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Rihanna -- Fur-give and Fur-get

3/15/2009 11:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna apparently set out to prove to Revlon she's still a Covergirl in NYC last night. She marched right through the paps on her way to dinner, proclaiming she was doing "good."

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BTW, we think Chris Brown is 2,475 air miles away.


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First!!! : )

2046 days ago


Has anybody noticed that ever since the beating shes been wearing her bangs in front of her face? Does anybody think she may have scarring or discoloration from the beating to her forehead? Shes NEVER worn her hair in her face before.

2046 days ago


1. First!!! : )

Posted at 10:48AM on Mar 15th 2009 by Luv-Lee

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! LOL!

looks like miss "i like me a good slappin" is reading TMZ and taking advice..maybe the penny is dropping.. staying with "slapboy" is not good for her career.. ..she must make a decision.. is it slap boy or your career and more importantly your life...?.

2046 days ago

YA YA    

Shame on her for wearing fur!!! Chris Brown probably beat that animal and gave her the fur................

2046 days ago


I saw Rihanna at a wedding last summer at The Narnia Estate in suburban Chicago, she looked amazing...

2046 days ago


Does anyone notice that every photo of her since the beating, she is wearing large, dark glasses. Can't help but wonder if she is still hiding some wounds.

2046 days ago

hate her    

Her statement does read that she pretended to call her assistant and left a message which stated that she was on the way home and to have the police waiting there. Now what terrified woman would do that? According to the statement, he had already been punching her with his right hand and driving with his left so why in the hell would she say something about calling the police? That doesn't make sense. A TRUE BATTERED WOMAN WOULD NEVER DO THAT!!!! They would do whatever it took to pacify the attacker until they could get to a safe place. I know, because I've been there and that's something that any frightened person alone in a car with their attacker would do. Secondly, if he was punching her so bad, then how was she able to get the phone and pretend to call her assistant? Why didn't he just knock the phone out of her hand? That makes no sense. And finally, after all of this, she takes the keys out of the ignition and sits on them. These are all reports that she made. DOES THIS SOUND LIKE A VICTIM TO ANY OF YOU? If you look at the picture, and take away the bruises on top of her forehead where she just as easily could have hit her head while actively fighting a man in a car, then the extent of her injuries include a busted lip. There is nothing about her face that looks like she was punched over and over. If she had been her face would not even be recognizable. If you people would just pay attention to the details of the picture and HER STATEMENT, you would see that this mes does not add up.

2046 days ago


Justice for chris, maybe the blood all over her mouth and the car is just indicative of some kind of beating. what just because she picked up the phone and tried to call someone for help ALL THE SUDDEN that means shes not a victim.? You must be Chris Browns BIGGEST fan...hey follow his example and start whooping all the women in your life...Then you can be JUST LIKE CHRIS!

2046 days ago


FUR is a good sops up blood well

2046 days ago


X17 reported yesterday where the Beater's bodyguard beat up a guy who took his picture (in front of the guy's little son.)Beater just laughed about it saying he had never seen a white boy run so fast in his life, (the guy was running from the bodyguard) Beater has not changed. He still laughs when his bodyguard beats up someone. Beater Brown is a punk!

2046 days ago

YA YA    

I hope somebody throws a bucket of blood on her.

2046 days ago

hate her    

Lady-If he was continuously punching her, how could she pick up the phone and pretend to call anybody? And if she was so afraid of him, why did she sit on the keys? Please explain. I'm not his biggest fan-I just don't believe her.

2046 days ago


She is so dumb.
She spends so much money on clothes I would be amazed if 5 years down the road she was not dead broke.

2046 days ago


@11 That was setup. The real story wsa that he was a pap and he was in there taking pictures, not for his son. And if it was fro his son, why didn't he ask him??? Plus, kids are not allowed in the gym. and it was a basketball court. The man isn't allowed to have some fun, he is facing 5 years in jail. The pap that took the pictures at a basketball court and when Chris brown bodyguard ask him to leave and hand over the camera the man took off running. He injured himself trying to get away when he was discovered. His bodyguard was helping him up and that's when he started to yell that his bodyguard was hurting him. As far as the "boy" was concerned, he paid someone $200 to have the boy take a picture with him. That boy looks as if he is 6 and lies Sesemem Street. X17 online are frauds and make up the stories. TMZ you need to expose these imposters, they give you a real bad name. I may not agree what Chris Brown did, but no one is going to destroy him that way!!!

2046 days ago


sunglasses at night?

2046 days ago
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