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OctoMom: Confessions of a Babyaholic

3/12/2009 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Attention Target shoppers: There's a special on OctoMoms in aisle fourteen.

Nadya Suleman took time out from being on "Dr. Phil" to buy some diapers for her 47 children on Wednesday.

A mutha's work is never done.


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From her ramblings on radar, she's upset that diaper and formula companies aren't giving her free diapers and formula, like they do with every other parent of multiples. She acts like they OWE it to her. OMG, she'll have to buy diapers instead of fake nails and her shopping sprees at Nordstroms...the humanity!!! And after checking out the video of that new house, it's the farthest thing from child safe for 14 kids under 7. What was she thinking? Stairs??? All the 6 kids rooms are upstairs, so they'll be running up and down them all the time. Accidents are going to happen. It looks to me like she bought the house because it made her feel good, and had very little, if anything, to do with the safety of those kids.

2014 days ago


For someone with over a dozen kids, it's odd how frequently she is photographed without a single one present.

2014 days ago


Take a look at the latest on radaronline . . . She acts like they are enamoured of her - they ain't doin' her any favors. The latest shows her in the midst of caring for/interacting with the six - cutting up a strawberry. What happens when her attention is suddenly taken away and she "forget's the knife is lying on the counter and one of the kids finds it? I can't be the only one thinking that is is a possible scenario. Radaronline folks focusing on the knife for the length of time they did speaks volumes.

2014 days ago

Real Single Mom    

This whole story is crazy. She recieved a a free house, round the clock care, free clothes, furniture, house cleaning, new flooring, Dr. Phil set up his foundation to help her plus a free donation drive this saturday. Yet I as a hardworking single mom (smart enough to only have one) can't even get money to send my son to private school. Where is the justice?

2014 days ago

Never was a fan of Maya    

She's still on the phone I see... why am I not surprised?

2014 days ago


diapers are strangling the planet

2014 days ago


You idiots who are defending this nutcase obviously don't have a clue why people are so outraged at this woman. No one has anything against the kids! It's her and her logic (or lack thereof). She was quoted yesterday saying she was disappointed that all of the free diaper and care offers have dried up because of the negative attention she gets. She expects to be able to raise these kids with other people giving her eveything. She claims to have paid for the house all by herself, but where did she get the $$$??? TV interviews about her litter of kids, that's where. It's the lowest form of exploitation. She's whoring out her kids for $ and houses and clothes and manicures and lip injections and you guys defend her. Unbelievable.

2014 days ago

idaho potato    

Regarding 5 - Posted at 9:41AM on Mar 12th 2009 by mom of 6

Exactly! Send her and all the children to my home as well as I'll help take care of them too. The rest of you can stand across the street and yell things, like "Dirty Jew" as the Nazis did, which is what you are all acting like. Or yell "N*gg*r" like the southern bigots did in the 1960s as small children tried to enter their grade school. You're no different. NO DIFFERENT!! As you hide behind your computers and spew your hate to this mother. Yes, she has 14 children. Yes, she needs help. So offer a hand instead of your foot. This is media driven hatred toward a woman and I hope it stops soon.

2014 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Is Tranniegelina, or as her 'friends' call her, Trangelina, trying on the lasted herp infected public makeup? Kissie, kissee little premies!

2014 days ago


sick ass selfish psycho freak!

2014 days ago


i am just wondering why she isn't buying in bulk? That's the smallest package of diapers you can get, with the highest cost per diaper when you do the math. Buy the big box down by your feet. Or, even better, go to Costco or Babies R Us.

2014 days ago

wasting time    

I'll give her a hand. Better be quick Nadya, it's open and it's heading straight for your head. Would love to wipe that smug look of your face.

Foster care is NOT the best option for these kids, it would cost too much. Go straight to closed adoption.

2014 days ago

sick of it    

It's kind of amazing people are sticking up for her. I feel bad for those children. It's not like she was some married woman or a single mother working 3 jobs trying to get by for her & her kids...she is an unemployed lazy ass who doesn't give a damn about what it takes to raise all those kids. What gives her the right to get all this money, a new house, free things when there are MILLIONS of families out there who WERE working trying to support their family and now have nothing because of the economy. Where is the 'free money' to those poor people? Yes, this constant coverage of her makes me sick - and the fact that Dr. Phil wants to help her? She did this to HERSELF - 'mistake' or not. This economy is falling apart, but let's give lazy ass people a free ride. The next time a guy comes home killing his family because he couldn't care for them anymore due to the economy, let's look at how "OctoMom" is doing living large with that man's tax dollars. Let's see how many more shows she can go on because *gasp* she's an unemployed mother!

2014 days ago


Why should anyone leave her alone? She did this to herself. She put herself in the public eye because she wanted money money money. Why should anyone ignore what she has done? Has anyone actually seen her take care of one of her children at all, ever? Why do people hate her so much? She is getting money THROWN at her because she was incredibly stupid and got IVF when she couldn't afford her other 6 kids. Why should we live and let live when she is doing NOTHING for her own children and just expects everyone else to.

P.S. When your pro-bono publicist(who is getting LOADS of free advertising) abandons you because you are "crazy" that is a pretty good sign that you are a complete nutcase.

2014 days ago


How the hell can she afford a cell phone and all those minutes on our tax dollars? Why is she not at a Costco or Sams club buying bulk? She is throwing money away buying it like that. Her mom has been laying low. I wish radar would say if Nadya paid her mom the back rent she owes her to pay the mortgage and keep her house so she can sell it and get the bedroom condo she want's.. I know her mom made $40k for an interview to save her house untill sold but that is her money and Nadya should have paid her mom back that selfish brat she is.

2014 days ago
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