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Will Brown Be Charged with Beating Rihanna?

3/1/2009 5:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now that Rihanna has apparently decided to forgive Chris Brown for that unfortunate beat down, the burning question is whether Chris will beat the rap.

Rihanna and Chris Brown
Here's the lowdown. We're hearing the case will be turned over to the Los Angeles County D.A. next week, and a decision should be made soon thereafter on whether to file criminal charges against him. The two most likely charges: Making criminal threats and domestic violence.

As for a possible criminal threats charge, we think it's now less likely the D.A. will file because of Rihanna's change of heart. First of all, sources tell us the main reason he was arrested for this is because he allegedly told Rihanna something to the effect of, "I'm going to kill you." It's a terrible thing to say, but lots of people say it in the heat of battle, so it's thin to begin with. Add to that -- Rihanna may well testify she never believed he meant it and the case looks a bit lame.

Domestic violence is a whole other thing. When the jury sees the pictures of a clearly battered Rihanna, it's probably more powerful than any testimony she'd give. In fact, if she were to get on the stand and say she started the fight or somehow deserved it, it would not ring true ... especially because he was hardly the worse for wear when he was busted.

And there's this ... given the picture, it's going to be a tough call not to prosecute Brown.

Finally, we're told more than half of the D.A.'s domestic violence cases involve women who have either recanted their stories or have gotten back together with the alleged abuser.

We think a decision could come down sometime next week.


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I can't believe this is even being debated. Whoever did it needs to be charged. The end.

2001 days ago


Likely Chris will get a slap on the wrist.. The investigation is all messed up. Their star witness will not cooperate. They said he hit her with a weapon. There never was a weapon. She had to hit the dash board her bruses are lined up perfectly . Fist marks are bigger. Why would you be with some one that wants to kill you. You see when you try cases like this you have to have all the facts and all the evidence to match up to it. He probably will end up on probation. this is his first offence and thats the way the law works.. They didn't have no witness's in front of them.. Only some one who called 911 when they were arguing.

2001 days ago


As a Caribbean woman, I am deeply disappointed by Rihanna's decision to get back with Chris Brown. We hold her up as a model for many young women in the region to emulate. Shame on you Rihanna.

2001 days ago


This boy needs to go to jail. Why did she forgive him? What is wrong with her that she somehow feels this was acceptable? She needs counciling and he needs jail, end of story!

2001 days ago

Big Bear    

Chris does not deserve to go to jail!! Rihanna took him back so she must have been somewhat at fault. Women who take back abusers deserve what they get!!! What woman in her right mind would believe a guy when he says I love you. The other crap the guy gives the woman is I will never do it again or some other excuse. Women who have children believe the bull story that we must stay together for the children. ha ha ha. Who would believe that???

2001 days ago

flaming homo    

Damnit!! I was looking forward to tapping that booty!! C'mon DA prosecute!!

2001 days ago

flaming homo    

This is the only person you Cari-beans can come up with as arole model? DAYUM!!

2001 days ago

flaming homo    

I'd smack the ho too! Keep a btch in her place y'know. G's up - Ho's down..way down.

2001 days ago


To number 1, Are U fricken crazy! Nothing like standing up for someone who beat on woman! GO YOU! Rihanna should just end it while she can, once an abuser, always an abuser.

2001 days ago


Rihanna is the next Dominique Dunne.

2001 days ago

Sasha Fierce    

This fool needs to be sent to jail. If she started the fight, that does not excuse his beating the crap out of her face. She needs to go Sasha Fierce on that jerk. He didn't put a ring on it, she needs to move on. All her drivel about taking a bow has turned out to be nonsense. I am very disappointed in both of them. I hate Chris Brown now, and I won't be supporting either of their albums.

2001 days ago


all i have to say is I TOLD U SO!! THIS IS THE 21ST CENTURY IKE & TINA

2001 days ago

smarter than rihanna    

I think its very entertaining : ) If she likes her face looking messed up thats her issue....I bet he couldn't do that to a grown man....the thing I love most about this is that there still together : ) I'm just going to keep watching t.v and wait for the next celeb issue...Thank you dumb rich people for making t.v so funny : )

2001 days ago

Newfie chick    

An abused woman is usually a warm, accommodating, giving and loving woman, which Rihanna certainly seems to be; whereas the abuser is a coward that is angry at the world, afraid of life in general, and hates himself. People condemn Rihanna for taking Chris back, but what you don't realize is that abusers are very coy (outwardly very friendly, popular, charming, and confident) and when things are normal they tend to be awesome. An abused woman is usually threatened and afraid of retaliation if they leave and combined with the fear and anxiety of being beaten, Rihanna's judgment is probably diminished right now. More than likely she also has a fierce desire that there will be a change in Chris' behavior. Domestic abuse and violence shame and humiliate all women, we should not disparage Rihanna by thinking she is masochist and likes beatings, but should in fact lobby for Chris to be charged for his crime and get the counseling he needs.

2001 days ago

kendra joy bethune    

no comment i am greatly insuted a male escort got on my personal page on my space i used to know a guy who almost had the chance to abuse me i stopped that years ago on my 16th birthday that was not getting it abuse is never cool i'm in favor of r hianna dumping chris brown. i think the jonas bros. are not that mean sprited how much more do you need to see you have the picture of rHiananna don't play this game kendra b

2001 days ago
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