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OctoMom's Massive Coverup

3/15/2009 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom Nadya Suleman did a lot more damage than we thought at the MAC cosmetic store. How's this taxpayers -- SHE BLEW MORE THAN A GRAND!


We reported she made a modest purchase during a recent trip to MAC. Turns out she returned to the scene of the crime for moisturizer, primer foundation, powder, blush, lip stick, lip liner, clear lip gloss, eye shadow, eye liner, face wash, brushes, makeup remover ... in the end, the total came to more than $1,000.

True ... she's making money hand over fist right now. The whole "rainy day" thing has clearly escaped her.

Someone remind this chick -- she has 14 kids. Then again, she's gotta look purdy for Dr. Phil.


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Howard Robard Hughes IIV    


2051 days ago


r u kidding me? does this woman not know that all i's r on her? she is nuts!

2051 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

Massive furtity copy#1 underground zine seen 1996.CROTCHY THE CLOWN head on a stick.

2051 days ago

big papa    

Why can't CA sue her for baby delivery charges, now that she has money???

2051 days ago


And just imagine...
She was b!tching about how the diaper companies wont donate anymore to her!
She is a joke and a scammer!
I hope she really has been cut off of all assistance.

maybe the next thing will be M.A.C will be donating to her to try to make her face look OK
There is the new face of MAC... where we can all wish that was us!
(Well, I wish I could JUSTIFY spending $1K on makeup (I dont have a million babies either), I could go do it, but I couldnt justify spending that much on makeup... )

She is rediculous,

Just wait... next year, she'll have another sob story about how she is going to lose her home and all her babies wont have a place to go (plus, she'll be pregnant with babies 5-20) and there will be more idiots to give her money to buy "baby stuff"

2051 days ago



2051 days ago


I hate this bitch so much, i hope she's still not getting food stamps or welfare if she is i hope they bust see this is what's wrong with America !!!!!

2051 days ago


Now I feel justified in telling all the "Nadya lovers" that come on TMZ and tell everyone else to stop picking on Nadya: THIS IS WHY EVERYONE HATES THIS WOMAN. That $1000+ could have bought a HECK of a lot of baby stuff. But she has the nerve to stick her ugly, ruined face out in public and buy herself MAKE UP and SKIN CARE PRODUCTS instead of baby stuff??? She is completely oblivious and she obviously feels entitled to be the queen of California now, since, apparently she has everyone (taxpayers) in California doing the bidding, including Dr. Phil and the agency that will be supplying her nannies. I am sure that, in her mind, once she has child care for all 14 of her kids, she is going to sit on her ass like a queen bee and "supervise" the care of her children. Or she will be, in her mind, free and justified in running all around town BY HERSELF since she will need her "me time" and her kids will have good care.
I bet the "nannies" or nurses or whatever could probably sell a few of those babies and she wouldn't even notice. She couldn't even identify pictures of her own kids, in an interview on ET. She was shown pictures of her own octuplets and couldn't identify any of them by sight. She is an idiot, and she deserves whatever befalls her. She may be riding high now, but she will be out of the limelight soon enough if she keeps badmouthing the major companies and corporations that pay for the commercials that run during the interviews she does. The networks should boycott her if the companies and corporations threaten to pull their ads. Maybe we should all start a letter writing campaign.
Whatever. I feel more sorry for the kids than ever.


2051 days ago


Maybe Dr.Phil is the sperm donor...
He'll do ANYTHING for ratings.......

2051 days ago

too sad    

she is what is so wrong with the u.s.a
she is a scammer , a grifter and liar and cheater.
she needs to be charged with neglect .
what an idiot .
dr. pil is enableing her and paying her .
she is loaded.
what does this teach young kids?
get pregnant and make money .

2051 days ago


Amazing, the only woman who can go and spend a grand, and still look like that !!!!

2051 days ago

a real mommy    

this stupid crazy woman is so f'in annoying. She doesn't qualify for medi-cal and food stamps anymore, however 3 of the 1st 6 are disabled, so there still is state disability money coming in to pay for all that make-up. Stupid bitch.

2051 days ago


How do we know this is not false? This is TMZ reporting! Didn't she get a Reality TV show? Maybe she got an advance in the 100K? Well if she needs organic cosmetics she can buy aubrey organics makeup on and use discount coupon HAW031 for $5 off no min order. She can even get a $12 lipbalm from AnneMarie Borlind for only $3.63! It's a lot better than MAC, no chemicals, no parabens. Is MAC that good? Why is it so expensive?

2051 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

She is doing absolutely everything in her power to abuse the system at a time when all of these symbols of greed and graft are being torn down! All of this will come back to haunt her soon, but until then, she doesn't deserve this sort of support if she's just going to abuse it! As horrible as it is, her kids would be better off being adopted out to caring families.

2051 days ago

Responsible MomOf3    

Someone needs to tell this deluded woman that anyone with a womb can have babies, what she did was no special accomplishment. Babies are born every day, every second, around the world. She actually had to have some HELP along the way. So she has earned nothing. In fact, perhaps GOD was trying to tell her something when she couldn`t have babies the natural way. But she didn`t listen. And in the end, one way or another, she will get what she the end you really can`t escape the consequences of your actions.

2051 days ago
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