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Live Coverage: Chris Brown's Court Date -- redirect

3/5/2009 8:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


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DOWN WITH CHRIS BROWN! LA, set an exampl for this country that domestic abuse WILL NOT be tolerated!

2025 days ago


The dude practicing is getting annoying...

2025 days ago


If she does not provide testimony against him she is not only an idiot (who will get no more sympathy from me) but will also become partially responsible for the next woman he beats up.

2025 days ago


Chris Brown is a no talent puzzy but he must of struck a chord (or something) with Rihanna. If she is planning to marry him get him to beat her again and then have him imprisoned, get his money in their divorce and then sue him in civil court as well then she's smart and he gets to get the same treatment he gave her while in prison (lots of unwanted sex and violence). If she thinks she deserves no better than this than sign her up for a Darwin award.

2025 days ago


Ive heard alot of people talk abt how we dont know what really happened. And thats true we dont know everything that happened in that car. However Rihanna didnt beat herself to a bloody pulp. The one good thing abt this is that she did make a statement to the police we have the pictures and we have Chris Brown running off before the cops showed up. We also have Chris Brown with no apparent injuries. If Rihanna is guilty of anything its having not enough self worth to realize that no one deserves to be beaten like that. If she had attacked Chris he could of easily defended himself enough to get out of the car and take a walk but for whatever reason he decided he was gonna beat the living tar out of her. Thanks god the cops were called because Rihanna may decide she deosnt want to press charges but since the cops already have her statement and the pictures they dont have to have her as a willing witness. If she denies what she said in the police report she can be charged with filing a false report and no way is her handlers gonna allow that to happen.
If you like Chris Browns music keep on liking it nothing will change that but have a little moral integrity to admit that abusers deserve to be held accountable no matter WHO THEY ARE

2025 days ago


I hope he is charged too...I am soooo disappointed that Rihanna decided (allegedly) to stick it out with someone who could do to her face what CB did...who cares about the pressure to save his career...he flushed that the moment he decided she was going to be a punching bag.

I feel uncomfortable even listening to his music now and I hope all his tween and teen fans have parents that talk to them about him and his actions.

2025 days ago

Fonzworth V. Brightly    

all of you poster's should get a clue...Chris Brown wont serve a day in jail...he may do a day for community service...and might have to sign an autograph for his presiding judge...But let's face it people....the wheels of justice grind really fine and even better when a few bearing's have been greased, and believe me Chris Brown has shelled out plenty of cash for this fiasco.
Don't any of you wife or girl friend beater's try this at home.."It's ONLY RESERVED FOR THE WELL TO DO AND THE FAMOUS"

2025 days ago


It's so fun to watch the "normal" people going by..

2025 days ago


@ Zoya...EXCELLENT! I totally agree!!!

2025 days ago

Stronger than Rihanna    

@ #24 - are you THAT stupid - "hel'll never do it again". Trust me, they ALWAYS do it again. Woman beaters are just as bad as child molesters. It's a sickness.
No one really knows the story? Really? I suppose Rihanna could have thrown he own face up against the window - bloodied herself just for the hell of it.
Chris Brown is a loser, and so is Rihanna if she really goes back to him.
What the hell does that say to all the women currently getting beat down? That it's ok? Really?

2025 days ago


that Extra correspondent is THE WORST....he has done the same two lines 100 times over. JUST READ, BITCH

2025 days ago

mr awesome    

they should put this riri beater in jail what a giant piece of crap he is...

2025 days ago


omg that news guy is getting on my nerves!!!!

2025 days ago


That guy must have the most boring job ever! talk about repetetive

2025 days ago


Well all this live feed showed me was the guy from Extra pretending to talk to Mario and doing numerous re-takes.
I always thought the show was lame.. it is now confirmed. Keep putting your makeup on!!

2025 days ago
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