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Don Imus Has Cancer

3/16/2009 8:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don ImusDon Imus announced on his radio program this morning that he's battling stage II prostate cancer.

Imus' rep released this statement: "Don appreciates the good wishes he's already received from his listeners and viewers. After years at the Imus Ranch surrounded by inspirational children battling cancer, Don is well-prepared to fight this. And no, this does not make him eligible for the kids' rodeo competition."


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Kufan...IMUS IS A CANCER, & THE WORST KIND!! Those women who he claims as "nappy headed ho's" are enjoying their happy, fulfilling lives. And when he's gone, those same "nappy headed ho's" will be dancing & pissing on his grave. No matter what anyone says, he is what he is...a walking racist deadman.

1996 days ago

Farrah Fawcett    

HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! That's what you get you WHITE TRASH!!!!!!! Tell a little joke about you dying!!! You're half way there. You already look dead!!! White GARBAGE!!

1996 days ago

CONGRATULATIONS Don. I wish the best for you; that your death is slow and painful. Good luck with the CEMO, let's pray you are left with a few scattered strands of hair on head and other parts.

1996 days ago

Laura. Shot the cuck up and go away.

1996 days ago


I thought Mr know it all with his vegan diet and green cleaners was always right??? HOW CAN thIS HAPPEN! He should eat a cheezeburger and get over it.

1996 days ago


No ONE deserves cancer.

1996 days ago


Imus is such a unique character, I don't doubt for a second why he is still going at 68. Prostate cancer happens. My step dad whp is a little older than Imus developed it a few years ago but after treatment pretty close to Imus's age he has been fine and healthy. No one ever wants to get it, but the statistics show it happens to guys his age,

I have always had this love hate relationship with Imus. He had a fantastic show on MSNBC and introduced loads of people to country music. Back in the 90's we would listen to him on the radio on the beach and laugh wild. He was funnier then and like more subdued now. Sarcasm is his trademark.

Heh Imus, you survived the near death experience of falling off the horse at your ranch. I am confident you will you'll get through this too. I try to listen to you, but I moved at sometimes I can catch you on radio sometimes not. Be well.

1996 days ago


I would not wish this on ANYONE, shame on some of you, and I did not agree with Imus on his racist talks, but I hope he beats this mess. yes I'm black and I wish him good luck!

1996 days ago


Glad he is causing a pain in his own ass for a change.

1996 days ago


I have battled Stage 3 ovarian cancer for three years. You people who are celebrating Don Imus' recent cancer diagnosis have no real idea of the impact of the ugly words you're saying. I happen to like Imus. I watched his show daily on MSNBC and feel that he is an honest person, sometimes brutally so, He has apologized in so many ways for his careless remark on TV, and I believe he is truly sorry. Please...dig deep and try to find some compassion for a fellow human being who needs support very much right now.

1996 days ago

PL. If we make you that sick, then try joining Imus on his journey. Happy trails to you both.

1996 days ago


Listen folks, I used to listen to Don every morning on MSNBC, I never for once thought he was a racist, yes they were some unfortunate remarks that he said in the past and he's paid the price. How many of you can and ever will be able to do the things he's done with Kids that have cancer. There is no KARMA here, Cancer do not discriminate anyone can be affected. BTW if have Direct TV you can catch Don's show on RFD TV(channel 345) in the am. God Bless and keep the faith.This coming from a black person

1996 days ago

James Bundy    

I had Prostate cancer a year ago and had it removed and now i'm cancer free

1996 days ago


I honestly hope he overcomes cancer - it's no joke!
As far as his RACIST ignorant comments, it is what it is and was what it was! I still think he is a jerk. The best revenge those college students (nappy-headed hoes) could get on the situation is to be successful college GRADUATES. Karma is a beast...

1996 days ago


Imus rocks and it has been reported there is an almost 100% chance of full recovery (then again, they said that about Jerry Orbach and we all know how that ended). He makes asinine comments sometimes in his attempt to be shocking and "cool". It is no different than anything other prominent comedians and talk show hosts have done. Hope he beats this.

1996 days ago
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