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Jack Bauer's Happy Hour

3/4/2009 1:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Praise Chloe O'Brian he wasn't driving, because last night in NYC, Kiefer Sutherland seemed uncharacteristically friendly -- and a little out of it -- after a night at Kingswood.

Kiefer Sutherland: Click to watch


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I LUV KIEFER!!!!!    

I LUV KIEFER SUTHERLAND!!! HE IS THE SEXIEST MAN IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) and he seems like such a nice guy! im soooooooooo jealous of his girlfriend she is SUPER lucky!!

2051 days ago


Jack aka Keifer is my hero . . . .maybe we need to send him to Gitmo for a week or two. This would be a vacation for him plus we might send a message that the USA will not be threatened by anyone, PERIOD. I am afraid we have become a little to weak in the eyes of the world.

2060 days ago


This guy is GREAT !!! 24 ROCKS !!

Kiefer pled guilty fight off the hop to impaired last year; didn't make excuses, blame anyone else, say he was set up - blah,blah,blah. . .
Took it on the chin like a man - served his time and got on with his life. Exceleent role model. Too bad most of the other bimbos in Hollywood aren't like that.

2060 days ago

Lord Xenu    

Maybe is having a hangover after he had to give that riduculous Public Service Announcement after Monday episodes of "24" where the first woman president (resembling Hillary Clinton) was bitchsplapped by large burly version of Chris Brown who had invaded and captured the Whitehouse staff. Where he actually said this:

"Here at 24 we are committed to reducing our impact on climate change. We believe we can't solve this problem in 24 hours. By making energy-conscious decisions on our set, we are contributing to a solution. Please go to to learn more about how you can join 24 in helping solve the climate problem. "

2060 days ago


#3 your stupid! he is a alchoholic! he has not taken responsibility for that! he will end up like nick noltey sooner or later no career to go to. Alcholism does not discriminate and it does not disapear just because he took responsiblity for one stupid alchoholic stunt and he did it to get off!

he is just another loser drunk nothing more 24 rocks not because of him and he would be a fool to think he isn't easy to replace. I am sick of him it and I want him replaced on 24 ASAP!

2060 days ago


kiefer seem like a really nice man. I love 24. I wish him well.

2060 days ago

Lucie in the Sky with Diamonds    


Kiefer has to be the sexiest, friendliest & coolest guy EVER!! Now the girl he is with.......dunno about her. He could do better.

2060 days ago


Keifer, PLEASE, please, stop smoking!!!!!!!!!! We want you around for as long as possible! I'm so concerned about the health of smokers (I'm a ex-smoker myself - quit 28 yrs ago at age 25) because I've witnessed the last few years of several smokers & it was miserable, excruciating to see what they went through. Emphysema is not fun. They all died too soon - my dad, my aunt, my father-in-law and his sister .... My hubby smoked from age 12 to age 40, hopefully soon enough so that he won't have to endure the torturous last few years his dad did before he died. We don't want to miss out on all your talent when your an old guy playing interesting old guys! Please consider quitting!!!!!!

2060 days ago

KC in KC    

#4 you are lame!! Keiffer is a person, not merely a star. He happens to have a drinking problem, who doesn't from time to time, who doesn't, get over yourself. As for 24, he rocks it and it would not be the same with out him. He was a gentleman in this clip. Long live Jack!!!

2060 days ago


Jack Bauer = stud
Kiefer Sutherland = stud

2060 days ago


"Uncharacteristically Friendly"???

From the hundreds and hundreds of clips I've seen of Kiefer in the past, he's always been very friendly to both the paps and fans so I have no clue what you guys are talking about. I think you guys are confusing Kiefer with Jack Bauer!

2060 days ago


the keif man rocks!!

2060 days ago


Hey, Keifer's Canadian. His politeness is in his blood - he can't help it - we're all that way!!

2060 days ago


Kiefer is a very sweet guy who did his time without complaining and I think he rocks for that. People drink for different reasons and believe it or not some do just to be social. He is not an arrogant a_ _hole like most celebrities. Keep up the good work Kiefer. Love ya.

2059 days ago

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