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Model Falls, Gets Up, Files Lawsuit

2/27/2009 10:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You shouldn't be allowed to sue over a video this funny -- but alas, someone is.

Sarah Welch -- a model and former contestant on "The Bachelor" -- is suing several companies involved with the fashion show she worked at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood on October 18, 2007.

We found the lawsuit -- filed in Santa Monica earlier this month. Welch claims she suffered "great injuries to her body, shock and injuries to her nervous system" after she fell through a hole in the runway which was created by the performer who went on before her.

Welch is suing for negligence and is seeking unspecified damages.


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she has a right to sue. so what if she "should've been able to see it". the company or place holding the event should have either stopped the show (god forbid though!) or at least blocked that spot off. i'm betting no one told her hey there's a huge hole in the floor or pointed it out to her. or that she had the time to be watching what was going on while she was backstage. i'm sure if she'd known, she wouldn't have fallen through the hole. even if she's not hurt, she was humiliated. and this could have a lasting effect on her career. give the poor woman a break. lots of people sue for a hell of a lot less (anyone recall the judge who sued for millions of $$$ cuz the dry cleaners lost his freaking pants?)

2056 days ago

Queen of the Damned    

That hole was the size of Texas. Stevie Wonder could have seen it!!

2067 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Have a nice trip? See you next fall....

2067 days ago


They have to look straight ahead they can't look down. She didn't expect there to be a giant hole there. She should sue. I fell 20 years ago and to this day I'm still on pain meds, getting EDS injections and surgeries. If she is really hurt than they need to pay.

2067 days ago

dominican hottie    

i feel bad for her but it was funny lol

2067 days ago


Oh purlease...the hole was huge! Serves her right for not looking wheres she's going!

2067 days ago

Capt Jack    

All you folks that are blaming the model are idiots. If this happened to you, you would be on the phone to your lawyer before you got out of the hospital. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

2067 days ago


So I'm guessing most of you haven't seen Top Model..

They aren't supposed to look down when they walk. I agree she should sue, but she should of finished the walk!

2067 days ago


It wasn't funny until the slow-motion replay audio OOOOOHHhh NNOOOOooo! LOL

2067 days ago

Queen of the Damned    

6. All you folks that are blaming the model are idiots. If this happened to you, you would be on the phone to your lawyer before you got out of the hospital. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Posted at 9:34AM on Feb 27th 2009 by People Need To Get A Life

And if it happened to me, I would not have waited more than a year to sue.

2067 days ago


That's ridiculous! It's obvious nobody bothered to inform her that the last act had created a hole in the walkway. And that is one flimsy-ass catwalk that can't handle a small asian man falling on it.

2067 days ago

Queen of the Damned    

Did the Asian man sue?

2067 days ago


If she really got hurt and is still hurt then she's entitle to something. BUT, I remember her from The Bachelor and she had no problem lying about different things to get what she wanted. She had a sense of entitlement, whether it was right or not. Her 'rotation' was a source of lots of jokes (she had one guy that was allowed to date her every wed, another every thu. And guys were asking if they could join her rotation of 7 different guys every week). She was very, very unliked - and for a good reason. I suspect this is just another thing to extend her 15 min. of 'fame'

2067 days ago


That's pretty cool that they had the Shoalin monks there to perform before or in between the models. lol, did they just frame & sheet rock that walkway without building any supports into it? Well, you get what you paid for...

Regardless, that still seems like a pretty huge hole in the floor to have missed entirely.

2067 days ago


She should sue!! You don't expect a big ass hole to be on the runway while you're modeling. As previous people have stated, you're not supposed to look down. They should have stopped the show once they saw that man make the hole. That is soo embarrassing, but funny in slow motion.

2067 days ago
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