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Brown Wants Misdemeanor Plea, No Jail Time

3/9/2009 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown ExclusiveSources tell TMZ Chris Brown would cop a plea, but only to a misdemeanor and with no jail time. After we broke the story yesterday AM it has triggered a passionate public reaction.

We're told Brown's people have consulted with outside legal eagles -- including law school professors -- who have said Rihanna's own aggressiveness takes it out of the felony category. Sources say Rihanna was the first one to strike -- slapping and striking Brown "numerous times" while he was drivΩing, after seeing the text message from another woman. And Rihanna was fighting Brown as he punched and hurt her. We're told much of this is reflected in the official police report based on what Rihanna told cops. As a result, they say, this is not a case that demands a felony plea.

On the other side, there are plenty of cases in which the woman engages the man in a fight but the jury convicts the male because it was an unfair fight and the man could have walked away. The photographs of Rihanna -- the most graphic of which have not been seen by the public -- demonstrate Brown's superior strength. Add to that the fact that Brown had no significant injuries and it presents problems for him.

Perhaps worse for Brown, sources tell TMZ Rihanna told cops he had beaten her before and the violence had been escalating.

And there's this. According to the detective's note filed with the search warrant papers, Brown sent a text message to Rihanna's assistant in which he apologized for what he had done to Rihanna and said he was getting help. That would be admissible in court and extremely damaging -- as a legal admission.


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I told ya soooooo    

I knew it.... that is all. It takes two to tango dumbasses...

1965 days ago


The fact that she is spending time with this guy again negates her from being taken seriously. Why do we have to protect her from her self. If she chooses to stay with this guy then she chooses to take a chance on this happening again. You can't save people from themselves.

1965 days ago


Confused Rihanna! Did P Diddy finally convince her to wed the batterer. Let her prepare for more them. Lets count the days the marriage will last. Jail.

1965 days ago


OK...wait..I have been the biggest supporter of Ri, BUT if she hit him first and was continuing to stike him...well isn't this self-defense? Forget about the girl boy don't hit period.

1965 days ago


Not to worry Geragos hasnt won a major case in years....he's high priced, has TV visibility, has creative defenses, but rarely has won recently...oh sure he's pulled some off, but he keeps taking the cases with the most exposure, not the ones that are most winnable...check his record, Scott Peterson, Wyonna Ryder---Brown will lose and get jail time.

His only hope is he gets PC in jail where other inmates cant get to him...not too worry the guards will break him mentally and emotionally without every laying a hand or penis upon the little boy.

You be done Chris...only problem to society is he going to come out even madder and worse out of prison than when he went best to stay away from him when that happen.

1965 days ago


The only reason people are defending this guy is because of who he is. Maybe next time ( and there will be a next time, there always is ), they'll get it. Once a punk, always a punk.

1965 days ago


such a waste of my time and sympathy

1965 days ago


Self-defense? Are you serious? Beating the hell out of someone, putting them in a headlock, and causing them to almost pass out is self-defense? You people are sick!!

He's a bitch who can't take responsibility for what he did. Of course his people are going to try to point the finger at her. What I find sickening though is to suggest that somehow it's not a felony to beat someone else because the victim FOUGHT BACK!! What the hell was she supposed to do? Let him beat her to death? Would he have claimed self-defense then?

This isn't the first time he's assaulted her. It won't be the last time. If he kills her the next time, there will be sick people out there who will continue to defend trash like Chris Brown.

1965 days ago


Thank god Oprah doing a show this week dedicated to abuse of women as a message to Riahnna...bout time a black entertainer spoke out..quit closing ranks on racial lines when it comes to hurting women...ya'll be looking stupid to the rest of the world----as if you're saying "its a black thing to beat our women, you wouldnt understand, it be oK they accept it"...

Join the rest of society and speak out against violence against your women Black people. Thank god Oprah is, but what took her so long?

1965 days ago


High time these LA judges started making examples out of these Hollywood types that think because they have money they are untouchable....

1965 days ago


No felony because she was fighting back-WTF was she supposed to do? Imagine what he would have done if she hadn't fought back. Morons! Him AND his lawyers!!!!!!

1965 days ago


Wait a minute. I read an article where Ri said she busted a bottle on her brother once. Could it be that she is just as violent as Brown? If someone was hitting me, I would hit back too. She needs to speak out. She is destroying his career. I have been team Ri all along...but now that things are coming to light...

1965 days ago

i'd be proud too    

hm lets see, first off, Rihanna didnt call the police some one ELSE did, she hasnt said much since receiving a beating, sure strangling her is over the top just for getting slapped but she kind provoked him, he doesnt exactly seem like a serial woman basher . just dont like him

i totally agree with this tho; 13. the fact that she hit him says to me that he is not accustomed being aggressive with her or thtathey usually rumble with each other. no woman would hit a man who she knows would hit her back. she would be scared. i suspected as much when she decide to reconcile. she felt guilty about her part inthe incident and knew she was not th einnocent lttle victim that everyone was makng her out to be. he probably tried to stop her attacks by pullin over and telling her to get out the car.

Posted at 1:57PM on Mar 8th 2009 by miami

1965 days ago

big joe    

cage him

1965 days ago


Guy hits girl girl defends self..Judge charged him with two felonies for a reason people! If a man hit me I wouldn't sit there and take it, I am gonna fight for myself and I am sure this judge made the right call. Lawyers only are out to make money win or lose. They don't give a rats but about their clients.

1965 days ago
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