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Joe the Plumber -- He's a Floater!

2/27/2009 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's been four months since Joe the Plumber became an overnight celebrity -- but the dude just won't go away.

Joe the Plumber: Click to watch
Despite our photog's belief his time in the spotlight was up, Joe -- aka Samuel Wurzelbacher -- was in D.C. on Thursday as a featured speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Plumbers are the new rock stars.


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2043 days ago



2043 days ago


He should shut his pie hole and GET A JOB!

2043 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

I'm toofastforyou's mother. "Norman, my tea is too cold. You know I hate it when you screw up. Now come over here and kiss my feet. If you know what's good for you, you'll do it and you'll do it now, you idiot! That's a good boy. Mother loves you."

2043 days ago


The funny and craziest thing about the 2008 election, was the lack of vetting McCain did with both Palin and this chump Joe The Plumber... Everything this guy preached about was a joke... he was on welfare several times, his parents where on welfare, he had a lien against his house, unpaid medical bills, unpaid taxes, no license to be plumber. I mean the list goes on and on. Someone please tell me how the heck where you going to obtain a loan to open up a business. Seriously. Sounds like he would have benefited from Obama's "spreading the wealth."

2043 days ago


"Tool" just about covers this guy. I can't believe the GOP trotted him out like some retarded show pony and actually expected him to win them votes. An embarrassment to plumbers everywhere..

2043 days ago


He's one of those crazies who ranted and raged about how Obama was going to raise his taxes and keep him from owning a business while at the same time relying the very types of 'social' benefits that seperates us from 3rd world countires such as unemployment and social security. He was so busy trying make Obama look bad that he failed to mention (or the republicans fail to see) that the guy is just a deadbeat. He's not a plumber and never was in a position to not only benefit from Bush's breaks for the wealthy but was never in a financial position to even start a business. Loser, Liar, Instigator ... stop pretending anyone cares what you have to say at this point and get a real job.

2043 days ago


Good job all you TMZ professional bloggers. He is more American than any of you losers. Are you jealous of him?

#6 I don’t see you talking about the vetting process of your buddy BO and the repeated tax evaders he kept trying to run our government.

You guys are Tools of TMZ. unemployed losers..

2043 days ago


Joe is a common sense AMERICAN. A working AMERICAN. One of the good people of this nation. NOT one of the inner city deadbeats who think (mistakenly) that Bammie PLANS TO give a free ride. In Fact obmoma is going to wreck this nation and ALL you nasty bad-mouthing far left lying liberals will eventually ALSO pay the bill. YES, the final bill WILL fall on you when the bottom gets here after obmama finishes off this great nation. ME? I was born in a democrats depression in 1933 and I will likely die in a democrats DEPRESSION, OBMAMAS 0WN CREATION. IF the wrecked democrat economy caused by barney frank and dodd in the housing fiasco does not get you one of obmama's terrorist friends might. NO, they don't care if you are anti Bush or not, they just want to separate your head from the rest of your liberals bod. Recessions and depressions come and go, usually about every 40-50 years. This one is going to be a dandy due to the mishandling of obmama and his socialist-Marxist friends. ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE.

2043 days ago


He should make a Porn video with OctoMom!!

2043 days ago


IRS... come get this moron!!

2043 days ago

Proud American    

A speaker? Really?! What the hell are the conseratives thinking? No one's shocked at what conseratives do anymore, but I want to know what idiot thought this one up!!

2043 days ago

Vick Fan    

Hey you mean more American by not paying his taxes, going on welfare and running an unlicensed business? Or do you mean more American by being a piece of white trash who eats ketchup sandwiches and sleeps with his sister?

2043 days ago


This guy is great. He still stands up for what he believes in! Instead of looking for handouts from the DAMocrats, he just wants to work. Now, all you lazy non-working folks go line up for your federal handouts.

2043 days ago

Lenn K.    

#10 Jake, the problem you have people see Obama as a god not just a man. They think just like the people of Chicago that someone own them something.

2043 days ago
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