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Britney Carts Kids Before Concert

3/2/2009 10:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears tooled around New Orleans yesterday on a golf cart with her little boys, Sean Preston and Jayden James, holding on for the ride.

Tomorrow is opening night of her concert tour. K-Fed is there, always on the ready to accept the kiddie handoff from Brit as she goes on stage -- cause he's getting $5K a week from her!


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laughs at Obama voters    


2058 days ago


Oh my, she has them dressed in pink with there long hair. round two for Brit and another 5150.

2058 days ago

The Dude    

Yes, Any news on her vajajay? ..Will she be wearing pants?

2058 days ago


Good job brit. Promote your concert. Be sure to spend so time with your phot-ops, I mean boys. Wonder if she knows which is sean preston and which is jayden james?

2058 days ago


Why do I never see her holding Sean Preston??? He isn't that much bigger that Jayden. Her mom or someone is always holding Sean in pictures. It is odd and makes me think she favors Jayden over Sean.

2058 days ago


Yay!! I may be the only one but I will be there!!

2058 days ago


You know what. I can not understand why everyone keeps giving Kevin Federline such a hard time. At least he kept the boys and takes care of them. So what if he gets money from Britney. If Britney had or wanted full custody of those kids, she would want child support. Probably not for the kids, but to keep Federline close. I think its great that he cares. Those kids are photo ops for Britney. And yes, Kevin does get pictured with the children too. Maybe if the pap-paps would leave them alone and concentrate on someone else occasionally, we wouldn't see this every day. Im just sayin'....Give Kevin a break.
Britney wants him there. Not for the kids. For herself.

2058 days ago


Who in the hell is going to her concerts?? I'm stunned she could even sell 10 tickets!

2058 days ago


If Kevin is there, they SHALL go out together with their children, as much as they possibly can, for

2058 days ago


Look at her, going out in public as if she has some value as a human being. Just walking around like she was never carted off on a gurney to the loony bin. The public will never forget how you blew off court honey, to drive around and flash your crotch and walk into filthy public restrooms barefoot. You can try and pretend you are normal all you want...we all know you are still crazy as a s**t house rat. You can't sing, never could. You need to be locked far away from Kevin's kids. You are tabloid fodder, nothing more. The world laughs at you.

2058 days ago


Keven must be so embarrassed to have ever been married to this slob....

2058 days ago


La #12---You could have sent me the $$$ you wasted on tickets, instead of flushing it down the toilet, you dumb beeyotch!

2058 days ago

Gee wizzzzz    

I couldn't care less if she pays him 1 million dollars a week, the fact remains that she is one lucky woman to have the father of her children step up to take responsibility for raising their children. Of course it costs money to raise kids and paying child support to the custodial parent is the norm and the law. Due to her high profile life these children must be protected from freaks and potential kidnappers and that costs money. And regardless of whether they live with her or him they are HER children and they are entitled to the lifestyle that SHE can afford to give them, whether at her house or his. I am personally proud to see a man any man put his children first and take responsiblity for them, these boys should be proud of their father for he has done something many men don't do, and that is stand up to fight for them. Good job and kudos to the spears family for stepping up to take care of britney and put out the raging fire that was surely going to kill someone someday.

2058 days ago


Does #13 have a personal vendetta against Britney? Why live in the past regarding Britney's behaviour? She's changed and that's the main thing. She's obviously a devoted mom to her kids. People like to drag out what she did before and that isn't relevant to how she is now. People make mistakes as Britney has. But she's obviously learned from those mistakes and done a 360. She has enough hit songs to carry a live concert and she's been working hard to pull it off successfully. Good luck Britney!

2058 days ago

Mike Hunt    

Why must these 2 little white-trash mugwumps always be referred to with first and middle names? Their heredity insures a life of drugs, alcoholism, sloth and prison

2058 days ago
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