Ed McMahon Struggles for Survival

3/2/2009 2:04 PM PST
Ed McMahon is in bad shape in ICU with pneumonia, bone cancer, and other medical problems. There are reports Ed only has days left. Here's a statement we just got from Ed's publicist, Howard Bragman. Take it at face value or read between the lines.

"I'm not a medical doctor, I'm a spin doctor, so I'm not able to give a diagnosis here. But, what I can tell you is this: I've seen many people come up to Ed over the years and say, 'You were a Marine.' Ed would look them in the eye and say, 'I AM a Marine.' What that means for his current medical challenges is the same thing it's meant for every challenge he's ever faced in life. It means he's a fighter -- not a quitter. It means he's confronting it head-on with strength, courage and dignity. I would ask that those who care about Ed say a prayer, remain hopeful and send their good wishes, because Colonel McMahon is still fighting the good fight. Ed, his family, and friends are looking forward to celebrating his 86th birthday Friday."