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Ann Coulter -- Private Dancer

3/1/2009 5:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently there's not a lot of food in the evil cave where Ann Coulter burrows.

Ann Coulter: Click to watch!
Now a full-fledged stick figure, Ann had the audacity to take bragging rights away from Tina Turner in the leg department.

In the meat department, she comes up zero.


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I cannot stand this woman...she never has anything nice to say...... ever!........ Crude, angry, deranged and is always on the defence! She belongs in the same class as Rush and Sean Hannity! Three very unhappy people....I feel for their families!

2070 days ago


Ann is an intelligent woman with common sense that is NOT AFRAID to tell you whining liberals how wrong you are. And she is right about the whining liberals. Anything government GIVES YOU

2070 days ago


29. Ok, we do not consider Ann to be evil because she is conservative, but because she IS evil. She doesn't go out and talk about the typical conservative politics, such as less government. She makes fun of the 9/11 widows, John Edward's dead child, and calls all liberals "Godless". She says all Muslims need to be forcibly converted to Christianity. There are many more, but I get sick just thinking about her. She claims to be Christian, but I'd sure hate to think of what Christ thinks about the hate that pours from her mouth. So before you go pointing the finger and telling us to be more tolerant, perhaps you should point that finger at her.

Posted at 8:47AM on Mar 1st 2009 by Eowyn22

Bravo...excellent post, and very true!

2070 days ago


Ann is an intelligent woman and is NOT AFRAID to tell you whining liberals how wrong you are. Takes guts in today's world to stand up to the ME FIRST, LIBERAL CROWD, all demanding that government GIVE ME, GIVE ME, GIVE ME, GIVE ME, GIVE ME. That is all that the whining liberals know. That government must GIVE ME. I don't have to work for myself, I don't have to manage my own affairs, and most of all I don't want the government to spend one dollar keeping us safe from foreign terrorists since I love them all and we must "just get along", and besides then the government can give that dollar to ME, ME, ME, ME, AND ME. Ann knows all about you whining liberals and is NOT AFRAID TO TELL YOU SO. Don't you just hate that when she is RIGHT, CORRECT, ON THE MONEY ALL THE TIME.

2070 days ago


PRAY for her? Are you fricking crazy? I'll prayer this waste of oxygen dies a slow painful death, while being sodomized by numerous people.

2070 days ago


Ann you rock! we are a huge fan of yours. You tell it like it is and it makes people have to look at themselves and they don't like it.I wish I had a brother to introduce you to to make you even more a member of our family. We all here love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Keep up the great work!!!!!

2070 days ago


This is a sick person. Her eating disorder has clearly affected her brain. She appeals to people who want their hatred of others rationalized for them. These are not people who are good at thinking for themselves.

2070 days ago


She's skinny because she's a crack head!!!! Nobody behaves the way she does because she's so busy getting high and that's why she can't remember what she even has in her books while she is on the shows that she's on. Why anyone will support her by buying her books with such ridiculous things in it like "Chris Matthews (MSNBC) wants to have sex with Barack Obama" that is stupid and uncalled for.

As long as she does not give ideas for solutions to all of her ridiculous complaints I will always snubbed her no matter how many channels I turn to and she is on there for some reason, why would you have to go on the same shows 5 to 10 times in one month promoting the same book? She should have called it Guilty.......How I am such a crack head, I have no one else to blame my stupidness on but the LIBERALS.

2070 days ago


To LMS: the only intolerant hypocrites are you liberals: you just can't stand anyone having an opinion opposite your own. It makes you crazy.

2070 days ago

allen antrim    

When taking pictures of girls legs I demand that you get clearer shots or fire the photographer--how am I to judge such things in a grainy shot?

2070 days ago


This piece of S*#t needs to be put down asap!!!! PERIOD!!!!
And you dumba#*es that listen and understand and believe her deserve even worse!!!!

2070 days ago

Ladies Love Cool James    

Ann Coulter is an UNDENIAB LE genius. I would love to see one single person debate that woman in public, on camera. In fact, let's see Ann debate Obama. It would be a blood-bath with Obama reduced to a melting puddle on the floor.

2070 days ago


She's delusional and obviously suffers (my unprofessional opinion) from some sort of mental illness. She sabotages hereself constantly. Who do you know in their right mind would say things to deliberately make people feel bad and isolate themselves with her comments just for the sake of being controversial? That's weird. There are some controversial types out there who are very outspoken, but they believe what they are saying, I don't believe she does. She was engaged a while back to someone who said that she constantly insulted his friends and family. When they were engaged he said he was dealing with it. Obviously not well because they are no longer engaged.

2070 days ago

Trooper Tom    

She waants to hope those legs don't snap and stick in her ass like a cheese ball

2070 days ago

Ladies Love Cool James    


I don't believe that you believe what you are saying.

2070 days ago
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