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Publicist to OctoMom: I CAN Quit You!

3/8/2009 11:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctomomA publicist is paid money to say good things about you -- which is why it's always a problem if they keep leaving and calling you "nuts."

Victor Munoz is the second publicist to quit on Nadya Suleman -- and he blamed Octo's greediness (and the fact that she's completely insane) as his reason for leaving, according to Us.

Octomom's first publicist left after she was sent death threats that she would be thrown in a wood chipper. That's classy.

The question has to be asked: how will the Angelina Jolie impersonator ever get back on TV? We know she'll find a way.


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If Octomom is going to be gossip worthy...can't anyone find out who the donor father is? I think its the fertility doctor...I think the orginal 6 resemble him. Plus can't someone uncover how she is getting a new house? Usually one has to have a relatively good credit rating and renting past,etc. And why when asked she says she holds the new borns 30 minutes to an hour a is that possible when one needs to feed and care for the other six and loosely there is only 8 to 10 available hours to care for all of them. Also, these people supposedly helping her now..."nanny" and all...aren't they talking?? Come on, if your going to keep her in the public eye as a celebrity lets get some real octonews and challenge her wacko thinking!! Also I want to know how she has time for hair and makeup everyday?? NONE of her behavior rings true to those of us who are Mothers. Com on TMZ...dig up some real dirt!!

2063 days ago

One Smart Chick    

Beyond Dumb is this Suleman Breeder. She will no doubt loose those babies, and probably be lucky to get visitation.
Pathetic to think these babies will grow up and see what their birth mother was all about. Loonie Bin has a place for Suleman. Dr Phil can kiss my ass too.

2063 days ago


I told you the bitch was crazy!!!

2063 days ago


This is what happens, folks, when you allow the government to create "The Welfare State."

Get used to it, there's LOTS more on the way...

"We shall now commence to construct the Soviet Socialist State..."
-- Lenin, 1917

2062 days ago


Bill, Irrespective of that which you say, this "thing" is an abomination. As much as you want to make her a poor sweet innocent young woman, desperately trying to support & look after her children., In my opinion, she is not. Comparisons betwen herself, & other fraudulent people, corporations governments ad nausum, are irrelevent. This blog is about her. The scammer that we are talking about is her. She is not vulnerable, by any means. As for the publicist, I hope that he succeeds. As for yourself, if , I were to think like you, just what is your problem withe the publicist ? If it is alright for octo to be deceptive, financially opportunistic, fraudulent, then why not anyone else.? Again if I were to think like yourself, why shouldn' t anyone Anyone capitalize on Suleman, ? After all, that is what she is doing to the taxpayer..!!!

2062 days ago


The best thing for the 8 babies is separate the children, get four loving foster families, each family is to take two babies each, that way they get the much need attention for the first 3 years. Nadya would be able to visit them but under a stipulation not to be a crazy wacky mom with weirdo visits just nice scheduled visits. That way the other kids may get attention too.
Just imagine when her daughters become teenagers, what will she say when they come out and say "Momma, I wanna be like you, I want my own batch of embryos so I can have my own family" or maybe her sons will become sperm donors as a career choice or better yet all of her children become psychologist to help treat her mom in her crazy old age.

2062 days ago


Get those poor little kids away from her ASAP so that they have a chance at normalcy.

2062 days ago
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