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Mountain Don't -- Soda Bomb Lands Three in Jail

3/14/2009 1:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An attempt to win a Mountain Dew video competition has just landed three dudes in jail -- and the words "homemade," "bomb" and "parking garage" are the reasons why.

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The three guys are now facing second degree felony charges after they allegedly set up bombs made out of "two liter bottles, fireworks and Styrofoam cups" on top of parking garage in Lakeland, Fla. on Monday. The bombs were props the morons were using for a video competition sponsored by Mountain Dew and the TV show "24" called "24 Seconds to Save the World."

Cops told us the morons turned themselves in after a parking garage attendant noticed the devices -- and then alerted pretty much the entire Lakeland law enforcement. The bomb squad ended up "neutralizing" one of the bombs and detonating the other.

Mountain Dew, CompetitionThe three amigos each face a charge of "making, possessing, throwing, projecting, placing, or discharging a destructive device or attempt to do so" -- a far cry from the $2,400 cash prize and trip to L.A. they were trying to win.


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Ha Ha Bitches!!!!!

2050 days ago



2050 days ago

spring fling    

Dew the douche.

2050 days ago


What a bunch of fake make believe this is... I bet the bomb squad was really proud of themselves when they went home and told their family; -- today we took down a group of video producers blowing up "Soda Pop bottles for a mountain dew contest"

We got all scared when a garage attendant called us and said these guys were blowing up a bomb.

Sounds like a lot of fantasy land by the police.

oooooh, The bomb squad ended up "neutralizing" one of the bombs and detonating the other.
Gosh golly I feel so safe now from those bad bad video guys and their coke bottle pop rock poof!

Nobody got hurt and nothing was damaged, the intent was for a Mountain Dew contest.....

Give us all a break, next thing you know we'll all be arrested for mentos and diet coke explosions

2050 days ago

Your name:    

These three brainiacs remind me of the losers who tape doing these things to put up on youtube. Like anybody but other losers give a $h!t

2050 days ago

John H    

The middle guy is kinda hot. I'd 'Dew him. The other two 'Dewds ain't half bad either. Leave 'em alone Lakeland cops! There are real criminals out there.

2050 days ago


Hopefully their District Attorney steps in and does the right thing on this one. I mean, it's dumb of the guys to do this on a public parking garage. But these guys were thrown in jail, treated as terrorists, and could potentially have to report themselves as felons for the rest of their lives.....over something that is really pretty absurd when you think about it.

A few friends of mine did the same kind of thing in the middle of a wide open field in Oklahoma a few years back. Faced up to 5 years in prison for basically being dumb teenagers and doing something that would in no way ever possibly hurt any person or any property. Was ridiculous. Fortunately one of their dads was able to convince the DA to throw it out entirely; agreeing that the whole experience of being arrested, in jail, and facing the charges was more than an appropriate punishment and / or way of teaching them a lesson.

2050 days ago


"My Name is Earl"

2050 days ago

Semper Fi    

Later in life, after you make it through puberty, you will realize the reason for the law. The law doesn't say here's the law, "except for video producers" or people who are just playing around. Grow up kid.

2050 days ago


This is the funniest story ever!!!
"An attempt to win a Mountain Dew video competition has just landed three dudes in jail -- and the words "homemade," "bomb" and "parking garage" are the reasons why."
The writeres at TMZ need to write an episode of 30 ROCK!!!!
Still laughing...

2050 days ago


First of all this is the reason I have given up 24. I started watching this season for the first time and really got into it, then to my horror they started their global warming scare crap, so off it went. I just wish people who believe this stuff would research it more. There is no Global Warming! It is just a weather pattern that is being used to make people like Gore rich. And give the world wide governments (including our own. more power over us and take more of our mony from carbon off set taxes. WKAE UP PEOPLE DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT THEY ARE TELLING YOU ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!! Remeber acid rain? Remember the ice age that was coming? Remember 2001 bug that would destroy all computers? Etc.. Etc... More of your money down the toilet, not just rich people's. And they will keep doing what they want by buying fake carbon credits while you sit at home and freeze or burn up depending on the season. And no more flushing your toilet, or grilling either. And you will pay by the mile when you drive. Take back your freedom.

2050 days ago


Hey John H., you're really gay.

2050 days ago

Lakeland Attorney's Wife    

Lakeland is not that large of a town. You would not believe the CHAOS this caused in Lakeland the day it happened. Remember, post 9/11 the world is different. This kind of stuff is not normal for *kids* around here. It doesn't surprise me that the three are local college kids probably from out of state. The normal child in Polk County (where Lakeland is) concentrates on "muddin", "bon fires", and anything else redneckish they can think of,
Just thought I would add my two cents....

2050 days ago

Lakeland Resident    

ha-ha-ha I live in Lakeland and find it hilarous this made "national" news. Alright TMZ. Call me if you need any other awesome stories from "Polk County".

2050 days ago

John H    

Hey Penny31...You're really a bitch. STFU, you big ol' raggedy C U Next Tuesday. I'll take a tight butt over a sloppy slut any day.

2050 days ago
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