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OctoMom: Confessions of a Babyaholic

3/12/2009 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Attention Target shoppers: There's a special on OctoMoms in aisle fourteen.

Nadya Suleman took time out from being on "Dr. Phil" to buy some diapers for her 47 children on Wednesday.

A mutha's work is never done.


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I just do not undestand why the governor of Calforina does not just put a halt to this women and the 100 others like her that are draining that bankrupt state dry. It is a no wonder they have no money,this type of person abuses the system. She needs to be in a mental hospital,those kids are all at risk with her in charge. There are plently of good families that would love to raise the children in (let's hope) a stable enviroment. When does she find time to care for them? She is on the tv and news out someplace daily,who is with the children while she is doing her 15 minutes of fame?

2060 days ago

still loving them    

I agree with you # 93, same with me. I can't take a 10 minute shower without the door being knocked on, not to mention going somewhere alone, LOL

2060 days ago

Single Dad    

If TMZ, Oprah, and Dr. Phil would stop showing her on the show everyone would FORGET her ass... I am single father struggling to make a car payment, house payment, utilties, phone bill, food, water.... and I am not getting any help. I make $500 too much to get my son medical help, and I'll probably make $200 above the guidelines to so that he can get help for college. It's NOT fair that she can pop out more babies and get government help but IF I knock up someone I can't get a dime........ maybe I should boycott TMZ, Oprah, and Dr. Phil for payinger her for interviews!! AND what the F**K wasn't her dad on Oprah saying he only had $100 in his pocket??????

2060 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Here's the deal. We blog here to vent our frustrations at the unfairness of what she has done. We don't need you ladies who think it's your job to censor the discussion. It is an open debate so you who are judgeing us are also sitting in your imaginary seat of judgement too ! Add something new like for instance WHY are you defending her actions when it is the kids who will pay the price for her selfishness ! Plus the taxpayers once Gloria Allred realizes that Octo is basically a deadbeat looking for a pay day; or once the babies aren't cute anymore this story will vanish ! Then what will become of her and her 14 hungry, disabled mouths ?

OR, let's all just start cranking out kids like there's no tomorrow ! Maybe the *itch is onto something ! Maybe that is what the world needs now is a BABY BOOM ON A EPIC SCALE !!! YEAH ! THAT's what we shall do , in protest of the stimulous bill, everyone start F******NG !

2060 days ago


Why does she look so annoyed that she's getting publicity??? That's all she's been about since she hatched those things and now that she's got the people to send her free money, she doesn't want anyone pointing out how she's spending it??? TFB!

2060 days ago

still loving them    

blah, blah, blah, get over this already, stop being so mean and judging her, at least she's trying to take care of her children and not killing them like that crazy a** Cassey Anthony did with her daughter. It seems more people are upset with this lady for getting public assistance then they are for a child being killed. Get your priorities straight.

2060 days ago

Kelly R.    

Holly: I don't remember saying she should've done what I did, but surely you can't think that what she did was "right"? If so, then maybe you need some help as well...

2060 days ago

still loving them    

# 100, maybe it's time to seek some counseling for that anger, chill

2060 days ago

Simply Crazy Crazy    

There have been many posts regarding why people are so angry about Ms. Suleman and her choices. The simple fact is (and I hope that you who are angry agree) that Ms. Suleman is a rule breaker.
Imagine that you are waiting in a long line that winds for miles, you have been waiting for hours. A person comes along and cuts in the front of the line. You plead with her to wait her turn, you point to the long line behind you, yet she ignores you, gives you the finger and proceeds to the front of the line. Once she gets to the window, she is greeted by balloons, music, cheering and a big fat prize. She takes the prize, is escorted to a limo by Dr. Phil and you are left waiting there.
This is why people are angry. Did Ms. Suleman get her education, get a job and then find a companion to have children with? Nope, she skipped all of the steps that we all had to go through for the big payoff. This is all about CHOICE....
Ms. Suleman knew (as a person with a educational background in child development) that given her existing children had ADD and Autism (and the genetic component that exists for both of these disorders) that her future children would likely have similar issues. She knew that children with ADD and autism benefit from early intervention where a parent IS INVOLVED will have a better outcome. She chose to ignore this, put her kids with a nanny and grandma, get pregnant again, hospitalized for the last few months (ignoring the needs of the children she currently has). After she was released from the hospital, did she go home and spend her time nurturing her children, NO....she did the talk show circuit, posting illegible and insane blogs, went shopping and got her nails done.
I am a mother of a premature child and a specialist that works with children that have special needs and I am very upset about the way she has handled her first 6 children. When my son was born, after two months he was finally ready to come home. The first few months were filled with weekly doctor visits, the next few years were trips to specialists, physical therapists, speech therapists, early intervention programs, etc...Even now that my son is a teen, I spend hours every night doing homework with my son (who has significant learning disabilities as a result of prematurity). My husband and I decided that we would limit our offspring to two children because we wanted to make sure that we had enough resources (financially, physically and emotionally) to make sure that our children had the very best that we could provide. We pay for everything, private schools, doctors, educational therapists...because that is our duty and privilege as parents.
Both my husband and myself came from large families and we always wanted to have at least 4 children, the decision to have two was very difficult but right considering that we had a child that needed our support. I satisfied the need to care for more by going back to school, once my kids were school aged, and got my master's degree in a rehabilitative field that works with special needs children. It took a long time (7 years) because I was devoted to putting my kids needs first, I picked them up and dropped them off at school every day, volunteered in the classroom, took my son to therapy appointments etc...
I am so upset that Ms. Suleman decided to turn her back on her first 6 children and not give them the care and support that they absolutely needed and deserved. Her whole life is about her desires, self fulfillment and selfish needs. She did not care for the original 6, what makes anyone think that she will put the needs of any of her children before herself?
Ms. Suleman is a con artist, pure and simple. She has a history of lying to people to get what she wants. She wanted a child, so she lied to the original sperm donor that she had cancer. She wanted more children so she lied to her parents every time she was pregnant. She forced her parents into bankruptcy, her mother is losing her home and she does not care.
I pray for these children every day, quite frankly I feel that they have a very hard road ahead of them; especially with Ms. Suleman as their mother.

2060 days ago


For all you saying "Leave her alone", "She's got 14 kids", "I'll help her"- why don't you just sign over you hard earned paychecks then, the nice home you paid for YOURSELF, or the car you drive that, again, you probably bought YOURSELF?!? Go ahead! Feed into the game she's playing with EVERYONE! You people are so blind, you're falling right into the trap she has set. She saw all the media attention and free crap the other families with multiple births got, heard "Cha-ching", and ran to the fertility clinic. Period. And for her to lie through her cologen filled-pufferfizh lips and say she has never had plastic surgery should be proof enough...look at pictures of her from previous years! Your lips don't go through a growth spurt! And your nose doesn't shrink on it's own...seriously, people are much less intelligent than I thought these days. So sad and pathetic.

2060 days ago


Please go back to covering celebrities. Enough with this welfare mom.

2060 days ago


Any who - You are EXACTLY right. People are more pissed that Nadya Shulman is getting hand outs, than they are about the fact that Casey Anthony killed her child. Do you know why? It's called PROJECTING. These posters would never kill their kids so they have nothing to say about Casey. They would however (or already have) taken handouts, neglected their children, been lazy, spent money on foolish things instead of stuff for their kids, etc. They are projecting their own miseries and failures onto someone else. It's classic psychology. If you are a happy, well-adjusted person you aren't going to consume yourself with hate for Nadya Shulman. You sould not judge her so harshly.

2060 days ago


"By anywho" is a complete moron...comparing a woman who purposefully got pregnant knowing she could very well have multiples...when she ALREADY has them at home and milking the public assistance program to a woman who murdered her baby girl is so stupid and insanely off touch, what is wrong with you, seriously?!? I'm not going to stop being "mean" to either of them! And I will CONTINUE to judge her until she stops spending money frivilously while collecting state aid! You're dumb for NOT being angry about this!

2060 days ago


Kelly R - You imply that what you are doing is the right thing when you compare yourself to her. Which you did. You are arrogant and obviously not intelligent enough to see more than one side of things. Sucks to be you.

2060 days ago

still loving them    

# 105, that was one of the best opinions on here. I completely agree. lets spend our time and focus on what's really important. There are people out there that have worked for years and now can't find a job, loosing their homes, children are being neglected and abuse, so instead of coming down on this woman for receiving help, put that energy into what really matters and let her love her kids.

2060 days ago
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