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Rihanna and Chris Brown


Feel the Love

3/10/2009 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ now has all the details about the secret late-night recording sessions between Rihanna and Chris Brown -- and they were jam-packed with emotion and serious drama, with some playful touching -- seriously.

The whole thing came together when they decided to reconcile shortly after the attack. Sources tell us music producer Polow Da Don convinced both Chris and Rihanna to get in the studio and record a love song stat, stressing that timing was important because the heightened emotions would translate powerfully into the music.

Both Rihanna and Chris agreed and snuck in a couple of "late night" sessions that we're told were "very, very emotional ... the feeling in the room was pure love." Clearly, love hurts.

As for how they got along, they were "playfully touching each other."

We're told the song was originally written for Rihanna before the fight, but after the beat down the producer believed the track -- which ironically focuses on overcoming difficult challenges as a couple -- would be the perfect duet.


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Three words: Nicole Brown Simpson. She went back to him too.

2030 days ago


I could care less about what Rihanna wants to do with her life... but to run back to Chris so quickly after getting beaten to a pulp just tells young girls everywhere that it's OK to be battered and abused... Just head to the studio and record a love song, right?!?

2030 days ago


# 18 you hit the nail right on the head. People are screaming how both their careers are over, that is bull***. They will continue to make music and people will continue to adore them. Remember Michael Jackson genius'? He molested little boys and most of you idiots still scream and pass out at the mere mention of his name. Do you honestly think either one gives a flying fig what any of you nothings have to say about them???

# 9 Your comment is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard or seen in my life. Racism is so 200 years ago. Do you think insulting a whole race validates your opinion, or does it just show what an douche bag you are? Yea, let's cheer on the white race, all child molesting, killing pregnant women, Amy Winehouse loving, Devil Worshipping lot of you. I bet if you get off your meth smoking ass and take a shower you won't be quite so angry.

2030 days ago


When they try to perform that song in public, that's when they'll realize that their careers are winding down. When the fans start to humilate and mock them.....Then Chris will get pissed and beat her again.

2030 days ago



2030 days ago

miss sheree    

You know - Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson got into it - Tommy even went to jail for DV (domestic violence) yet I don't recall anyone of you calling Pam stupid - even though she has gone back to Tommy Lee a hundred million times.

I wonder why that is?

2030 days ago


Well Rihanna, don't come crying to the public for support the next time he beats you down. And there will be a next time. You fool.

2030 days ago


#33 there is a DRASTIC difference between a punch and an all out beat down. You dumbass.

2030 days ago


ahh, its so nice to see they were able to put their diffrences aside and reconcile. Chris must be a real sweetheart, its a no wonder she took him back and that she isnt going to testify against him.

2030 days ago

Triple Play    

He should go to jail and she should becommitted for her lack of common sense.She is obviously so in love with this fool taht she is willing to risk her life to stay with him. When he puts her in the hospital she will have time to rethink her choices. As for him, he is a Punk, try hitting another man like that and you will get your little fairy ass whooped.

2030 days ago


33. You know - Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson got into it - Tommy even went to jail for DV (domestic violence) yet I don't recall anyone of you calling Pam stupid - even though she has gone back to Tommy Lee a hundred million times.

I wonder why that is?

Posted at 5:59PM on Mar 10th 2009 by miss sheree


I can answer that: Because Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson has the skin color of a raw chicken. Others with the skin color of raw chicken have a sense of entitlement that whatever they do it will be forgiven, much like the Catholic faith: They go out and sin Monday thru Friday go to Mass on Sunday, confess those sins and all their sins are forgiven.....until Monday morning when the mess starts all over again. Look at it like this: Most of the people that are really bashing them are either women beaters themselves or the women getting beat. Either way their opinions don't matter to anyone but themselves.

How did that answer work out for you?

2030 days ago



2030 days ago


DO NOT BUY THIS MUSIC. If you voted "disgusting," but buy the music (which the cynical producers, lawyers, etc. are betting on), then you think it is ok. You better believe the criminal lawyers are working with the publicists and producers. It is all so ugly and cynical. Do not buy into this. Force people, and "artists," to be better. They are all betting that the public will buy the music because of the controversy. Don't allow it. Haven't we all learned what the corrupt unprincipled pursuit of money leads to. These tough times are an opportunity to start reshaping the world into something above a sewer.

2030 days ago


Good for them, obviously they have moved on! Now I think it's time for the public to move on!!! Come on already let them be. PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES! (sure this was a BIG one).

Plus I can't wait to hear this song!! How bout every one else? You know you want to hear it

2030 days ago


Thats good.... let them solve there own issues,
If they were under age it would different don't mess up there careers adding more fire to the flame TMZ dam

2030 days ago
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