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Celebrity Look-Alike Contest!!!

3/7/2009 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fake Angelinas, a bogus Bruce Willis, and a poser Penelope Cruz -- the TMZ celebrity look-alike contest brought in a ton of worthy submissions -- and some lame ones too -- but alas, the finalists have been chosen!

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Which of these wannabes will score the $250 prize? Check back Monday to find out who wins -- and to find out the topic for next week's photo contest.


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The first Rihanna looks SO much like Rihanna. And NO ONE who thinks they look *either* like Angelina or Aniston looks anything like them. Audrina Partridge--pretty close. Megan fox, yup. But someone actually admitting to looking like Chris Brown---not cool.

2059 days ago


#67 the bruce willis guy is the winner hands down.
also the baby dressed as donald trump is a keeper.

2059 days ago


Didn't look at them all but "Brody" and "Burt" are good. The women didn't made it. Why? They need the plastic surgery, chicklet teeth, and hair/make-up experts to make them look phony enough!

2059 days ago

bitch please    

The pics were great but some were way off, nobody looked like Angelina Jolie except I think Lysandra did have a pout like Jolie, so she came the closest, I don't know what the others were thinking, same for the Halle and Aniston pics... My faves included Megan as Jennifer Hudson, Larissa as Nelly Furtado, Caitlin as Reese, James as Bruce Willis, Cheri as Felicity Huffman- but Cheri is actually much prettier, Kari as Maggie Gyllenhaal, Leah as Tara Reid, Blake as Mark Wahlberg and the final two that I think are the top pics are Siedah as Rihanna, great pic!! and Pete as Billy Joel which was an awesome pic!!
Cheers to all who sent in pics!!

2059 days ago

FTM guy    

#s 7, 26, 27,67,91,151,172 good for you for entering this contest. The rest are in dream land

Donald trump and brunette suri is just damn cute give them points for that. I look like McCartney from rubber soul era but am too shy to post.

Good luck to all.

2059 days ago



2 Brittnee~~ Selena Gomez
4 Nicol~~ Katy Perry
8 Joanna~~ Kylie Minogue
67 James~~Bruce Willis
151 Karen~~Megan Fox
forgot her name and number Michelle Obama

LMAO @ the people that think they look like Angelina. Wow that was some ugly chics that look nothing like her. Freaks.

If you only look at one pic be sure to check out #151 She looks just like Megan Fox.

2059 days ago


Some of those people are DELUSIONAL!!!!!

2059 days ago


My dog looks more like Angelina Jolie than some of these fools. Dream on.

2059 days ago


A few looked a little like the celebrity, but my question is why does every woman with big lips thinks she looks like Angelina Jolie??

2059 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Hmmmmmm? I wonder what the percentage of stalkers is in this group?

2059 days ago


These people are right buttock looks more like angelina jolie than these lot....

2059 days ago


Okay. I went through all 212. Here are my selections: 2, 6, 14, 27, 29, 35, 38, 42, 49, 57, 67, 75, 77, 82, 91, 97, 100, 103, 105, 127, 130, 138, 140, 141, 144, 147, 178, 181, 183, 191, and 192. I think the winner should come from that group I listed. And on a side note, 124 Larissa is HOT. I hope Harvey and the gang post more pictures of her.

2059 days ago


I think most of the Angelina Jolie look a likes look more like Octomom!

2059 days ago


Most of them are delusional HAHA! But I have to say the Mark Wahlberg guy and the second Bruce Willis (I think his name was James) really do look like the real thing. The Michelle Obama look-a-like is a good one too.

2059 days ago


ALL Angelina Jolie entrants were nuts. Some entrants were almost perfect, like the Bruce Willis guy, James. Too bad he wore sunglasses. He may be cross eyed. That would hurt his chances.

2059 days ago
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