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The Night of the Living D-Listers

3/6/2009 4:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If two MTV hasbeens get together and make total jackasses of themselves by getting wasted and stealing a homeless man's cart, does that make them any less irrelevant?


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is that a gay street gang.? the little fat boy will be a big hit in jail

2024 days ago

DepuTV John the Audioarchivist    

Tom Green is a pioneer in comedy. If it weren't for him, there would be no jackass, less prank/punk'd style tv. The guy is ahead of the curve - just check out his website! Always inventing new ways to do things.
You have my full support, Tom! Rock on, dude!
His website soon will have basically everything he's ever done available on it! It's hard to have a TV studio in your house.

As if you haven't probably gone out on the town and made a drunken fool of yourself, anyway! Problem is you didn't have cameras following your every move!

2024 days ago


Tom Green is awesome, Andy M. is awesome. Tom Green has the best show on the net today! Go and watch the show on and see it for yourselves.

2024 days ago


"does that make them any less irrelevant?"

They got on your website didn't they-you tell us.

2024 days ago


detail; tightest producer in hip hop right now and tom green the funniest guy in hollywood, and the original young buck!
great publicity tmz!

2024 days ago


They are all having a good time i don't think TMZ is ready for the future of online entertainment. Tom Green is the top online host of all time he gets more views then TMZ themselves. go to and you will see.

2024 days ago


wtf. who are those people? it seems as if TMZ is now snapping away at a bunch of drunk, very, very NON-famous people. it wasn't even funny. just reallly lame. and why the F~uck were they harrassing a HOMELESS man and trying to destroy his ownly worldly possessions? does someone really put these a$$ F~ucks on TV????!!!!! come on TMZ, i get that you were just making fun of them, but from now on, i would suggest you dont even give them the time of day. along with "kim-k", paris hilton, that whole "speidi" get up and the MANY others like them, they shouldnt be allowed any place in this world. i mean really, none of them are entertaining, and i cannot believe these people actually get paid...who likes these people? and do not say teenagers, cause I am a 17 year old girl and all i have to say is a huge::: aw hell no!!!

2024 days ago


Hasbeens? Tom Green is blowing it up! Tom Green is one funny ass dood. Check out his nightly interent talk show.

2024 days ago


Tom Green IS comedy

2024 days ago

Tomgreen4life > tmz.ocm FACT

2024 days ago


these guys make crack whores look smart.

2024 days ago


TOM GREEN IS AWESOME! I don't know what everybody is talking about.
Tom gets more hits on his website in a week than TMZ gets in a year.
And Tom has better content on his site than TMZ or any other lame Hollywood site like this will EVER have!
So, screw you all that don't agree. You be the judge, go to:
I guarantee you will check out his site more than you do this one.

2024 days ago


And why anyone would badger people that like to go out and have fun, I have no clue.
What do these low life losers at TMZ have to do besides follow people. If Tom or Andy don't have a future, then why follow them around with a camera. hmmmm...

2024 days ago


And you all realize they are hanging out with the #1 hip hop producers today. So that can't be that D-List.

2024 days ago


Both of those two are total losers!!! Disgusting!

2024 days ago
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