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Bob Dylan -- Tangled Up in Poo

3/17/2009 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Malibu residents are in a funk over a portable toilet on Bob Dylan's property -- saying the moveable crapper is releasing toxic fumes that are seriously hot boxing the community.

Bob Dylan
Residents say their complaints to Dylan about his dumper -- which is said to be mainly used by his security guards -- have gone unheard for about six months, and one couple has even installed five industrial-sized fans on their property to keep the stink away, according to the L.A. Times.

The stench is so potent, people say it's making them sick -- but it appears that Bob just doesn't give a crap.


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Michael Madsen    

It's where he stores his song catalogue.

2048 days ago


Ah! My fav place, I must get back to the Bu... gorgeous!!! Thanks for the memories!

2048 days ago


Yes.......I think you are correct......

2048 days ago


Bob Dylan changed his name from Bob Zimmerman because he was sensitive to anti-Jewish sentiment on his possible record sales.

However, Bob dose not have a problem with stinking up his neighborhood with a portable toilet he lets stand near his neighbors, so he can stink up his neighborhood.

Payback is a bitch for changing his name to bob Dylan from bob Zimmerman.

Bob Zimmerman would never let this type of thing happen.

2048 days ago

Michael Madsen    

I think you're mentally ill.

2048 days ago

Igor Loves Green Cheese    

Like a rolling stone....wait, like a piece of green cheese. And Eeegor loves green cheese!

2048 days ago


The neighbors are complaining? What about the poor guys who have to use the thing?

2048 days ago


So the honey dipper is late, maybe he hates his neighbors and it is a perfect way to send them a message.

2048 days ago

Linda Mott    

Sounds like a bunch of crap to me!

2048 days ago


I'm probably going to take alot of heat for this, but so be it. I think this story is really friggin hilarious. Thanks, TMZ.

2048 days ago


ive had one of those on my property for 10 years, its used everyday by the horse riders that come out and i have never smelled it. not even living 30 feet from it, but people all over a neighbourhood can smell his? i think not. it's all a case of eletism gone horrible wrong

2048 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Few Malibuins know that Malibu is actually an anagram for guys like Dylan.


Learn sumpin' noo ever day.

2048 days ago

Igor Loves Green Cheese    

And big noses can sniff out Amy Winehouse....No bathing for weeks at a time leads to some wafting, nose-pleasing
green cheese -- and Eeegor looooooooooves green cheese. marriage made in heaven!

2048 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Someone should cut your supply off.

2048 days ago


I used to live in Malibu. Never had I experienced narcissitic pricks and shallow people like the residents of Malibu. The wealthy self-absorbed 'stinkers" are always complaining about something. Even if it is a perfect day - they will fabricate something to complain about just to irritate others - they're worse than toddlers when it comes to seeking attention that they have something to complain about.

By the way, Bob Dylan needs to get over himself too, body guards and security staff deserve better treatment than having to relieve themselves out in the Port-a-Potty. With his huge money - he couldn't afford to build gazebo-like lounge to comfortably accommodate his servants? Is it beneath him to practise treating others humanely and repectfully? Perhaps even buy a microwave oven, a toaster, and a coffeemaker?

2048 days ago
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