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Mr. Pitt Goes to Washington

3/5/2009 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rockin' a three-piece suit, Brad Pitt hit the U.S. Capitol for his hot date with Nancy Pelosi today.

The 45-year-old superstar is in D.C. meeting with members of Congress to discuss Angelina, his movies charity efforts in New Orleans.


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Left broken wing    

White House daily events are now tabloid material.
We are doomed!

2026 days ago


screw him he ain't all that --he thinks he is but NOT!!!! Get a real job man-- Looks like him and his skank are creating a ZOO with all them kids....I am tired of hearing about him and his skank---can we move on--

2026 days ago


I'd love to hit that!!!!!

2026 days ago


It should be a crime to be ignorant. Celebritards shouldn't get to vote, they don't live like real people. I wish he would go live in communist China along with almost all of Celebrutards and government. They would all fit in nicely there......

2026 days ago


To The Base,

Typical uninformed kook. You can't support your argument with a single fact, just more empty, vague insults at Bush. The government isn't there to HELP you moron!! What you're thinking of is called C-H-A-R-I-T-Y, the same organizations that Obama is quickly destroying. Yeah, Bush allowed us to line our pockets with the money we E-A-R-N-E-D!! It's called having a job, try it some time. Not to have it stolen so it can be handed out to lazy, welfare accepting trash sitting around popping out babies they can't afford waiting on handouts. Destroying the economy, businesses, people that actually work and Capitalism won't help anybody, it'll only handicap this country. Socialism never works, it always fails. We tried it again in the 70's with Carter and he was ran out of town after four years just like this nut will be in '12. We were given a Reagan after that so hopefully we'll get another Reagan to fix all the damage the Socialist Obama is afflicting now. Just because you can't take care of yourself and need a Nanny doesn't mean the whole country should suffer due to your immaturity and worthlessness.

2026 days ago


Whatever happened to humility? Would they still do charity work if they couldn't announce it to the world?

2026 days ago
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