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Make it Rain -- Korean Singer Sued for $30 Mil!

3/9/2009 8:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

RainRain -- the so-called "Korean" Justin Timberlake -- is fast becoming better known to American fans for his lawsuits than his singing.

Rain, and a host of people in his camp, are being sued for bailing on a 2007 concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. According to a lawsuit filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court, Andrew Kim had the rights to the proposed concert -- but he took a huge financial hit when Rain bailed.

Rain was also sued in 2007 for missing a gig in Hawaii, allegedly over trademark and technical issues.

Kim is seeking an astronomical $30,000,000 -- plus punitive damages.


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rick is retarded    

asians don't messure up eh? stereotype, just like black people are criminals and white people are ignorant rednecks, huh i guess you're right.

2020 days ago


I'll support rain always!

2020 days ago


Right on "rainsupporter'!

I mean, how small minded can you be?

True statement, we're hotter and smarter.

I love Rain and am sad to see this legal/financial trouble he's going through.

2020 days ago


How racist of some people here. i hate that americans are like that, makes every american seem that way, but they are not all like some idiots here. GO BI. fight through this and we will see you smiling again.

2020 days ago

Yazzie Fraz    

Rain Is AWESOME and is Sexy as hello!!! The only thing I have to say is: Stop disappointing your American fans Rain!

2019 days ago

One thirty nine    

u want to know the real reason why all those shows were canceled? Rain didn't have very good ticket sales (In the US), due to a small fan base, primarily built of asian people. But for some reason, they tend to cancel their shows at the last minute, it really sux,

2019 days ago


Wow what's up with the racism? America hasn't changed much has it.


2019 days ago


Who said "Rain is fast becoming better known to American fans for his lawsuits than his singing". In 2006, Rain was on TIME list for the most influential people in the world. Also, his 2005 Rainy Day World Tour was sold out in New York Madison Square Garden. He is one of the famous Asian singer in New York city.

Rain is innocent on this lawsuit, he did not do anything wrong. It is StarM and Click Entertainment fault.

Rain's USA fans will continue to support Rain for sure...We love HIM.

2019 days ago


OMG..... I'M SOOOOOO FRUSTRATED... How could Los ANGELAS SUE HIM AFTER hawii if they need the money go get from somewhere else!!!!!! this whole situation is NOT his fault,,,, Hawii and every other entertainment company should take respinsibility because it was their FAULT IN THE FIRSTT PLACE TO FORCE RAIN OUT OF HIS CONCERT TOURS... I'm so angry.. Are you kidding me ?! Naother $30 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!

2019 days ago


Rain will success or no success ?
the time will answer everything !!
anyway , We trust for Rain !!!!
Rain will win ! Click Entertainment want to rob Rain's money which Rain had made by blood, sweat and tear ...
and it will lose ... nobody can rod everything from Rain ...
to anti fans : you don't understand Rain ! so don't talk about him like that !!!
please watching Hip korea on Discovery to understand Rain more than ! ^^

2019 days ago


I just can't believe what I'm reading..I am so ashamed right now to an American. And by the way I'm white and I'd date a Korean man any time..How dare you PPL . Say such nasty things about Rain..Do any of you know how hard he has worked..Going time's with out eating for days. Sleeping in the streets cuz he had no home. His mother buying food to feed him and his sister instead of buying med's for her Diabetes. Witch finely killed her. He did not get where his is now with a lot of blood sweat and tears. Maybe if u PPL knew this you would not say such bad things.. The Law suit is not his fault..Its the PPL who put the show together..To bad for Rain he is caught in the middle. I have been a fan for 5yrs now..and I'm not some giggly teen hot for some singer with a pretty face. I am a fan cuz he is one of the best singers and actors I have come across in a long time..I respect the troubles he has faced and has raised above the troubled life he once had. He is a kind soul he much more then what u all see. Show some respect

2019 days ago

I'm ashamed to be american    

Some of you guys are true dumbasses. If you don't care about bi Rain, why even waste your time and post something stupid? If you want to make a racist comment, don't cuz its extremely immature and rude, and plus, you dont even know him. you guys dont even have the full insight on why he's being sued 30 mil and 40 mil $. if you wanna make judgments, make sure your facts are straight. Its really bothering me to see ppl on this site talking badly of an entertainer that didn't mean to do any harm. Besides, this situation wasn'teven his fault! But what can i expect of frequent visitors of TMZ? Half you guys are ignorant bigots as well as some of the staff and writers.

2019 days ago


fight ... aja aja Rain. we know you better, we know you for your being such a kind -hearted person , we know that it was not your fault, coz we know how much you love your fans. we hope and pray for you. don`t mind some critics.... (they "must " face the mirror first and ask themselves if they are perfect!!!!!!! WE TRUST YOU, (100% ) WE LOVE YOU AND SUPPORT YOU....FOREVER. you are not alone in this fight

2019 days ago


rain's one of the vitims in this case . i was in staples center that night and the tickets sold out at least 80% . he came to LA
2 weeks before his concert for preparation ( time for him is also money ) . all the equipment were already shipped in LA ,
all the staffs and dancer were also in LA . what's the benefits that he wants to cancel the concert ????? he should be the
one who hurt the most and it might be chance to destroy his career . anyway i 100% support rain who's a hard working ,
talented and humble young man .

2019 days ago

katy rose, BETCH.    

rain's huge in korea but almost non eistent in america. even if you dont know who the fk he is the racist comments should just stop, cause thats srsly not cool.

on another note,

Rain -- the so-called "Korean" Justin Timberlake -- is fast becoming better known to American fans for his lawsuits than his singing.

Shouldn't the quotation marks be around "Justin Timberlake" and NOT "Korean"? Because last time I checked, homie really WAS from south korea.

2019 days ago
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