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The "Lost" Diary -- LaFleur

3/5/2009 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

lost actorDaniel from TMZ here, welcome back to another edition of the "Lost" Diary.

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes: I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way. Ari somehow ended up in Alabama this week, so I've decided to relax and fly solo tonight. Let's roll ...

9:02 -- Pardon me for a minute, while I lose my mind -- IT'S THE DAMN FOUR-TOED STATUE!!!!

9:03 -- And now it's gone. As Sawyer might say, "Son of a bitch!"

9:04 -- "Now what?" -- Jin. Great question my friend. Great question.

9:05 -- So it's three years later (three years later ... from when????) and we seem to be right in the middle of the Dharma Years. The three people in the hatch spot our old friend Horace on one of the monitors. Our most pressing question is this ... who is LaFleur?

9:06 -- "Son of a bitch." -- LaFleur/Sawyer. WTF is going on here? (Whenever I ask that question, you know "Lost" is good)

9:10 -- LaFleur/Sawyer and Enos/Miles are going off to corral Horace. Every time I think I have written the most ridiculous sentence, "Lost" and goes and makes me type another one.

9:11 -- Who is Amy going to be? Is it someone really named Amy -- or is it Juliet?

9:12 -- Nope, it's an actual Amy. Apparently Horace and Amy had a fight about Paul, who, at this point, could be anyone.

9:13 -- Faraday is not taking Charlotte's death very well. He keeps muttering, "I won't tell her" -- meaning he won't tell young Charlotte she has to go back to the island one day.

9:14 -- Beach. No beach. Beach. No beach. Beach.

9:15 -- On their way to the beach, gunshots ring out and Sawyer and Juliet take out the two "bad guys" and rescue the girl (most likely Amy).

9:16 -- "Who are you?" -- Amy. Why, I'm Jim LaFleur.

9:21 -- So Juliet seems to think the island is now in the 70s or 80s and our new friend Amy is highly intent on burying the two that they killed -- you know, because of the truce and all.

9:23 -- The return of the sonic anti-smoke monster fence. Good times. Not so much for Sawyer and the others -- they're out cold.

9:24 -- Amy is in labor, which isn't good since every woman on the island that gives birth dies. Luckily the new mechanic in town -- aka Juliet -- happens to be the fertility master.

9:26 -- Jin's English has gotten quite good over the last three years.

9:27 -- "It's a boy." -- Juliet. Is this child someone we know?

9:32 -- Alright, you gotta hand it to Sawyer -- he's spinning a tale about being shipwrecked on the island, so he invokes the Black Rock. Nice touch.

9:33 -- Horace wants to send everyone back on the sub -- which runs counter to Sawyer's plan of waiting around the island until everyone returns. Should be interesting to see how he convinces Horace that they're all "Dharma material."

9:34 -- Young Charlotte is going to drive Faraday completely over the edge.

9:36 -- The Dharma alarm is going off and everyone is running around frantically. This seems like a good opportunity for LaFleur to earn his job as head of security.

9:37 -- The ageless one has returned.

9:42 -- Richard is pissed because he thinks the Dharma people have broken the truce. Sawyer thinks he can defuse the situation.

9:43 -- Sawyer continues to play his cards just perfect -- he drops the Jughead and John Locke on Richard. He's coming up clutch this episode, that's for sure.

9:47 -- Sawyer's handling of Alpert bought them two more weeks on the island.

9:48 -- "Just give me two weeks. That's all I'm asking." -- Sawyer. He's quite the con man, isn't he?

9:50 -- So it looks like Sawyer and Juliet are now Mr. and Mrs. LaFleur. Is there a baby LaFleur in their brood?

9:57 -- "She's gone and she ain't never coming back." -- LaFleur/Sawyer. You sure about that?

9:58 -- LaFleur, I have Jin for you on line one.

10:00 -- So first it was Jack having to choose between Juliet and Kate -- now it's Sawyer.

I've said here many times that I think Sawyer has now become a useless character -- he killed the original Sawyer, case closed. So it was good to see Sawyer bounce back for the first time in awhile and actually be important.

Since Sawyer killed O.G. Sawyer, he has been reduced to making wisecracks and wandering around with a gun -- he's essentially become a blunt object and not much else. But with this episode, Sawyer has finally been reinserted into the essential fabric of the show. It reminded me of the Sawyer-centric episodes that showed how good he was at manipulating people -- but this time, for good.

I'm giving this episode a B+. Originally, I had this episode down as a B, but I decided to give it an uptick because this was a good episode that DIDN'T have Ben, Locke, Jack or Desmond in it at all. That's not easy to do.

So what's next? It's 1977 and Dharma is fully operational like the Death Star. There is a truce between Dharma and the Hostiles. Everyone is back on the island. Now what?

Here's what I am left to wonder -- are the Losties somehow going to change history between Dharma and the Hostiles? Can they even do that? There has to be a grand purpose to them being there at that time.

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LOST AGAIN, I think you are on to something. I felt when the baby (Faraday) was born, there was no threat of dying, except from breech. Juliet was afraid the baby would die. Remember when the Dharma "city" of homes was first shown, there were many children.
I think EVERYONE on the island either has previously been there or will return. Faraday is the child of Widmore and Mrs. Hawking. This makes Mrs. Hawking, AMY in this time zone. The reason Widmore cannot just go to Mrs. Hawking to go back to the island is because there is no good blood between them at this time. Maybe Amy was raped by Widmore when he was on the island.
Love the ideas you all post, I wouldn't miss the show or your comments. Hope I have added some food for thought.

2034 days ago


If the new baby is important, he could be Desmond. He is one of the characters that we know nothing about his parentage. The baby could be just be inconsequential, and was only born to show that babies could be born in 1977. If the baby had been a girl I would have bet bucks that it was Annie......who later befriends Ben....but alas no. The writers missed a good linkup there. The woman Horace was with at Ben's birth was never announced as his wife....just Olivia Goodspeed....probably his sister. Even though Ben is not on the island yet, I think he has been born, and Horace/Olivia was at the birth.

I also think that the change in Sawyer, is to show the self confidence and leadership emerging through the respect of Horace and the other Dharmanites. Once he got that monkey off his back by killing the original Sawyer, he was free to become someone else, and although he can still be the badboy, he also likes being the good hero, and the family man.

2031 days ago


I'm so upset that lost isn't on tonite, I want to know what happens after they go back to the camp and explain who they are. I also want to know who's the baby is, I don't think that's it's Ben, or Faraday they both look older than that. And where Locke is with Ben. Did they land on the same time period. Will Locke save the day? Please let this week go by fast. I hate to be kept wondering what happens. Lost is the best show out. I guess I'll watch America Top Model tonite.

2029 days ago


It would be interesting if a major lesson learned from this show were to be that things can be changed even if they are thought to be beyond repair. This would have major relevance to issues we are facing today, things like global warming, dependence on foreign oil/products, and even more pressing the global financial crisis. A down-to-earth theme for an out-there show...and, of course, one of many.

2029 days ago


Sawyer killed off the old Sawyer???? I must have fallen asleep during that episode! Now I am really confused. Crap

2028 days ago


I enjoyed the show too. I didn't care for the back and forth of "3 years earlier and 3 years later" but in the end it worked. Saywer- what can I say- we all love a bad boy! I have to say I'm tired of Juliet getting the shaft because of Kate. I think Juliet has proven herself enough to warrant some loyalty from someone on that island. And yes the big question for me is----who is the baby that was born- not Ben- so who? Also was Horace in any of the old Dharma clips or episodes? I don't remember him being the guy that ran things when Ben and his father showed up. And where did Charlotte's body go? Overall a good show, but stay in one time period next time.

2035 days ago


They can't and won't change anything.

"Doesn't matter. It's already happened."

2035 days ago


Every week I look forward to LOST Diary and your spin on the show. I agree that Sawyer's character has returned to a more substance driven role and I look forward to the love confusion future shows promise. I love a Lost show that makes me even more eager for next week's show.

2035 days ago


Awesome show/....awesome episode. Good for Josh Holloway to take control of an entire hour! I will HATE when this series ends after next season!!

2035 days ago


Who cares anymore? Too confusing show. Why add worthless new characters now when we
don't even care about the old ones?

2035 days ago

Frank Olivo    

Wow, Pookie.....maybe you are just aren't smart enough to follow a complicated plot line. There are PLENTY of people who care about "Lost" and are quite capable of accepting and processing new and/or changing characters. I am sure Paris Hilton will have a show better suited for your mentality. Good luck with that :)

2035 days ago


I can't believe anyone is still watching this mess.

2035 days ago


They said that there is a war coming. They are clearly there to diffuse the upcoming conflict between dharma and hostiles. Or maybe ensure that it happens.

But is John Locke in a different time zone? He was all washed up on the sea with the new flight ppl and everyone else is in the 70's... muy confusado

2035 days ago


I liked this episode, although it may seem it was just an episode about Sawyer, but actually, if your a lost freak like I am you'd relize that it was way more than that. Their now in 1977, which is before the purge of Dharma by Ben. So now you know Ben is back on the island...whats gonna happen next? Is the young Ben and his dad on the island? Are people gonna reconize Ben and freak out? You have to look into the little details of every Lost episode to catch all the hidden stuff. Poor kate, now she's gonna want Saywer back, and visa versa. Its gonna get good!

2035 days ago


glad to read you enjoyed the show for a change! A Saywer episode is A+ in my books!!

2035 days ago
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