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Ain't Too Proud to Beg for Emma Roberts

3/10/2009 8:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We don't necessarily agree with this homeless guy's tactics -- but guilt tripping celebs by telling them you "have AIDS" is definitely an effective panhandling technique.

Emma Roberts: Click to watch
This pain-in-the-ass dude swore he wouldn't leave the front of Quest Diagnostics yesterday until Nickelodeon chick (and Julia's niece) Emma Roberts gave him some coin.

Think she caved?


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Typical Homeless Terror Tactics.

2023 days ago


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Emma Roberts. She shouldn't have caved though. You gotta stay strong with those bums or they'll eat you alive.

2023 days ago

Jesus Saves With Geico    

With double digit unemployment in California, people need to take notes when they see a winning strategy in action. Now I know how to guilt trip people after I lose my home to foreclosure. Thanks TMZ!

2023 days ago


How pathetic a grown man asking a young girl for money then trying to guilt her into giving him money by saying he'll tell everyone how cheap she is. He didn't deserve it just by the way he was asking and being rude. He would have to be black too.

2023 days ago

What the Heck??    

Wow, the Quest Diagnostics in Hollywood sure are nice. Maybe because of the clientele? Us lowly Floridians have to sit on plastic chairs in the waiting room!

2023 days ago


That's creepy. It's one thing to request $$$, another to stalk someone until they pay up. In cases like this, I think the police should be called.

2023 days ago


i would have told that bum to kiss my ass and h=get the hell no what the hell did he think he was doing i don't care who is watching you can't force people to give you money

2023 days ago


this is sick!
get a job you moron and stop harassing decent working people.

2023 days ago


"i'm gonna stand here til you give me some money" & "I'm gonna show everyone how cheap you are".

nice way to ask for $ you worthless bum. go get a job you piece of @#%*


2023 days ago

Farmer Ted    

Change cup, camera, not much difference.

2023 days ago


come on guys. this stuff happens she should justgive him some money not like she doesnt have a spare dollar. if shes as nice as she is tv why shouldnt she help out the less fortunate?

2023 days ago


#11 it's one thing if she wants to do it on her own, but nobody deserves to get badgered into giving $ even if they are celebrities and have $

2023 days ago

We love blonde hottie dude!    

They act like this in the grocery store parking lots, too! Very annoying! One woman actually stood in front of my car before I was even finished parking and then started with some lame, made up story about how her bf beat her up (no marks on her that I saw) and how she had a kid. I said, where is your son now? she said back at the house with the bf! I said you left your child with this jerk that just beat you up?? She started to stammer out another excuse, I told her get the eff away from me, you better hope you never know what it's like to really be a victim of spousal/ bf abuse. Just wanted drug/ alcohol money. You can tell the difference eventually between those that are full of it and those that truly need the help.

2023 days ago


Quest Diagnostics does more than just HIV & STD testing. when I was pregnant I had all my bloodwork done there. They test for diabetes too.

2023 days ago


It's bad enough that you can stand on the street and watch someone get a pedicure, but I would expect a little more privacy from a medical facility.

2023 days ago
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