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Exploited Kids: OctoMom Is Exploiting Her Kids

3/15/2009 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How's this for irony: Parents using their children to protest how OctoMom Nadya Suleman is using hers.

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A group of kids protested OctoMom's move into the La Habra neighborhood yesterday -- best belated sign: "Get Ur Tubes Tied." Runner up: "Go Back to Whittier."


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YA YA    

I agree. Tie those tubes.

2013 days ago


Come on now....using your OWN kids to tell Nadya to quit using HERS??? And we call that what idiots? Grow up to the adults that you are or "should be". What's done is done!

2013 days ago


I see a couple of things wrong in this photo: overweight kids who can't spell. Perhaps the parents should be focusing more on educating their children and feeding them healthy meals. Also, one of the little girls needs to comb her hair.

2013 days ago


Look like a few illegals.

2013 days ago

Kristin M.    

Ok... How and why did those parents get their kids to do their dirty work? Random neighborhood kids won't just come along, create signs and start protesting the octomom. It's their parents that are making them do it. Why don't the parents go outside and protest?

2013 days ago


ok they are saying the octomom is exploting her kids what are these idiots parents doing. Im sure they didnt make the signs themselves and come on parents shouldnt you learn how to spell.

2013 days ago


Lame.. but I was thinking that the neighborhood would be pissed if she moves there because it probably brings down the value of their properties.

2013 days ago


Looks like the kid on the left should be protesting at McDonalds. They are fing him up more than Octomom ever could. I can see the parents that morning. "I'm going to work kids. Here's $30 for lunch and some markers. If you stand out in the street embarrassing yourself, I'll buy you pizza tonight."

2013 days ago


TMZ sez that "Go back to Whittier" is a better sign than "Stop having kids for Money"? Come on!

2013 days ago


Thanks for showing America's future bullies and intollerant adults. Adults who teach their children to hate others due to race, sex, nationality, or even for the poor choices of their parents, are equally irresponsible adults as the octomom. Children learn hate and prejudice from their parents and enviornment. The octomom children have the right to peacfully co-exist in their community. This is no longer about the mom, but the rights and safety of the children. The hate for this family is caused by the media followihg and reporting the mom's every move. These are stressful times someone is looking for someone or a cause to project their anger on. Be care TMZ, this is becoming more than just a story. Hopefully, no one ends of hurt do to someone feeling he/she is doing society a favor by hurting this family.

2013 days ago


Why can't people just mind their own business? That's so obnoxious. Tubby needs a new diet I think..

2013 days ago


Riders of the little school bus.

2013 days ago

idaho potato    

Now those kids should be taken away from their parents. They aren't being supervised and are being exploited for what purpose? To get videographed? They don't even know who Nadya is let alone what a 'tube' is and why tie it. If adults want to do someting this stupid (it's not their neighbhor so why tell another in a free ountry to get out), then let them stand and be accounted for. This is the perfect reason to leave Nadya and her kids alone.

Reminds me of the South in the 1960s when white parents lined up their little offsprings and told them to yell n*gg*r at black children walking to school. Gotta keep that hatred going; don't let it skip a generation.

2013 days ago


These children don't even live in the neighborhood that the octomom and her family are moving into. Using terms like "wacko and crazy" are descriptions these children have heard the mother used to described the octomom. According to the children, their mother put them up to the protest. Since her son is overweight, I guess she didn't want the exercise or was to busy sitting in the car stuffing her mouth to get out to protest. To her defense, it would be hard to hold a eat a slab of ham, hold a sign, and walk.......sigh

2013 days ago


I'm really having a hard time deciding which is worse, the hate or the crime.

2013 days ago
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