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Rihanna and Chris Brown

Back Together!

2/28/2009 6:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

back-together-1What is she thinking?!

The story just broke on and TMZ has confirmed, the couple has reconciled and they are "together." According to the report, the two are hanging at one of Diddy's homes.

The L.A. County D.A. is expected to get the case from cops soon and then decide whether to charge Brown for the alleged beating earlier this month.


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I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

Who's surprised by this?

2063 days ago


Carry your pepper spray girl or invest in a taser

2063 days ago


OMG ----WHY???? It looks like it's going to take a 2nd beating to realize this is a mistake. I fear next time she may not survive to learn the lesson.

2063 days ago

Send My Kids To College!!    

So, when he beats her next time, and I'm almost positive there WILL be a next time...will she be in the ICU, or will she be in the grave?

2063 days ago


Rihanna, honey... I know you're young... but trust me, if they've beat you once, they'll beat you again. And it will probably be worse. It doesn't matter what they say... how they plan to change, etc. They do it again. They may not mean to, but does that really matter when you're facing his fists once again? Even if you love him, step away. Love yourself more. Please.

2063 days ago


Let's hope she gets knocked around harder next time so that she'll know to leave him.

2063 days ago


If shes that dumb, then they deserve each other.

2063 days ago


omg, you guys have it right "what is she thinking" getting back together sends the wrong message to both chris brown's and rihanna's fans, all these kids and teens that look up to them will one day forget this whole thing but will always remember that its ok to beat up on your girlfriend or boyfriend and that its ok to be the one to get beaten up.

2063 days ago


Not surprised. This was TOTALLY coming.

2063 days ago


Kanani... no not once a abuser always a abuser. that is not always true. there are men and women who have abused their significant other once and have never done it again. we always hear about the people who continue the abuse but we never hear about those who stop the abuse. it does happen, and this may be one of the times it does happen. and don’t try to say it never happens because it does.

2063 days ago


How convenient...right before his court date, He is just trying ro save his azz. He does not love her because ABUSERS are not capable of love. But, hey, what do you expect with no one coming out against what he did and only saying how wonderful Chris Brown still is. Listen to Martina McBride...Concrete Angel, beauiful song about abuse.

2063 days ago


She can kiss her career goodbye now, Rihanna, just ask whitney houston how being with Bobby brown helped her career. Wait...Chris Brown, Bobby there a connection here?

2063 days ago


The girl is lost, confused and needs direction. too many people in her ear. I feel for her.

2063 days ago


He's going to kill her, and I'm sorry, but I won't shed a tear. If she's dumb enough to go back to that situation, regardless of how much she's infatuated with him (it's not love), then she deserves whatever she gets from this point. It's very sad. What a terrible example for her fans...

2063 days ago


Doesn't this young lady have someone close to her giving any good advice at all? It is OBVIOUS she cannot make her own decisions properly!
And what is with you stupid females that "love" these pieces of crap that do this sort of stuff to you?
If you are going to be that goofy...We think you deserve everything you get past the first time!
And for you punks that think this is how you keep a lady in line...Our site is in our name...Come and see us and we will talk about it...

2063 days ago
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