The "Lost" Diary -- LaFleur

3/5/2009 8:30 AM PST

The "Lost" Diary -- LaFleur

Daniel from TMZ here, welcome back to another edition of the "Lost" Diary.

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes: I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way. Ari somehow ended up in Alabama this week, so I've decided to relax and fly solo tonight. Let's roll ...

9:02 -- Pardon me for a minute, while I lose my mind -- IT'S THE DAMN FOUR-TOED STATUE!!!! 9:03 -- And now it's gone. As Sawyer might say, "Son of a bitch!"

9:04 -- "Now what?" -- Jin. Great question my friend. Great question.

9:05 -- So it's three years later (three years later ... from when????) and we seem to be right in the middle of the Dharma Years. The three people in the hatch spot our old friend Horace on one of the monitors. Our most pressing question is this ... who is LaFleur?

9:06 -- "Son of a bitch." -- LaFleur/Sawyer. WTF is going on here? (Whenever I ask that question, you know "Lost" is good)

9:10 -- LaFleur/Sawyer and Enos/Miles are going off to corral Horace. Every time I think I have written the most ridiculous sentence, "Lost" and goes and makes me type another one.

9:11 -- Who is Amy going to be? Is it someone really named Amy -- or is it Juliet?

9:12 -- Nope, it's an actual Amy. Apparently Horace and Amy had a fight about Paul, who, at this point, could be anyone.

9:13 -- Faraday is not taking Charlotte's death very well. He keeps muttering, "I won't tell her" -- meaning he won't tell young Charlotte she has to go back to the island one day.

9:14 -- Beach. No beach. Beach. No beach. Beach.

9:15 -- On their way to the beach, gunshots ring out and Sawyer and Juliet take out the two "bad guys" and rescue the girl (most likely Amy).

9:16 -- "Who are you?" -- Amy. Why, I'm Jim LaFleur.

9:21 -- So Juliet seems to think the island is now in the 70s or 80s and our new friend Amy is highly intent on burying the two that they killed -- you know, because of the truce and all.

9:23 -- The return of the sonic anti-smoke monster fence. Good times. Not so much for Sawyer and the others -- they're out cold.

9:24 -- Amy is in labor, which isn't good since every woman on the island that gives birth dies. Luckily the new mechanic in town -- aka Juliet -- happens to be the fertility master.

9:26 -- Jin's English has gotten quite good over the last three years.

9:27 -- "It's a boy." -- Juliet. Is this child someone we know?

9:32 -- Alright, you gotta hand it to Sawyer -- he's spinning a tale about being shipwrecked on the island, so he invokes the Black Rock. Nice touch.

9:33 -- Horace wants to send everyone back on the sub -- which runs counter to Sawyer's plan of waiting around the island until everyone returns. Should be interesting to see how he convinces Horace that they're all "Dharma material."

9:34 -- Young Charlotte is going to drive Faraday completely over the edge.

9:36 -- The Dharma alarm is going off and everyone is running around frantically. This seems like a good opportunity for LaFleur to earn his job as head of security.

9:37 -- The ageless one has returned.

9:42 -- Richard is pissed because he thinks the Dharma people have broken the truce. Sawyer thinks he can defuse the situation.

9:43 -- Sawyer continues to play his cards just perfect -- he drops the Jughead and John Locke on Richard. He's coming up clutch this episode, that's for sure.

9:47 -- Sawyer's handling of Alpert bought them two more weeks on the island.

9:48 -- "Just give me two weeks. That's all I'm asking." -- Sawyer. He's quite the con man, isn't he?

9:50 -- So it looks like Sawyer and Juliet are now Mr. and Mrs. LaFleur. Is there a baby LaFleur in their brood?

9:57 -- "She's gone and she ain't never coming back." -- LaFleur/Sawyer. You sure about that?

9:58 -- LaFleur, I have Jin for you on line one.

10:00 -- So first it was Jack having to choose between Juliet and Kate -- now it's Sawyer.

I've said here many times that I think Sawyer has now become a useless character -- he killed the original Sawyer, case closed. So it was good to see Sawyer bounce back for the first time in awhile and actually be important.

Since Sawyer killed O.G. Sawyer, he has been reduced to making wisecracks and wandering around with a gun -- he's essentially become a blunt object and not much else. But with this episode, Sawyer has finally been reinserted into the essential fabric of the show. It reminded me of the Sawyer-centric episodes that showed how good he was at manipulating people -- but this time, for good.

I'm giving this episode a B+. Originally, I had this episode down as a B, but I decided to give it an uptick because this was a good episode that DIDN'T have Ben, Locke, Jack or Desmond in it at all. That's not easy to do.

So what's next? It's 1977 and Dharma is fully operational like the Death Star. There is a truce between Dharma and the Hostiles. Everyone is back on the island. Now what?

Here's what I am left to wonder -- are the Losties somehow going to change history between Dharma and the Hostiles? Can they even do that? There has to be a grand purpose to them being there at that time.