back. I am willing to guess Locke is going to be hearing a lot of that in this episode.

9:24 -- Yup, apparently they are bringing everyone back tonight -- it's Walt.

9:25 -- Walt has been having dreams about Locke, wearing a suit, and surrounded by people who want to hurt him. Foreshadowing?

9:26 -- Aaaand there goes Walt. Really? That's it? That's all we get.

9:27 -- "You're 0 for 2, Mr. Locke." -- Abaddon

9:28 -- Ben is following Locke around. No one lurks better than Ben.

9:31 -- Ha! Hurley thinks Locke is dead.

9:32 -- "Am I talking to a dude in a wheelchair right now?" -- Hurley

9:33 -- Locke sucks at this whole "getting people to want to come back to the island with him" thing.

9:34 -- "I help people get to where they need to get to." -- Abaddon. What, like a cab driver?

9:35 -- "The answer is no." -- Kate. That was fast.

9:36 -- Blah, blah, blah. Yada, yada, yada. She ain't coming. Next!

9:37 -- R.I.P. Helen.

9:38 -- R.I.P. Abaddon? NOT COOL!!!!!!!!!!

9:39 -- Shocker -- Locke's a shitty driver.

9:45 -- "We're supposed to go back." -- Locke. This should be good.

9:46 -- "Maybe you're just a lonely old man that crashed on an island." -- Jack. That was harsh.

9:47 -- "Your father says hello." -- Locke.

9:48 -- Who's ready for a good old fashioned suicide? Yeah, let's do this!!!

9:49 -- There is no way I'd hang myself if I decided to end it all. After a lengthy debate, we've all decided the "carbon monoxide thing" is the way to go. Yes, we just had a minute-long debate about the best way to kill oneself.

9:50 -- Knock, knock.

9:51 -- Ben killed Abaddon. I don't know who to trust anymore!!!!!

9:52 -- Something just occurred to me after listening to Ben ramble on -- the only reason why we know/think Locke committed suicide is because Ben and Mrs. Hawking told us that. Not exactly the most trustworthy people, are they?

9:54 -- Yup, here we go ...

9:55 -- R.I.P. Jeremy Bentham. Why is it Ben turned as soon as Locke mentioned Eloise Hawking? Weird, right?

10:01 -- Ben is working diligently to make Locke's death look like a suicide.

10:02 -- "I'll miss you, John. I really will." -- Ben. The next time Locke sees Ben, it is so on!

10:03 -- Caesar is telling John that some people (the O6) just flat out disappeared. Some, meanwhile "got hurt." Who will be among those injured? Gotta be someone shocking. I am going with either Ben or Desmond.

10:04 -- "He's the man that killed me." -- Locke. Ben it is.

Ok -- I have a lot of things I want to go over, so here they are, in no particular order.

Why did Ben kill Locke and why did he kill him when he killed him?
Ben talked Locke out of killing himself, only to strangle him two minutes later. He seemed to flip the switch right when Locke mentioned Mrs. Hawking. Why? Ari and I debated this for like 30 minutes afterward and here are our two theories:

-- 1) Ben killed Locke because once he learned about Mrs. Hawking, he didn't need him anymore. I don't buy this theory for one reason -- I can't believe Ben didn't know who Mrs. Hawking was or what she was capable of doing. I just feel like he should have known that at that point. We don't know the full nature of Mrs. Hawking and Ben's relationship, so I guess it's possible.

-- 2) Ben killed Locke because he didn't want anyone to know who Mrs. Hawking was or what she was capable of. This is the one I like. Mrs. Hawking probably works in secret and very few people know of her. Once Ben found out Locke knew about her, he needed to "contain" it. The thing I don't like about this theory is this -- Ben is trying to contain the Mrs. Hawking thing (probably especially from Widmore). But Widmore and Mrs. Hawking were on the island together and probably have a kid together (Farraday). Can you tell I am beyond confused?

Bad vs. good vs. ... ?
So as I mentioned, I am wondering who is good and who is bad between Widmore and Ben. And somewhere along the line I thought of this -- Doesn't Locke's relationship with Widmore in this episode remind you of his relationship with his father? I am now totally operating under the theory that Widmore is screwing over Locke.

But then there is this -- Ben has tried to kill Locke twice now. So maybe the question isn't who is the good guy between Ben and Widmore -- but between Ben, Widmore and Locke?

John Locke is, as far as the island goes, the only good guy.

Oceanic Flight 815 vs. Ajira Airways Flight 316
I've also been thinking of the parallels between these two plane crashes. The O6 were on Ajira Airways Flight 316 for a reason -- to get back onto the island. Were the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 on that particular flight for a reason -- besides fate? Was there someone in the background orchestrating this? Was the entire "purpose" of the Oceanic plane crash to bring Christian back to the island?

Minor prediction -- we'll get a pre-Oceanic Flight 815 flashback that explains a little more about that flight.

I give tonight's episode a B -- I really enjoyed it and I can understand how some people would like it more than last week's episode, but it wasn't as good for me. This feels like one of those episodes that will be good once we fill in a few more gaps.

Here is my question to you this week -- If you had to pick a side (think kickball) whose side would you go on: Ben or Widmore?

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Just when I had finally come over to the dark side and decided to trust Ben....he kills Locke. Widmore I would never trust, but then I said the same thing about Ben. I love this show!

2028 days ago


Flight 316....a reference to John 3:16? Sending the son (Locke) back to the island to save those who believe in him?

2028 days ago


Widmore's side. Ben's waaay too untrustworthy (more than Charles).

2028 days ago


I'd say Ben over Whidmore ONLY because I LOVE Desmond and even Penny can't stand her own father...atleast Alex had some love for Ben...Whidmore is not as creepy as Ben so it makes me think he isn't trustworthy because he seems too normal...

2028 days ago


Loved the episode of LOST last night! I like Locke a lot. I know people think he's weak and strange, but I don't. I believe he is a man looking for Faith and Reason and Understanding. I also believe the island holds Locke's faith as a "good person" with mystical powers beyond comprehension. Not sure who I would trust between Ben (Love Michael Emerson!!!) and Widmore. Both seem to have hidden agendas and be evil. Like the rest of my fellow LOSTIES I need more answers. I'm so confused. I also enjoyed Matthew Abbadon coming back. Shame he didn't last too long...or will be come back also?!!!

2028 days ago

Kitty Angel    

I get dizzy just going back and forth between Ben being a "good" guy and then back to him being a "bad" guy! Love your insights to each episode and enjoy the .... "oh I didn't think of that" reaction I get after your input.

2028 days ago


dude ive been reading ur lost postings for a while, and sometimes ur right on...but sometimes ur way off the way u said "apperntly locke met widmore when he was 17" or however u worded it, u made it sound like that was a shock to u honeslty not remember that episode that they met????? and as for ben killing locke...think about it...bens trying to get back to the island for whatever reason...and if locke goes to see hawking, he wont need bens help anymore...thats y ben killed abadon too...thats y ben flipped the switch when locke mentioned hawking...HAWKING DOESNT TRUST BEN...and as for ben...hes supposed to be badass...hes supposed to be jason y the hell would he wipe down everything WITH WINDEX, or whatever it was...yea hes trying to make it look like a suicide, but when the cops discover that theres a cleaning agent all over EVERYTHING and no finger prints whatsoever (like lockes...cuz they should be there) they are going to know some1 is covering something up...ben wouldnt make that mistake...EVER

2028 days ago


God that Ben is so duplicitous ..I would be more inclined to go with theory # 2 about why Ben killed Locke but it still eats at me because Ben made this big deal about how special he is boy that really messed my head up ..Also I was thinking that Faraday's mom was the lady that was pointing the gun at him when he was stuck in 1957 i think a few episodes back when he was going to try to diffuse that bomb, the lady that Desmond visited in the hospital

2028 days ago


Widmore and Ben had half their faces shaded we they met last year doesn't that kind of mean something like a bit of good and bad in each.

2028 days ago


so I am thinking Ben's side. There has to be some reason that he killed Locke. Maybe he knows that Locke will be brought back to life on the island and maybe he has to be dead for the trip to the island to work. This also brings up the point: when Jack saw his dad frequently on the island, was he really alive???

2028 days ago


By the way the performances of the actors that play Ben and Locke (too lazy to look their names up) were just incredible, they are really amazing actors and they make this show so great

2028 days ago


Definitely side with Widmore although someone did have a point about penny and her father not getting along. I feel thats strictly based on the relationship she has with desmond though which is irrelevant. Ben had ample opprotunity to kill Widmore when he appeared in his bedroom last season and said he would kill penny.
You cant ignore the fact that Ben tried to kill Locke once b4 by shooting him and leaving him for dead in the pool of Dharma skeletons and succeeded in this episode in strangling him to death.
Ben also knew that Jin did not want Sun back on the island and purposely told her he was still alive and even lied about how he got the ring.
Fun Fact #3 about Ben is that he lied directly to Jack when questioned about knowing that Locke committed suicide.

2028 days ago

crazy in lost    

Ok, I totally agree with number one reason why Ben killed Locke after he heard Mrs. Hawking's name but number two makes sense two. As for Ben getting hurt during the crash - The island didn't want him, he wasn't supposed to be there or he would have been taken (disappeared) like the others. And the original crash, someone was totally behind that.

2028 days ago


i honestly dont see how some of you people can enjoy this show when ur so totally wrong about ur insight...even about stuff that has already happened and they have already cleared up, u still dont get it...

and how about them playing up this religious overtone and the whole cs lewis thing...but i mean locke being resurected by the island, and jack being thomas the apostle (just to name 2 instances in the hundreds that have been made)

also, im gonna call this now...ben went to kill penny...desmond intervened and him and ben got into a fight (which is why ben was so tuned up last week) and desmond is going to sacrifice himself to let penny and baby charlie get away

2028 days ago


I think everyone pretty much knows thats why Ben was soo f*cked up...

Desmond intervened and is now going back to the island in order to kill Ben.

2028 days ago
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