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Judge Says Tyrese Has to Pay the Rent

3/2/2009 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tyrese GibsonTyrese Gibson's 10-month marriage is starting to cost him dearly.

A judge today ordered Gibson to fork over $65,000 to his estranged wife Norma. In addition, he'll shell out $6,230/month in support, pay her rent ($2,730) and make her car payments ($800). But don't worry -- the judge ruled Tyrese can write off the rent and car payments!

It's all temporary -- she's contesting the prenup.


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This is what happens when people become lovers before they become friends. No doubt, had they taken the time to get to know each other, this probably would have had either a different ending or a different beginning. When one becomes rich, or rich and famous, and chooses unwisely, these things are sure to happen..

2020 days ago


damn that golddigging woman i love tyrese n he doesn't deserve this shame on u ho'

2017 days ago

hello goldie    

You get what you pay for, a hot mess. He is equally to be blamed for the mess he is in currently. All that glitter is not gold. If you pick a person based on looks, bed activity and no class but is great eye candy, you have no one to blame but yourself.

You make good money but yet have unprotected sex and the result is "a child" you pay where you play. The pre-nup was too restrictive and that is why the judge granted what he did to the wife. His pre-nup basic stated "I'm rich and your not, so screw you" and his attitude probably came across the same way.

I agree girlfriend needs to get a job, which she did by marrying him "sucker". He just was not smart enough to get a better employment contract made for her. He needs to sue his lawyer for inadequate representation.

1947 days ago


Modern women are not worth marrying.

1976 days ago

i still hate retards    

i hate women who think they have a right to their husbands' money, especially when they have been married for so short a time. and doubly especially when they have a pre-nup. get a job, and not one that entails trying to get a spot on the next episode of Millionaire's Club.

2027 days ago


It is legal stuff like this that makes women look bad. Does she seriously deserve $65K plus expenses for ten months of marriage? And what would possibly void the pre-nup? The point of a pre-nup is for everyone to be adult about who gets what in the case of a dissolution of marriage.

I have no idea what his soon-to-be-ex-wife does for a living, but I doubt the marriage hurt her ability to earn. Furthermore, $65K for ten months is good money for any kind of job.

Move on, honey. It's his money, not yours.

2027 days ago


She doesn't deserve this money. She needs to go out and get a job.

2027 days ago

archie mensah    

why do women fight for equal rights and yet they cannot stand on their on two jimmy choo shoes,they have the right of our children,house,money and our heart,it makes marriage looks like prostitution for women,tyresse i pray you get justice.God bless you.

2027 days ago

Proud American    

I didn't even know he was married! Anyway, if they've been married for only 10 months, she's not entitled to more than she agreed to when she signed the pre-nup!

2027 days ago


Can you say Gold Digger.

2027 days ago

Eric in L.A.    

Where is Tom Leykis when you need him?

2026 days ago


Does he have to pay this stuff for the rest of his life? Wow, who ever said men and women get treated equally. BS

2026 days ago


isent this the same chick that call the cops on him last yr because he suppose to have assaulted her and the cops were looking for him? of course with Terese reputation of being a so called ladies player this is probably another heffer. Actually I dont think hes all that as far as his talent goes. Very much a B singer as well as
C actor. He hasnt Starred in anything and dont bring home near as much as Usher or Justin Timberlake. its a wonder he had 65grand..oh my bad..Transformers was a Big payday for all involved $$$$, with his lil bit role did pay him a little something something I suppose. and No I aint hating.because Hes about to Pay not me or the public, He's the one stupid enough to knock some skank up and now he has to pay..should have dated and used a condom and concetrated on his Career and becoming Hollywood sort after actor like Will Smith or even Justin Timberlake as far as music.. instead of knocking up and marring some skank that now wants half of the money He made and worked hard to get especially with the Little work for black actors in Hollywood.should b workin on his Craft. not making babies., dumb azz..hes the one stand to lose a lot of cash keepin her able working ass at home and in the end, end up divorcing him and spending His Money on another dude. LoL..forgetting all about Terese. way to go Terese.

2026 days ago


Gold digging at it's best!!

2026 days ago

Hot LATINA in Mex 08    

Who know he got married? Poor dude even with a pre-nup he's still getting screwed...boy karma is a biatch...

2026 days ago
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