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Shauna's Playboy Dreams for 9-Year-Old Daughter

3/9/2009 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's one of the most shocking/cringe inducing things we've ever seen: Shauna Sand asking her 9-year-old daughter if she wants to do Playboy.

Judging by the girl's answer, it's good to see someone in this family has some sense.


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player hater; game hater    

Many strippers have kids. Not many strippers encourage their kids to the same lofty goal, however. An Easter Egg hunt at the Playboy Mansion. Wonder if they invite the grandparents?

2018 days ago


Hey TMZ,

WTF is with these boards..Can you start filtering posts and stuff.. Why cant people just make a joke about a story or something..Is that soooo hard? Instead we get bombarded with HATE on EVERYONE EVERYDAY ABOUT EVERYTHING..jeez Talk about negativity and bad vibes, you get depressed reading such venom from people.

2018 days ago


That's interesting, the 9 yr old is the smart and classy one of the family.

2018 days ago


It is regrettable that this poor girl has a mother like THAT, but it is obvious she already has twice her mother's IQ.

2018 days ago


if her daughter wants too pose for playboy when she is old enough she should i dont find anything wrong with it her daughter prob already knows what shauna posed seen the picks laying around some were around the house any ways shauna seems like she's a awesome mom too me

2018 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

a nine year old Centerfold? This chick must be the dumbest mom, right next to octomom,Really

2018 days ago


Child Protective Services needs to get that mother psyched fast. For a parent to ask a 9 year old if she wants to be in playboy is so sexually inappropriate it gags me.

What a sick chick. Poor kid. You can tell the woman embarrasses her to death.

2018 days ago


This woman is a disgrace to the name MOTHER. The girls need to go back to their father. The only thing she is interested in is getting attention. If she were any kind of human at all, she'll send them back to their dad, and then she can get her party on.

2018 days ago


Shauna, I have a feeling when she turns 18, she will still say "no" to being in Playboy. You've set quite a good example for her to say "no."

2018 days ago


why does she think its cute to embarrass her daughter like that? just because this plastic shauna celebuwhatever she is has her packaged plastic surgery body going for her, doesnt mean that she should be acting all cute for the cameras and asking her daughter that question.

2017 days ago


Trailer Park Trash

2017 days ago


Two words: Coke Whore!

2017 days ago


her daughter seems like a sharp, surprisingly well-adjusted kid - I hope Shauna doesn't ruin the girl, she seems very bright (and hilarious!)

2017 days ago

Linda Mott    

With Moms like her and Octomom, what chance does the youth have today? She should be glad she was blessed with such great kids and protect them from that sort of thing not try to exploit them.

2017 days ago


Shauna Sands needs her a$$ kicked for asking a 9 year old that kind of question. I wonder if the skank whore would think it was funny if the paps asked her daughter that question. It was months ago that she accused her husband of taking nude pics of her daughters and now she has the nerve to ask her daughter that? CPS needs to step in and take those kids away from her, and send them to live with their father.

2017 days ago
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