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OctoMom's Massive Coverup

3/15/2009 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom Nadya Suleman did a lot more damage than we thought at the MAC cosmetic store. How's this taxpayers -- SHE BLEW MORE THAN A GRAND!


We reported she made a modest purchase during a recent trip to MAC. Turns out she returned to the scene of the crime for moisturizer, primer foundation, powder, blush, lip stick, lip liner, clear lip gloss, eye shadow, eye liner, face wash, brushes, makeup remover ... in the end, the total came to more than $1,000.

True ... she's making money hand over fist right now. The whole "rainy day" thing has clearly escaped her.

Someone remind this chick -- she has 14 kids. Then again, she's gotta look purdy for Dr. Phil.


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OMG!!!! She certianatley doesn't procrastinate when it comes to taking care of herself, as she has with getting ready for the babies.

With all the time she spends giving interviews, getting maincures, buying fancy coffee she can not be nursing the babies as she claimed to do.

She is a huge liar, I hope and pray they remove all of the children from her custody - she is uncapable of providing a stable home for them. Hugs and kisses only go so far.

2048 days ago

Ms. Pinky    

My outrage is saved up for the guys at AIG who just got over $170 million in bonuses on the tax payers with that $170 Billion we gave them.

2048 days ago

Linda Mott    

She has a rich Uncle Sam!

2048 days ago


Would you guys QUIT REPORTING ON THIS WRETCHED WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS NOTHING!!!!!!!!!

You continually enable her by reporting on her!!!!!!!!!! ENOUGH!!! ENOUGH!!! ENOUGH!!!!!

2048 days ago


They should take the kids away from her all 14
and I hope DR PHIL comes to his senses and stop helping her all she is doing is living the high life off of this piblicity
she is playing the poor me ticket and the kids are the ones who will get hurt in the long run

2048 days ago


This is ridiculous! I don't think people would have a problem with her shopping, if she wasnt still begging for donations . It's hard to have empathy and feel that someones needy when they're out buying cosmetics most hard working folks can't afford. What about her medical bills? I don't blame her for milking the media for money. That is, if she was using the money for her family. I know if I come into that much money, I could do a whole lot with it. She bought a 3 bedroom house because it was "high end". That home is in no way suitable for a family of that size. Why didnt she take the money, move to a modestly priced area and build a home? Much cheaper and much more suited for her kids. She is more interested in basking in her overextended 15 minutes of fame.

2048 days ago


Did you notice how many products are for her lips?? Naw, Nadya didn't get plastic surgery on her lips...that's just ridiculous!! I wonder when the tummy tuck and lipo are scheduled. I'm sure that SOMEONE cared enough about Nadya's lips to have donated a gift card of over $1,000 to keep them glossy for all those public appearances.
Seriously, I doubt ANYONE in their right mind would have donated ANY money for Nadya to buy make-up, and that's the f**king point. She obviously has no intention of spending the donated $$$ for the kids. She has plenty of people donating all the THINGS the children need. She's keeping the cash for herself. She's a greedy bitch. Every time I want to feel sorry for her situation, she does some sh*t like this.

2048 days ago

BooBoo Kitty    

Come on people, she needed that crap to cover up her FACE!!

2048 days ago


i can't believe we (thepublic) are paying to have this chick squiirt out kids and she takes the money and blows about freeloading.

2048 days ago


Everybody PLEASE complain to the CA Dept of SS regarding DISABILITY FRAUD; she should not have had 6 children while out on TOTAL DISABILITY!! You do NOT have to be a resident of California to make a complaint. She's committed the ultimate scam while regular folks who do what we're supposed to do struggle to pay the bills; she's actually laughing at us BUT in addition to venting on sites like this find the ones where we can lodge serious complaints and let's do it. She WILL one day be exposed for the fraud she is and those poor children placed with responsible and loving parents.

2048 days ago

sotiredofthis --$60.00 purchase and free shipping! This woman does not have a C-L-U-E. When you have your hands out like she does, ya just don't flaunt it in people's faces that you buy this sort of thing AND in this amount. Sure you have that RIGHT, but it amounts to people who gave FOR THE KIDS to feeling like they've been f***** with their pants on.
Scarier still, is the fact that she is oblivious to the effort it is going to take to get these babies through the next few years. She's talking about "one or two" hours sleep a night. I know no one who can go continuously on that little sleep without becoming delusional ------ wait a minute she already is. I'm telling you, if Allred, Dr. Phil. Angels in Waiting think they can pull out in one year, THEY are delusional. It's going to backfire on them. Taking care of babies is one thing, how about "the terrible twos". This woman is going to be like dog returning to it's vomit -- those helping her now bettter be prepared to continue or they will wind up the bad guys. She is a master manipulator.

2048 days ago


she's laughing all the way to the bank....he obam haters....what?

2048 days ago


I had to pay a 500 dollar deductible when I left the hospital in San Diego, and I was asked many times while in the hospital how was I going to pay, along with the fact I was told this was not "hotel kaiser". I want Kaiser to ask these questions to Natalie Suleman, which is how she is listed on the California birth index.

2048 days ago


Someone tell this miserable bitch that all the makeup in the world can't help her ugly mug.

2048 days ago


YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! AHHH! Dr Phill is an enabler.

2048 days ago
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